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Jeral heard a scuffling in the undergrowth in front of them and froze – he prayed it was simply a rabbit. A few seconds later he heard a telltale growling, and saw the glowing eyes of the Bright Werecat peeking out at him.

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Night Biters

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Ivory Goliaths

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Blood Ogres

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Every good fantasy story or tabletop game needs its host of wondrous creatures to populate the world, from awe-inspiring dragons to terrifying wraiths, here are a few of our suggestions:

Mythical Creature Names

Mythical creatures are found in folklore from cultures all over the world, and that is the best place to start for inspiration for your own stories, such as these ones below!

  • Passive Leapers
  • Nomadic Aliens
  • Dwarf Succubi
  • Frost Shifters
  • Nordic Ents
  • Laughing Giants
  • Overlord Goliaths
  • Mammoth Gnolls
  • Thorny Dragons
  • Coiled Golems

Horned Nightwalkers

These terrifying beings are the vengeful spirits of the unquiet dead, usually commanded by a necromancer in service of their dark bidding.

  • Whistling Terrors
  • Night Biters
  • Saint Walkers
  • Silver Spectres
  • Nomadic Fairies
  • Bright Werecats
  • Blood Ogres
  • Grand Medusas
  • Masked Fiends

Red Troglodytes

The Red Trogs are a race of scaled, cave-dwelling humanoids with bright red eyes and a taste for flesh. Be careful when exploring the caverns of the world.

  • Wandering Spriggans
  • Stalking Demons
  • Mellow Imps
  • Sunglow Goblins

Magical Creature Names

Magical creatures tend to imply a more fantastical and wondrous nature than some of the sinister sections of this article showcase, think fun adventures not scary dungeons!

  • Blue Leapers
  • Ashen Ghosts
  • Timberwolf Ancients
  • Black Bogeymen
  • Jumbo Bunyips
  • Leopard Cupids
  • Harlequin Cupids
  • Passive Dragons
  • Whimpering Leapers

Leopard Mermaids

Leopard Mermaids are so named for the speckled appearance of their scales that reflects the light in magical waves as they frolic in the warm, shallow seas.

  • Hermit Skeletons
  • Serpent Vampires
  • Deaf Griffins
  • Cavalier Scourge
  • Southern Kobolds
  • Woodlands Spriggans
  • Jester Souls
  • Nordic Berserkers
  • Invincible Hippocampi

Great Phoenix

The Great Phoenix made its home in the caldera of the world’s largest and most ferocious volcano, arising once every 500 years as the cycle of death and rebirth repeated.

  • Dark Atranochs
  • Supple Catfolk
  • Passive Mummies
  • Serpent Valkyries
  • Wandering Fairies

Scary Creature Names

A focus on the frightening, or even morbid, is essential to give your scary creatures the proper gravitas that their capabilities deserve. Think of taking inspiration from classic horror monsters of folklore.

  • Patriarch Titans
  • Dawn Sphinxes
  • Coastal Elves
  • Scorpion Valkyries
  • Painted Howlers
  • Wandering Beasts
  • Eternal Shapeshifters
  • Immortal Griffins
  • Jasper Shadows
  • Amphibian Biters

Moon Reptilians

The Moon Reptilians are a culture of lunar worshiping lizardmen who stalk the dark forests of the world, ever searching for unsuspecting travelers for use as human sacrifices.

  • Sand Wispmother
  • Wild Wispmother
  • Majestic Inugami
  • Bog Crawlers
  • Timeless Night Stalkers
  • Stalking Demons
  • Malachite Pixies
  • Gold Basilisks
  • Iron Reptilians

Coiled Anubis

The Coiled Anubis is the name given to a demi-god who is said to lay sleeping at the gates of the underworld, ready to rise up and punish those to violate the sanctity of death.

  • Assassin Sphinxes
  • Hallowed Night Stalkers
  • Roaring Vampires
  • Tiger Liches

Sea Creature Names

A tried and true method for coming up with good Sea Creature names is to give them all a nautical bent, and to focus on creatures who originally come from the watery depths, such as these ones below:

  • Sunray Hydras
  • Rainbow Newts
  • Coastal Beastmen
  • Bronze Nymphs
  • Timeless Nymphs
  • Howler Newts
  • Silver Kraken
  • Graceful Pisces
  • Fury Elementals
  • Weeping Melusines

Sea Chupacabra

The Sea Chupacabra is a mythical creature that stalks the shores of tropical lands, looking to drag livestock and other animals to a watery grave to be devoured in its maw.

  • Weeping Hippocampi
  • Polar Hobgoblins
  • Marsh Hags
  • Regal Hippocampi
  • Amazon Imps
  • Autumn Chimeras
  • Jasper Shapeshifters
  • Scorpion Banshees
  • Mini Spriggans
  • White Dryads
  • Blushing Fairies

Frost Hagravens

The Frost Hagravens of the frozen north seas conduct dark rituals in service of their secretive god, performing wicked acts of flesh sculpting to augment their ability to attack sailors to dare sail too close to their lands.

  • Swamp Beasts
  • Mud Gremlins

That concludes our list of fantasy creature names! Be sure to share this article with a friend or two if you found it useful. List your favorites down in the comments and see if anyone else has the same as you!

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D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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