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Cardassian Name Generator & Backstories

“I am Krihor Per, captain of the Iron Fist in service to the Cardassian Union. You are intruding upon Cardassian space. Withdraw at once or be destroyed. We will allow you two minutes to comply.”

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Krarje Emlar

Crurhe Nill

Danim Eiyo

Topall Khaasott

Nociar Gak

Sukill Nit

Rasker Pin

Ieshor Zic

Irol Traic

Giacass Dollo

Ter Madem

Nesho Goll

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The Cardassians hail from the planet Cardassia Prime, in the Alpha Quadrant. Cardassian culture is strictly hierarchical, ruthless, and largely intolerant of other species. Family is incredibly important and reflects the hierarchical obsessions of the wider culture.

Good Cardassian names take into account the importance of family and thus the family name. They tend to be comprised of 1-2 syllables and short, sharp sounds with the occasional longer L sound to round things out.

Good Cardassian Names

A good Cardassian name makes use of abrupt sounds and reflects the prickliness of Cardassian culture.

  • Corr Imed
  • Zuayn Onto
  • Nooed Ghaad
  • Pros Tac
  • Sharnort Kialill
  • Rormirr Bik
  • Tukor Anral
  • Radar Lelle
  • Crormith Lett

Thropooth Zem

No one cares for orphans, and even fewer care for Thropooth, or so it feels to him. This neglect has kindled a deep rage within, rage for all he has been denied by being denied family. Weep for all Cardassians should he find a way to express that rage.

  • Krocill Pesgi
  • Bralgi Drid
  • Hart Ijin
  • Yalgir Mesad
  • Trarr Gherrat
  • Sporjay Taanroll
  • Brovos Nol
  • Doggarr Gher
  • Sukill Nit

Luim Parall

Like many female Cardassians, Luim works in the sciences. While she is neither the most gifted nor the most dedicated, she has the occasional flare of insight that has made her a small name for herself. Though she lives in constant fear that others will discover her secret: her brother is responsible for these insights.

  • Tunpart Ghet
  • Braaga Lijon
  • Krarje Emlar
  • Derr Mar
  • Sparall Zosac

Female Cardassian Names

Female Cardassian names make slightly greater use of the letters G and T than their male counterparts.

  • Mirei Zaddatt
  • Ratt Pid
  • Decas Randor
  • Soje Goyom
  • Eko Preisgoll
  • Roti Lailmom
  • Mos Erak
  • Iskeh Kall
  • Jino Gonek

Ane Mangem 

There is beauty in perfection and Ane firmly believes that Cardassians are the closest beings to perfection that exist. But they can be better. They will be better! She will stop at nothing—not even mixing Cardassian genetics with those of outsiders—to ensure perfection is achieved!

  • Jakiss Tejan
  • Garen Nam
  • Kiaje Esot
  • Rasker Pin
  • Anom Ghaazak
  • Kocih Aiddad
  • Dishia Ghaimlel
  • Tear Drilnad
  • Kiskis Khaddil

Sal Tol

Sal had a choice, to study mountains and geothermal power or to study the stars. In spite of her almost paralyzing fear of space travel, she chose the stars. Little did she know, however, that conquering her fear of space travel would not be enough. She would also have to face regular contact with outsiders!

  • Ieshor Zic
  • Ole Erak
  • Sot Polnid
  • Makea Isgi
  • Doskes Traddal

Male Cardassian Names

Male Cardassian names have a slight tendency to use the abruptness of D sounds in their composition.

  • Kaett Rossall
  • Silgir Trek
  • Jovet Trossan
  • Trorlay Tremlo
  • Cagith Deilid
  • Trodran Zirri
  • Krigem Eddon
  • Jurje Delit
  • Yex Ball

Yacarr Langed

Yacarr is the youngest captain in his sector of Cardassian space. He is loyal, espouses all the right sayings, and has an impeccable record. His superiors would be shocked, however, to find he is also the subversive poet known only as Truth’s Song.

  • Nurjeerr Ten
  • Vun Trairat
  • Linett Jazem
  • Jil Drailrod
  • Sivell Londor
  • Zonpel Draddam
  • Trassirt Tel
  • Narmit Raim
  • Jarbar Diasga

Laahit Tram

Laahit pilots a shuttle. It’s a simple route, back and forth from Cardassia Prime to the nearest orbital station and back. He likes the simplicity. It’s comfortable. No if only these damned smugglers would stop trying to sneak things through on his ship!

  • Krossorr Jall
  • Ruad Rinto
  • Cramas Pairlal
  • Tredim Jamlod
  • Honpic Dangem

What appeals to you most about playing a Cardassian? Which cultural traits do you find the most interesting? Do you have any tricks or tips for coming up with good names? Let us know in the comments below!

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