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Skittermander Name Generator & Backstories

“Gakagizoh! Get back here right now! Gakagizoh! I, you commanding officer, demand that you—wait, no! Stop! Don’t pull that lever! What do you mean you’re just trying to help? Wait! Not that button—!”

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Skittermanders are small, furry, and have six arms. They are native to Vesk-3 and are instinctually helpful. They lack a permanent government, being culturally prone to individualism (though not to anarchy), though technically they have been conquered by the Veskarium and are considered by the Vesk to be a part of the empire.

When creating Skittermander names keep in mind their small statue makes sounds conducive to high pitches common. In addition, longer, rounded vowels are frequently a part of the name’s construction.

Good Skittermander Names

A single name of 2-4 syllables is good enough for most proper Skittermanders.

  • Burikono
  • Gakirom
  • Tavizo
  • Rasayit
  • Tasiyur
  • Bugozet
  • Zoki
  • Havalo
  • Kore


Canova has just lost her secondary mouth. This makes her sad. She remembers how good it was to eat. But now she is big enough and fast enough to join the others! Still, she’s decided that she does not wish to forget food. So she shall learn to make all the delicious foods for everyone!

  • Gilanez
  • Tazi
  • Koto
  • Wonidir
  • Zeyonara
  • Vigetol
  • Mule
  • Nazadom
  • Bodenam


He was an experiment. Kept in a glass cage. Given vast destructive powers, if what the scientists said was to be believed. They were strange creatures. Very big. Just wait until Viriyat gets out of here. The galaxy will tremble!

  • Duzo
  • Magi
  • Taga
  • Casenot
  • Ruza

Female Skittermander Names

Female Skittermander names are very similar to those of their male counterparts.

  • Yanx
  • Paqokin
  • Qoahirx
  • Yedo
  • Laqinu
  • Hanohl
  • Lauti
  • Haler
  • Yaki


Finx has a talent for finding things. In fact, the harder it is to find, the more she likes looking for it. Especially if there is someone who really misses whatever it is Finx is supposed to find. Though she sometimes has trouble finding people. They’re so much more changeable than things.

  • Qaln
  • Vate
  • Ciqu
  • Yesh
  • Zuoya
  • Haush
  • Laul
  • Qipe
  • Yeko


Sometiems it’s nice to help people the easy way, but Zeka finds more satisfaction helping them the hard way. Her friends joke she must be part stridermander, she’s so good at violence. Zeka doesn’t care. Shedding blood can help people, after all, so it’s worth it.

  • Manx
  • Zausa
  • Taun
  • Faliqe
  • Yuke

Male Skittermander Names

Male Skittermander names don’t differ substantially from those of their female counterparts.

  • Koyito
  • Boveyadih
  • Dalera
  • Hilevil
  • Kasotuz
  • Nayazul
  • Kenivo
  • Cetiredaz
  • Bevi


No one appreciates poor Dekamul. They think he takes advantage of people. That’s not what merchants do! Sure, he has to make sure his profits are high, but only because if they weren’t he’d no longer be able to help people by bringing them important goods! Trades takes money! No one understands.

  • Nabadum
  • Tano
  • Waburan
  • Ravi
  • Naro
  • Geyiko
  • Toga
  • Runokam
  • Vosa


Guides are useful. Guides are helpful. Guides know things. And secretly, Wayodon likes the knowing of things best, even more than helping people. Sometiems he feels guilty, but it’s just such a nice feeling! Telling people everything they should know. That’s helpful, right?

  • Gazamet
  • Hagelur
  • Rusanah
  • Gerakoz
  • Taligoh

What appeals to you most about the Skittermander? Have you had the chance to play one? How often do they come up in your games? Do you have any suggestions for creating Skittermander names? Let us know in the comments below!

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