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Montano Tyrell scoffed as he knocked back his opponent’s rapier with ease. “I’m afraid you’ll have to do better than that if you want to dispose of me, sir, have at it”!

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Ariel Ford

Albany Pompeius

Corin la Pucelle

Calphurnia Campeius

Ventidius Capulet

Toby Iden

Tranio Montgomery

Cromwell Vaughan

Adam Mowbray

Helena Quince

Gregory Grey

Bassett Gough

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The influence that Shakespeare had on the English language cannot be overstated, so it’s only natural to reflect that influence in the stories you tell by adhering to his naming conventions.

Good Shakespearean Names

Good Shakespearean names draw from the rich settings he loved to write about: English Medieval history, ancient Rome and Greece, and Renaissance Italy.

  • Taurus Cromwell
  • Pandarus Snout
  • Frederick Erpinham
  • Bassett Gough
  • Angelo Lartius
  • Menas Campeius
  • Cromwell Vaughan
  • Bassanius Fitzwalter
  • Mamillius Brook

Caphis Coriolanus

Caphis Coriolanus is the second son of a fearsome Roman general who killed his brother in a fit of jealousy.

  • Violenta Antony
  • Paulina Denny
  • Pucelle Flute
  • Margaret Andronicus
  • Ariel Ford
  • Iras Northumberland
  • Imogen Ligarius
  • Morgan Vaughan
  • Valeria Erpingham
  • Jupiter Coriolanus

Orsino Vaux

A famous Venetian merchant, Orsino plied his trade in the textiles industry before an unfortunate storm at sea wrecked him on a deserted island with his crew.

  • Ajax Fastolfe
  • Horatio Snout
  • Boult Cassius
  • Emmanuel Erpinham

Female Shakespearean Names

Mighty warriors, scheming politicians, lovers-to-be, and courtly ladies all make up the kinds of character that one might find in Shakespearean stories.

  • Hermia Cade
  • Calphurnia Williams
  • Hippolyta Horner
  • Octavia Macbeth
  • Iras Cranmer
  • Jessica Sandys
  • Margery Rugby
  • Adriana Mowbray
  • Charmian Guildford

Katherina Erpinham

Katherina Erpinham was Countess of Sussex during the reign of Richard II and oversaw her cousin the king’s military campaign against the Scots.

  • Adrian Court
  • Miranda Poins
  • Katherine Macbeth
  • Tamora DeBoys
  • Iras Cranmer
  • Perdita Antony
  • Eleanor Stanley
  • Desdemona Rivers
  • Robin Martext

Anne Page Rugby

Anna Page Rugby was the serving girl for a highly thought-of nobleman whose life changed overnight when she saw him poisoning his wife while hiding in the closet.

  • Luciana Montgomery
  • Calphurnia Bullen
  • Adrian Cranmer
  • Charmian Ligarius
  • Tamora Williams

Male Shakespearean Names

Male Shakespearean names reflect the kinds of men he put in his stories, valiant kings, tragic heroes, lovestruck fools, and dastardly villains.

  • Reynaldo Lartius
  • Eros Grey
  • Timon Aufidius
  • Toby Iden
  • Alonso Cromwell
  • Morgan Erpinham
  • Tybalt Williams
  • Dull DeBoys
  • Diomedes Bottom

Bassanio Court

Bassanio Court made his name in Florence, where he was adviser to the royal house, where he was visited by the spirit of his dead father urging him to avenge his murder.

  • Montano Tyrrell
  • Brabantio Antony
  • Albany Pompeius
  • Conrade Cranmer
  • Dennis Northumberland
  • Corin la Pucelle
  • Aeneas Leonantus
  • Costard Macbeth
  • Camillo Blunt
  • Alarbus Lucy

Bassett Bardolph

Bassett Bardolph rose to infamy when he launched a rebellious war against King Charles IX of France in order to free it of Catholic rule.

  • Decius Denny
  • Petruchio Belch
  • Robert Mowbray
  • Tranio Montgomery
  • Charles Coleville

That’s it for our list of Shakespearean Names, we hope you found inspiration here for a whole host of heroes and villains for your own epic stories. If you did then be sure to share the article with your friends and comment your favorite name down below!

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