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Au Ra Name Generator & Guide

As dawn broke over the rugged peaks of Othard’s mountains, Unzan Torioi, an Au Ra of the Raen clan, set out for his journey. His sapphire eyes shone with the reflection of the rising sun, and the brilliant white scales of his youthful skin glinted in the morning light. The valleys echoed with the crunch of his boots against the rocky terrain, as his heart pulsed with a thirst for adventure.

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Altanochir Oyuun

Keitara Imochi

Miyano Yumishi

Tserenbold Chuluun

Takashi Yotoru

Bolormaa Naranbaatar

Borjigin Olon

Amaya Shitari

Chimedtseren Solongo

Haruka Unashi

Yoriko Moshida

Enkhtuya Orkhon

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The Au Ra, a unique race hailing from the Eastern lands of Hydaelyn, are a fascinating blend of tranquility and raw power. Known for their draconian features, the Au Ra have the blood of the ancient Dawn Father and Dusk Mother flowing in their veins, manifesting in two distinct clans: the Raen and the Xaela.

The Raen, with their strikingly white scales, have chosen a path of peace and solitude, settling in the deep valleys of Othard’s mountainous eastern reaches. Their names often hark back to older times, drawing inspiration from Japanese names prevalent between the 16th and 18th centuries. These names are imbued with meaning, often connected to nature, strength, or the serene elements of life.On the other hand, the Xaela Au Ra, marked by their nomadic lifestyle and piercing black eyes, follow a distinct set of traditions and naming conventions that draw from the depths of Mongolian phonetics.

The importance of names within Au Ra culture extends to their surnames as well. For the Raen, surnames represent their profession, status, or their family’s history. Much like their forenames, their surnames are rich with meaning, reflecting their place in society or the valorous deeds of their ancestors.


Good Au Ra Names

When it comes to the art of naming, the Au Ra clans cherish individuality. Each name carries a unique resonance, setting the bearer apart. The Raen Au Ra often favor soft, harmonious tones reminiscent of the serene landscapes they inhabit. The Xaela Au Ra, on the contrary, lean towards robust, commanding names that mirror the harsh terrains of their nomadic journeys.
A good Au Ra name should resonate with the essence of its bearer, reflecting their clan and personal story. Here, we’ve crafted a collection of unique Au Ra names that carry with them the spirit of both the Raen and Xaela clans.


Borjigin Olon
A skilled Xaela huntress known for her unrivaled courage and strength. As a child, she once single-handedly fended off a pack of wolves threatening their camp, earning her the respect of her people.

  • Kaien Gunji
  • Gyosei Yatsurugi
  • Fugetsu Nushiya

Isse Motokawa
Isse was a humble tanner who led a life of simplicity and diligence. His dedication to his craft was tested when a brutal winter threatened the survival of his small village. Through the chilling winds and knee-high snow, he worked tirelessly, producing sturdy leather that insulated the villagers from the cold and saved countless lives.

  • Unzan Torioi
  • Ajisai Aiba
  • Izayoi Kasanui
  • Shinsei Bito

Kumokiri Obinata
Despite the honor and glory that came with being a warrior, Kumokiri Obinata chose a different path. His keen eyes and nimble fingers found their purpose in weaving, creating intricate patterns that told the stories of his people. His pieces, as captivating as they were functional, were treasured by the village, preserving the history and lore of his clan.

  • Koharu Yuzuka
  • Natsu Kogoe
  • Haruki Origa
  • Shinrai Suse

Mikazuki Ogawa
Her silver hair was as radiant as the crescent moon, earning her the name Mikazuki. But it wasn’t just her hair that shone; it was her intellect too. Despite the scarcity of books and scholars in their remote village, she cultivated a vast pool of knowledge, turning the world around her into a classroom. She became the beacon of wisdom for her people, educating children and adults alike, and guiding them with her innate wisdom.

  • Noriye Tanso
  • Yuugiri Chibana
  • Amaya Tsutsui
  • Jin Torioi
  • Yurei Kogoe

Kaede Suzumura
A modest farmhand, Kaede Suzumura had a knack for understanding the emotions of plants. Her ability to nurture and grow plants was astounding, turning their humble farmlands into a bountiful paradise. She worked without any desire for recognition, but her actions had a profound impact on the village, ensuring their food supply was plentiful, even in the toughest times.

  • Ichigo Nishino
  • Zuisho Hisakawa
  • Ikaru Akabane
  • Youta Okui
  • Miyabi Naganuma


Female Au Ra Names

Names of female Au Ra often symbolize beauty, kindness, and the grace of nature. They echo the serenity of the environment and are imbued with the harmonious elements of life. Here are some inspiring female Au Ra names that follow their traditional naming conventions:


Altantsetseg Terbish
A Xaela chieftain known for her diplomatic skills. Her name is renowned across tribes, for she once managed to broker a truce between two warring clans, thus averting a destructive conflict.


  • Ajisai Yuzuka
  • Izayoi Buhen
  • Kumokiri Nushiya

Rin Akizuki
Rin was a gifted musician, her melodies as enchanting as the night sky. Her ability to create music from anything, be it a rustling leaf or a flowing stream, astounded everyone. Her melodies brought solace to weary hearts and united the community, becoming an essential part of their gatherings and celebrations.

  • Aiko Udagawa
  • Hanako Yuzuriha
  • Umeko Nishioka
  • Sakura Saginomiya

Akane Tachibana
In a society predominantly led by warriors and hunters, Akane stood out. Her strength did not lie in physical combat but in her words. She was a storyteller, her tales so vivid and gripping that they could pacify a raging storm. She played a crucial role in maintaining the morale of her people, especially during challenging times, with her stories serving as an anchor of hope.

  • Tsubaki Yomogida
  • Momo Yuhara
  • Etsuko Kurosawa
  • Iwa Yoshikawa

Shiori Tamura
Born in a humble fishing family, Shiori learned the art of the sea early. She was as much at home in a fishing boat amidst tempestuous waves as she was on land. Her uncanny ability to predict the best spots for abundant catches was vital to her village’s survival and earned her a quiet respect among her people.

  • Naomi Shibasaki
  • Yoshie Matsubara
  • Takumi Yorata
  • Nori Naganuma
  • Hinata Mochizuki

Kiku Shimura
In the heart of the busy marketplace, amidst the sea of merchants and goods, Kiku’s stall was a haven of fragrance and colors. She was an herb dealer, her knowledge of medicinal plants and their uses unsurpassed. Her concoctions healed wounds, cured illnesses, and brought relief to many, making her a much-loved figure in her village.

  • Asa Ishihara
  • Mikanu Yotori
  • Shokana Tishida
  • Yumi Hayakawa

Male Au Ra Names

The names of male Au Ra exude strength, valor, and reverence for nature. These names tell stories of battles won, tributes to the elements of nature, and honors conferred for great deeds. Here are some fitting names for male Au Ra characters:


Tsagatai Otgon
A Xaela blacksmith whose craftsmanship is unmatched. His weapons, forged in the heart of raging sandstorms, are held with high regard among the warriors of his clan.

  • Seiji Hoshino
  • Tsuyoshi Uchida
  • Hiroshi Sasaki

Ryuu Ogawa
Ryuu was a humble blacksmith, his craft shaped by the fiery heart of the forge. With each swing of his hammer and the sparks it ignited, he crafted weapons and armors of unparalleled quality. His creations were not only functional but bore artistic brilliance, each piece carrying a piece of his spirit, protecting the warriors as they ventured into the unknown.

  • Takashi Tachibana
  • Kiyoshi Saito
  • Dashdorj Gantulga
  • Shigeru Watanabe

Takeo Kurosawa
He was an unconventional hero, his role as a cook within the village often overlooked in favor of warriors or hunters. However, when a deadly illness struck the village, it was Takeo’s mastery over herbs and his innovative culinary skills that saved many lives, earning him the respect and admiration of his people.

  • Chishiro Monaki
  • Jiro Oshiro
  • Hajime Nishimura
  • Akashi Nomura

Sora Yoshida
As a navigator, Sora was an essential part of the hunting group. His knowledge of the stars and his innate sense of direction ensured that no one got lost during the night hunts. It was his keen intuition that led them safely back home when a sudden snowstorm descended, obscuring all paths and turning the familiar landscape into a vast expanse of white.

  • Yasu Nakamura
  • Gombosuren Khulan
  • Kenta Yamamoto
  • Yori Ito
  • Hikaru Sato

Riku Kimura

Riku was a silent sentinel, a guardian of the village who preferred to remain in the shadows. His vigilance, keen eyesight, and swift reactions protected the village from numerous surprise attacks by wild beasts

  • Bazarvaani Batbold
  • Tadao Mori
  • Yoshi Ueda
  • Kenji Ishikawa
  • Daichi Kobayashi

Did you enjoy this immersive journey into the world of Au Ra naming conventions and culture? Creating a character with a meaningful name is a crucial aspect of developing their persona and shaping their story. It can breathe life into the character, making them more relatable and real to the readers or players. Feel free to share your thoughts or favorite names in the comments, or even add some of your own unique Au Ra names! Sharing our ideas and inspirations can lead to the creation of even more engaging and unforgettable characters. Don’t forget to share this article with other aspiring writers or gamers looking for the perfect name for their Au Ra character!

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