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Male Fantasy Name Generator & Backstories

“My King, please be so kind as to welcome your newest guest. After a long and perilous journey, I am honored to be able to present to you the Duke of Irlox, Protector of Women, Keeper of Justice, Lord of Honor, and your humble servant, Eudes Brimstone.”

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Brenaslesk Gikodegu


Ien Shaoy

Tomba Townsend

Roe Sunsun

Zuchur-Keth Zinkrunkhild

Chiong Hu

Sin Mardag

Mom-Kin Bultuum

Strulcam Orbcaller


Khurem Jahli

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In fantasy, many characters find themselves in situations where quick thinking, along with the skills they may possess, might be the only way to survive, and such life is actually very common for many males, regardless of the race they really belong to.

From farmers and citizens to soldiers and adventurers, they have done it all and will continue for centuries to come, and whatever life has brought before them, they faced it with courage and determination, traits highly desirable during trying times.

The fickleness of some males is certainly one of the reasons why they decide to travel, visit new places and meet new people, and seek adventure where their names get known, names like Castien Lorabalar, and Botolfr Dawnbreaker.

Good  Male Fantasy Names

One of the more optimal ways to think of a good name is to first think of the race the character belongs to, as well as the kind of society and place they grew up in. From there, their abilities along with their life calling can help you determine what kind of name might be the best choice.

  • Alexus
  • Tiatha Softclover
  • Honon
  • Antonio Heartwoods
  • Terenei
  • Mysdryn Beasthead
  • Umakant
  • Melarue Camoscrub

Agiulf Bottomhill

This rather inquisitive individual has a knack for getting into trouble but also a silver tongue that allows him to get out of it as well, and he’s yet to fail in doing so. Still, his luck might run out sooner than he thinks, for his previous actions have led to a substantial reward for his head, a situation that could very well spell doom for him.

  • Tiomoid
  • Llwyd
  • Harkahome
  • Medo
  • Bruno Gaukrogers
  • Antalus
  • Rainier Cinderswift
  • Agasthya
  • Arasine
  • Brallesyl Magmapike

Willehad Roper

This halfling has never been the one for violence, regardless of the situation at hand, and whenever confronted he either turned the other cheek or complied with the aggressor, which always resulted in his loss one way or another. Yet, after nothing was going his way for well over a week, he lost his nerves and stabbed a would-be-robber, and is now on the run from the law.

  • Renestrae Ivyvale
  • Svayambhut
  • Luther Zula
  • Dagobert Whitfoot
  • Dearres Flaskcoat
  • Richer Farfoot
  • Pritesh
  • Melrone
  • Magitechnician Dhuabb
  • Galgon
  • Edraele Nightbranch


Living his first life cycle, as his race would say, this young individual has embraced the nomadic life and is currently traveling south, down the famous Wine Road. While traveling alone can be frustrating and lonely at times, experience so far told him he should expect nothing and simply take whatever life has to offer.

  • Aeromancer Hirr
  • Avonaco
  • Nilax
  • Erard Rumble
  • Barbelle Minechest
  • Surveyor Bregg
  • Klytea
  • Axiphiche
  • Belgal
  • Gweyr Littlebow


Secretly a druid, he runs a herbalist shop in a town on the rise, on the edge of the frontier, where more and more people are flocking to it, hoping to find a job and start life anew. As many dangers lurk outside of town, as well in it, business has been good, and the local healers have been buying her wares on a daily basis.

  • Telnu
  • Iahalae Duskblossom
  • Dearwaen Blazingdelver
  • Wahchintonka
  • Kohana
  • Eliminator Hurud
  • Kim
  • Yiska
  • Sentinel Dher
  • Holata

Marcoul Stumbletoe

This halfling witnessed a brave knight fighting an orc ambush, slaying all six of them in the process, and he ran to the warrior’s help after the action died out. Alas, the knight was fatally wounded, and with his last breath he the little guy a sealed letter, asking him to deliver it to the Queen’s hands and no one else.

  • Luca Crystalore
  • Ciritus
  • Edthiel Shadowgut
  • Polynomise
  • Humberto Vursk
  • Haden Chukrov
  • Wat Daham
  • Nasnyl Duskhood
  • Caedmon
  • Dasice


Lately, nothing has been going his way, and all businesses he started quickly failed, decaying into failure. These days, while alcohol certainly won’t solve his problems it does help him forget, and if nothing changes fast we might witness yet another fall of someone who could have been great.

  • Nob Goold
  • Tomba Townsend
  • Seleven
  • Ffodor
  • Gadin
  • Tarasothius
  • Hending Undertree
  • Abooksigun
  • Oediphisius
  • Ahanu

Depending on what kind of society they live in, males are often responsible for hard physical labor, hunting, fighting in wars, and generally being there in times of trouble to defend the family and community they live in. Such roles, among many others, provide ample opportunities to find themselves in situations where one has to use all their knowledge just to survive the ordeal. Think of the race they belong to, where were they born, what skills did they acquire as they grew up, what might be their current role and their future plans, and think of a name worthy of the achievements that await them on their way to eternal glory.

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