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Star Wars Character Name Generator

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We visited hundreds of planets to find the best Star Wars names.

Some of our scribes even joined the Dark Side of the Force, but it was worth it!

How to Find a Good Name for a Star Wars Character?

Star Wars is iconic, and the names of so many of its characters are incredibly memorable. In order to come up with a name for your character that will be just as memorable, we’ve got a few tips!

Single syllables can be effective. Think of Han, or Luke. And repetition never hurts. Boba Fett and Jar-Jar Binks are both incredibly memorable names, for very different reasons. Most importantly though, you should have fun when creating a name for your character!

Good Star Wars Names

A good Star Wars name is memorable. Remember that you can use names from the real world as a starting point, like Luke, or incorporate words we use every day in new combinations, like Sky and Walker.

  • Dirc Starspinner
  • Sal Duo
  • M8TR-D
  • Ogga the Hutt
  • Gah Ghazad-Ha
  • Yves-Dos Keevsey
  • Jakk Kha
  • Suhnkhen Seathea
  • Duke Trohmbo-Sizz

Pahr Pahros

There are fighter pilots and there are fighter pilots. Pahr is one of the best—and cockiest—pilots you’ll ever work with. Whether that is lucky or unlucky depends on your point of view. And whether he’d on your tail or not!

  • Jaegerr Nott
  • Karr Dawnstar
  • General Khal Issi
  • Leigf Ffladd
  • Wren Chi-Qi
  • Isar Finnal
  • Kuna Grenko
  • Soon Dalle
  • Vidar Typhe


Wookiees rightly deserve their reputation as fearsome warriors. Serokko is one of the fastest Wookiees you will ever meet, as fast as the wind and as blinding as a sand storm.

  • Er’Ebos
  • Drakh Shyder
  • Bibh Vor-Lune-Ska
  • Master Biwu
  • Ko Dex

Female Star Wars Names

Because many cultures in our world use vowels to end many female names, names that follow that pattern often sound feminine to our ears. You can use that in creating your Star Wars names as well.

  • Mione
  • Latyl
  • Arala
  • Jynne
  • Scoria
  • Jeela
  • Tille
  • Velvetine
  • Jho


Born in the streets, no stranger to getting her hands dirty, Teckla will do anything to make sure her belly is full and she has a shelter of some kind over her head. She’s already caught the eye of a local crime lord looking to train up some new muscle.

  • Mhina
  • Gawynne
  • Carmia
  • Izmerilda
  • Lysa
  • Biala
  • Pai-La
  • Zena
  • Aulau


The jewel of her family, Jheryl is a noblewoman with senatorial ambitions. One thing stands in her way, however. She is cripplingly shy. She is determined to conquer this problem, however. By any means necessary.

  • Ena-Mi
  • Do’Ro
  • Thea
  • Courte
  • Vhale

Male Star Wars Names

Names perceived to be strong male examples are often short, with sharp sounds used to start or end them. Star Wars offers lots of options for different kinds of strength, and different kinds of names, however.

  • Vero
  • Garm
  • Stantych
  • Yugho
  • Orys
  • Rafan
  • Cen-Tur
  • Deng
  • Fionnal


Bounty Hunters are not to be trifled with. Even the Jedi respect the skills of the greatest of them. Drego isn’t quite to that level yet, but a few more jobs and he reckons he won’t be far off. He reckons.

  • Kham
  • Dash
  • Llankharion
  • Cor’Leonn
  • Mnemeth
  • Po-Po
  • Ghardinal
  • Rovert
  • Zhon


A Padawan studying under Master Plo Koon, Gil is determined to complete his training and rise to the rank of Master of the Jedi Order. Of course, his lightsaber work has a long way to go before he gets there.

  • Kenth
  • Diormand
  • Beh-Laze
  • Dafid
  • Ilus

Star Wars Last Names

Last names carry a lot of meaning in many cultures, and this isn’t any different in Star Wars. Look how important the Skywalker line is to the plot, for example. Or the line of Palpatine. Picking a name with meaning is a great way to tap into that feeling of importance.

  • Denau
  • Antis
  • Janrenk
  • Phot-Hor
  • Inzler
  • Baize
  • Lera
  • Syko
  • Deepwater


A long line of Force-gifted humans, the line of Halcyon has long served within the Jedi Order. The family has high expectations of any scion born to the name, whether force-talented or not, however.

  • Fartread
  • Tra’Velar
  • Astra
  • Zivizdja
  • Sjerne
  • Fireflower
  • Bi-Tu-Inn
  • Whetu
  • Lux’Et


The Lagos control a majority of the trade in and out of Lothal. They do this the old fashioned way, by making sure the family controls key businesses and ruthlessly eliminating rivals—by execution or by marriage, whichever is more expedient.

  • Dumenor
  • Tanko
  • Fhe-Tizh
  • Strangeways
  • Illumize

If you are into fantasy sports, check out these Star Wars fantasy football names. There are lots of fun ones in there.

What makes a great Star Wars name in your opinion? What tricks or inspiration do you have for coming up with new names? What is the name of your favorite Star Wars character, either from existing media or from games you’ve run or played in yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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