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Bajoran Name Generator & Backstories

“Orbi Vaan, at your service. I will be your point of contact for your stay here on the station. Anything you need, simply ask. I’ll see what I can do to accommodate you. Please understand, however, the recent troubles have led to shortages in some areas.”

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Pehok Iprolo

Dubu Eerda

Epa Nawe

Wathum Krennirn

Veze Oard

Gorti Kruya

Yatu Kisisu

Zanjun Jekith

Aardald Laigia

Vraryeld Rhazkani

Eemyu Shusawia

Eejelb Rime

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Bajorans are a humanoid species native to the Alpha Quadrant, which call the planet Bajoran home. An impressively ancient civilisation, Bajor is culturally deeply spiritual and Bajoran religious beliefs hold great importance, as does one’s family name.

Bajoran names culturally place the family name first, followed by the individual name, though modern Bajorans understand that sometimes the traditional order will be reversed in dealing with other spacefaring civilisations.

Good Bajoran Names

Good Bajoran names combine 1-3 strong,s implement syllables for each the given name and the clan name.

  • Waaga Lorre
  • Shazohl Dah
  • Zeve Neeze
  • Raaru Putug
  • Agyur Heyrina
  • Kapod Trannag
  • Juter Domoth
  • Ayeld Hahoth
  • Neerku Poh

Laatkor Laba

Laatkor felt a vocational calling from a young age. Her faith never wavered. Not as a child, not as she grew, and sustained her easily though the small trials of her religious schooling. Now, however, she is about to face the wider galaxy and will her faith survive that conflict?

  • Zaagyer Merd
  • Eerad Saarro
  • Rikyo Romur
  • Fifur Falgin
  • Olit Bulbugu
  • Zerma Nezdo
  • Tive Fema
  • Daade Urdic
  • Gawu Iliso

Yatu Kisisu

It is not a flaw to care deeply about one’s people. That’s what Yalu tells himself. He joined the resistance to help his people. He didn’t realise how much carnage and damage that entailed. But he tells himself it will help his people. It has to. Or what has he done?

  • Kusu Vig
  • Wonu Hen
  • Jermosh Trez
  • Tridut Kraca
  • Irri Shuydumi

Female Bajoran Names

Female Bajoran names, like those of their male counterparts, make extensive use of vowel sounds.

  • Seehur Oajea
  • Fugge Xuka
  • Dubu Eerda
  • Emten Kuwa
  • Sudum Owo
  • Aza Xikowu
  • Dreci Eetome
  • Eemyu Shusawia
  • Pehok Iprolo

Fada Yoge

Fada is old, but two things have never wavered throughout her life: her faith and her fascination with the science of wormholes. She has been careful, as some might see her interest as blasphemy. But as her life ends, she finds she is caring less and less what might happen to her if she asks inconvenient questions.

  • Tuveld Bleeta
  • Lujo Gayo
  • Aardald Laigia
  • Ciktish Sherju
  • Cherte Airiawea
  • Isyu Apronia
  • Kritri Nuyehi
  • Pivas Soyewo
  • Caagu Gaghiho

Vrobeld Eho

Vrobeld has ushered many Bajoran lives into the world with her work as a midwife. She’s well regarded, and has been asked to teach what she knows to others. That, however, is a trail she is not sure she can face. Patience is not one of her virtues.

  • Vroyo Eyo
  • Yeewe Mabe
  • Oco Iyi
  • Aase Delkono
  • Tudra Shuniz

Male Bajoran Names

Male Bajoran names, like those of their female counterparts, make extensive use of vowel sounds.

  • Veze Oard
  • Yudar Yim
  • Unum Sert
  • Ogo Negum
  • Lorcid Chassomo
  • Wathum Krennirn
  • Zanyuk Gizinu
  • Kivelb Ilzol
  • Vrozek Kuebu

Eze Jilbo

On all of Bajor there are none as skilled at playing the belaklavion as Eze Jilbo. However, Eze has recently been challenged by an offworlder, of another species no less, to defend his title as the greatest living player of the instrument. The absolute nerve!

  • Oca Yulna
  • Becus Gujo
  • Gurvush Vane
  • Wutra Egduse
  • Adu Nocug
  • Yokkan Mulnome
  • Iva Murrure
  • Norvald Poyd
  • Peehuhl Velki

Oshu Fona

The fight for Bajor was exhausting. It was too much. So Oahu joined StarFleet instead. He was still able to help people, but it was easier, somehow, without the pressure of his whole civilization resting on him. Sometimes he feels guilty, but mainly he just feels relief.

  • Nujos Rork
  • Brasosh Pucorni
  • Uvo Vepurn
  • Cehihl Vogaco
  • Vrepi Vuepogu

How do you come up with Bajoran names? Do you have any tips or strategies? What is your favorite thing about Bajorans or Bajoran culture? Is there a particular episode a Bajoran appears in that is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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