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At first, the ground disturbances were classified as a series of small earthquakes across the region. After a week of tremors with no sign of stopping, an investigating team of scientists were first to meet the true underground catalyst: Larvas.

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Kaiju originally referred to creatures from Japanese legend, but the most recognisable kaiju appeared with the dawn of cinema. Huge monsters, often mutated by manmade or otherworldly means, capable of causing mass destruction to human civilizations. They’re excellent villains, but can also add moral complications to a story, particularly when meddling scientists are involved.

Good Kaiju Names

Many kaiju’s names are devised by including elements of the flora or fauna that they resemble, warped or extended to represent their monstrosity. There are various ways to play with this, such as using the latin species names for the animal your kaiju will resemble. If your story is set in a specific geographic region, you can look to the local language for inspiration too.

  • Belua        
  • Simian        
  • Cretacea        
  • Geckodo        
  • Eelargh        
  • Rocksor        
  • Canid        
  • Ratking        
  • Ursa        


Saving the bees has never been more difficult, with Beezle deadset on causing as much carnage as possible. Luckily its dreaded buzzing can be heard a mile away, giving citizens time to take shelter from Beezle’s deadly stinger.

  • Lynxia        
  • Chrysallid        
  • Larvas        
  • Konkra        
  • Ogletta        
  • Gatterix        
  • Edda        
  • Megaliger        
  • Tort        
  • Gigas        


Orcan makes its presence known by blowing out a towering eruption of seawater, leading to fears of underwater volcanic activity or even nuclear warfare.

  • Beastet        
  • Jurasso        
  • Rattan        
  • Mothladon        
  • Gorj        
  • Pupaetor        
  • Alligrastan        
  • Gotteror        
  • Fleeg        
  • Cawr        


Despite its propensity for destruction, Mantiss has amassed a cult following, thanks to the unusual grace and poise with which it moves across the city.

  • Leelra        
  • Discog        
  • Goemul        
  • Arachnida        
  • Geosang        
  • Megalomor        
  • Ginkgon        
  • Cif        
  • Kato        
  • Illyator        
  • Nollada        


Waves beginning where they shouldn’t, marine life disappearing from the radar, a vast patch of darkness moving beneath the surface – all signs that Stingra has made its home on your shores.

  • Millimog        
  • Winggus        
  • Orangudon        
  • Lupid        
  • Carnivora        
  • Orcattor        
  • Angelus        
  • Holoceng        
  • Goggradon        
  • Komodoro        
  • Verm        


Each night Amho stalks the streets of Seoul, yet no photographer has been able to capture a clear shot of its form. Those who claim to have seen the cryptid up close can speak only of the fear it instilled within.

  • Wartahog        
  • Gongan        
  • Geodaehan        
  • Flexxor        
  • Mantissidon        
  • Bumblas        
  • Glang        
  • Peston        
  • Kyojin        


Not all kaijus wreak metropolitan havoc with evil intent. Just like a regular-sized puppy, the Megalodog bounds through life in search of treats, paying no mind to the destruction in its wake.

  • Teeko        
  • Mithrildis        
  • Bakin        
  • Arachnidon        
  • Ozlatrix        
  • Kastor        
  • Eelegg        
  • Skorn        
  • Barbazilla

Whatever you call your kaiju, make sure it inspires the appropriate sense of awe for something of their magnitude! Don’t forget that naming monsters can be fun too, using wordplay and devices like onomatopoeia. What did you think of the kaiju names I’ve come up with? Let me know in the comments, as well as which cities you intend to destroy with them!

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Cassidy Ferrari
D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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