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In the heart of the dense Eorzean forests, young archer Alderique Aubierault stepped softly, his eyes fixed on the gigantic beast that had been terrorizing his village. His heart pounded in his chest like a battle drum, but he steeled his nerves, remembering the words of his mentor, “Courage is not the absence of fear, Alderique. It is the triumph over it.”

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Onax Tenuet

Illette Glucond

Greizeone Konideur

Liadault Neafanort

Eugenaire Carrilaut

Arthurelle Aurifort

Ruphaux Graisond

Gadex Phaiteux

Jammianne Priveois

Glurant Phoulagione

Elvenne Kaunapert

Kidel Bouvuhent

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Hailing from the ethereal lands of Eorzea in the world of Final Fantasy, the Elezen are a race characterized by their long, pointed ears and elegant demeanor. These tall, slender individuals are reminiscent of elves, a familiar trope in the realm of fantasy. Steeped in tradition and pride, the Elezen are one of the original races that called this fantastical world their home, their history as intertwined with Eorzea as the roots of an age-old tree.

Their culture, resonating with a profound sense of honor and a deep connection with nature, shapes their character and consequently, their naming conventions. Elezen names are a melodic blend of French and Japanese influences, harmonizing perfectly with their graceful stature and cultural nuances. They possess both a forename and a surname, which when combined, create a beautifully fluid and unique identity for each individual.

The Elezen are divided into two clans, each with distinct naming traditions. The Wildwood Elezen, skilled archers known for their keen eyesight, often bear names inspired by nature, reflecting their deep-seated bond with the forests. The Duskwight Elezen, adept in magic and often seeking solace in the peace of caves and underground spaces, carry names that echo their mystical and elusive character.


Good Elezen Names

What makes a good Elezen name? Well, it should encapsulate the elegance and sophistication of this ancient race. A good Elezen name should resonate with the cultural ethos of the Elezen, often carrying undertones of their heritage and traditions. Let’s explore some name suggestions that capture the Elezen spirit.

Lyse Deverell

Growing up in the safety of Gridania’s forest, Lyse’s days were punctuated by the sound of her arrows hitting the target, a symphony she’d grown to love.


  • Estinien Morrin
  • Aymeric Baudouin
  • Alisaie Gaillard

Ysayle Dufresne

In the echoing silence of a Duskwight cave, Ysayle found her true calling, a surge of magical energy pulsating within her, waiting to be unveiled.

  • Artoirel Vertane
  • Jannequinard Thanalan
  • Thibault Sejourne
  • Haurchefant Desbois


Guillaime Lefevre

Though simply a librarian in a quiet corner of Ishgard, Guillaime’s life was a kaleidoscope of adventures lived through the pages of his beloved books.

  • Barnabaix Brigie
  • Aibertain Alamenain


Bernon Ceaulie

Bernon Ceaulie, a seasoned warrior, is respected and feared in equal measure. His strength is legendary, and his battle scars are a testament to the many battles he has fought. Despite his fearsome reputation, he is a loving father and a loyal friend.

  • Asturmaux Archevauliere
  • Nantain Perinne
  • Maximiloix Parsemontret
  • Amianne Aubierault


Female Elezen Names

An Elezen woman’s name often embodies grace, strength, and the enchanting mystery of the Eorzean wilderness. These names are a testament to their resilient spirit and captivating charm.

Here are some female Elezen names:

Seraphie Roux

Known in her village for her benevolent spirit and her love for the wild, Seraphie spent her days nursing injured animals back to health.

  • Celie Ferrier
  • Melisende Voltaire
  • Leonce Varlet

Maeva Ravel

Maeva’s humble beginnings as a weaver did not deter her from dreaming about the magical world beyond her small cottage.


  • Bernadette Gaillard
  • Clarisse Rambert
  • Evette Paquet
  • Zephyrine Durand

Rosalie Charbonneau

A devoted botanist, Rosalie could often be found in the heart of the forest, her fingers delicately tracing over leaves as she whispered thanks to the earth.


  • Maelis Perrot
  • Yolande Bellerose
  • Celestine Desmarais
  • Noemie Marchand

Fabienne Laroche

From dawn till dusk, Fabienne tirelessly kept the lighthouse aglow, her life a symbol of humble resilience in the face of the sea’s tempestuous whims.


Male Elezen Names

Elezen male names often embody a sense of power, dignity, and the quiet strength of the Eorzean forest. Just as the trunks of the ancient trees, these names stand tall and resolute, telling tales of courage and wisdom.

Here are some male Elezen names:


Olivier D’aramitz

Despite his royal blood, Olivier found joy in the simple things in life, his heart resonating with the everyday melody of the common folk.

  • Emeric Malfait
  • Rainfroy D’aramitz
  • Acelin Laforet

Arnaud Bouchard

As a poet, Arnaud found beauty in the everyday, his quill pirouetting on parchment to capture the essence of life in Eorzea.


  • Bertrand Lacroix
  • Gauvain Thanalan
  • Gautier Deverell
  • Renard Leclair

Lucien Sartre

Lucien, a humble baker, may not have had an adventurous life, but his bread was a piece of heaven in the mundane world, and his smile was warmth on a cold day.


  • Matthieu Grimaud
  • Tancrède Montmorency
  • Etienne Belrose
  • Gaël Desrochers

Aurélien Lemoine

A bookkeeper by day, Aurélien’s ordinary life was filled with numbers and accounts. However, in his heart, he carried dreams of exploring distant lands, his soul echoing with tales of the unknown.


We hope you enjoyed this journey through the whimsical world of Elezen names. They offer a unique insight into their culture, their relationship with nature, and their deeply ingrained traditions. Are there any names that particularly caught your eye, perhaps for a character in your next story or game? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to comment, share this article, and spread the enchantment that is the Elezen. After all, every name is but a whisper of a tale waiting to unfold.

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