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“I am K’adrees, dealer of death. You will submit before me and be destroyed.”

“Don’t you mean OR be destroyed?”


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The Gorn are a species of reptilian humanoids capable of warp-travel and possessed of a dangerous aggression. They are often at odds with other humanoid species because the Gorn reproduction cycle involves the implantation of parasitic eggs into unwilling humanoid hosts.

Good Gorn names incorporate the reptilian nature of the species. Most names are singular, as Gorn do not have the same familial structures as many other humanoids. They do not use surnames.

Good Gorn Names

Good Gorn names make extensive use of sibilants or sharp, abrupt sounds.

  • Dasud
  • Trachium
  • S’reess
  • S’zard
  • Besazaar
  • Ares
  • S’shahr
  • Morsihr
  • Thabas


Soon it will be time for S’shanbet to lay her eggs. When the times comes she wants prime implantation stock. She has worked hard hunting for exactly what she wants to ensure the best possible start for her offspring. And if it just so happens to be the Starfleet vessel that cost her her last mate, so be it.

  • S’reelath
  • S’kaandas
  • Lahris
  • S’smebet
  • S’tayin
  • S’sleeyak
  • Thas
  • S’sragozin
  • Azamus


Rebus is cold but the machines he works with are oh so warm. It keeps him much more active than the other Gorn on the ship. They find him annoying. He may need to cool his blood before someone decides his energy is more irritating than useful.

  • S’trahlik
  • Erazin
  • Gayak
  • K’sad
  • Sozzehs

Female Gorn Names

Female Gorn names are largely similar to those of their male counterparts.

  • Brekazs
  • S’laget
  • Metar
  • S’reedous
  • Lozeget
  • Keeyas
  • Besagazs
  • S’sayas
  • Teecees


Ezag is old. Her scales are dull and her blood has cooled even more than most of her people. She has no thirst for blood left in her. But she does have wisdom, so many bring her food in exchange for asking her questions. She will even allow outsiders to approach her without killing them on sight.

  • Remal
  • Hrayak
  • Rlamsek
  • Dezandas
  • Tarehrid
  • S’sram
  • Reg
  • Sozzenbet
  • Zogirb


Thal knows hunger. Hunger and the drive to hunt. It is all she knows, all she has known for her entire life. Not that she really knows how long that has been. But new thoughts are coming to her now. Her body is changing. Something will be different soon, she just knows it.

  • Balet
  • K’sayah
  • Drachat
  • Besabus
  • Rerizs

Male Gorn Names

Male Gorn names are largely similar to those of their female counterparts.

  • Teez
  • S’sasek
  • S’kakouk
  • Erayith
  • Zogohs
  • Azsamar
  • S’srash
  • Rozalet
  • Mekath


Franbet captains a Gorn hunter but he hungers for more glory, more blood, and more Gorn under his command. He wishes to have his own warship, and someday he will. Even if he has to kill everyone who outranks him to do it!

  • Gareebas
  • S’kabus
  • S’tralis
  • Banbet
  • Nanbet
  • Graalk
  • S’kayas
  • Dasur
  • Kranbet


K’staahs is an artist. Not that any of his fellow Gorn seem to appreciate it. But there is such beauty in the delicate and chaotic spray of arterial blood. How could you not simply stand and stare in awe at the majesty of it?

  • S’akan
  • S’labizs
  • Feekouk
  • Brayin
  • Lozekazs

What do you like best about the Gorn? Do you have any tips or strategies for coming up with good Gorn names? Have you ever had a chance to play a Gorn in a game? What did you like about it? Tell us in the comments!

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