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Andorian Name Generator & Backstories

“Abir Th’iqialner is the premier Andorian artist working in ceramics at present! You simply must see the interplay of blues on those tiles! It’s like he’s trapped an aurora in milk and turned it all to stone. Breathtaking.”

Generate Names

Thib Th’orevohr

Thretaoth Sh’akaarhen

Shahraon Th’kalloq

Pytal Sh’chonnak

Tob Ch’ozohras

Vrevess Sh’tiarreth

Atythiath Ch’zhotroq

Kyran Ch’aqillath

Ithishih Zh’ziavos

Ithissaan Sh’ovithol

Vryta Zh’tathek

Ebolaos Th’thellek

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Andorians hail from the Alpha Quadrant, from the moon of Andor which is the center of their Empire. Culturally Andorians are militaristic and consider it a great honor to serve in the Imperial Guard. While tending towards violence, they nonetheless also place great value on family.

Good Andorian names build on that reverence for family, and incorporate a surname that reflects the Andorian’s clan, as well as a forename or given name. These names sometimes incorporate a signifier communicating the individual’s gender as well.

Good Andorian Names

Good Andorian names are composed of complex syllables and make free use of apostrophes to join disparate parts.

  • Bahr Th’raalneth
  • Shreb Th’etikrass
  • Kyth Th’rhothroq
  • Etob Ch’zysros
  • Shahraon Th’kalloq
  • Thosseth Th’othothiq
  • Oshrohlaon Th’shrerhorh
  • Ashrerar Ch’atinneq
  • Koren Th’shaotress

Syhl Ch’charhat

Sybil rose to her position in the Imperial Guard on talent and her ability to maintain control of her emotions. She goaded weaker opponents into attacking her or one another and ensured her rise by never fighting anyone too strong for her. That strategy may soon cease to be feasible, however.

  • Iryv Ch’ovhihlan
  • Asheth Ch’thahlon
  • Tyn Th’ovirress
  • Kyran Ch’aqillath
  • Esaniab Ch’qerrath
  • Kebaab Th’chahlol
  • Sahrahl Ch’izahlok
  • Arohr Ch’rhatrot
  • Ishrel Th’shaohlirh

Eresiv Th’vhaothress

All he ever wanted to do was brew ales. Eresiv didn’t have thebacking or the funding to start his own brewery, however. So he makes do, experimenting with strange brews while he works as a mechanic. Be careful if he offers you a drink! You might not wake up for days, if you wake up at all.

  • Ebolaos Th’thellek
  • Tarehl Th’zhynin
  • Osharaohl Ch’zelon
  • Ebyliahl Ch’thekrass
  • Tyb Ch’kaollen

Female Andorian Names

Andorians actually have two separate sexes that can be considered feminine, zhen and shen, with the shen tending slightly more toward androgyny.

  • Ijhoshe Sh’qolrehr
  • Zysse Sh’erhaalleq
  • Vrylia Sh’ethylnoq
  • Syza Zh’raarharh
  • Thretaoth Sh’akaarhen
  • Jhoria Zh’qaohral
  • Otytti Zh’otylrith
  • Thyshaa Sh’zherhehr
  • Sera Zh’kirron

Isotaa Sh’ikaoqan

Isotaa is the best ice-cutter pilot on the whole moon, and she knows it. If you need to get somewhere fast and safe, Isotaa is the one you want, though be prepared to hold on for dear life. She’s fast because she takes risks. You’re safe because she’s not made a mistake. Yet.

  • Ozymaa Zh’shysrorh
  • Thavis Zh’rhysriq
  • Shrasso Zh’zhiaril
  • Zazil Sh’qaorrin
  • Osama Zh’ithaatrel
  • Shreshaash Zh’ichirhoth
  • Ziton Zh’shriarer
  • Jhythaa Sh’shaahlil
  • Vryttaoh Zh’shonnos

Vryta Zh’tathek

Vryta chose to enlist in Starfleet when her artistic ambitions were dashed by a rejection letter from the Andorian Academy. She fills her quarters with beauty, but she hasn’t been able to bring herself to create anything new herself. Perhaps someday someone will help her rediscover that part of herself.  

  • Pytal Sh’chonnak
  • Ithishih Zh’ziavos
  • Siri Zh’oreqoth
  • Thrazias Sh’eronniss
  • Evethi Zh’raohrahr

Male Andorian Names

Andorians actually have two separate sexes that can be considered masculine, chan and thaan, with the chan tending slightly more toward androgyny.

  • Akynaoss Ch’vhonnerh
  • Obabiass Th’ochaokrik
  • Esohlaoth Th’ishrorrahr
  • Atether Ch’zhyhles
  • Rilel Ch’etyrheth
  • Eryr Th’ikennorh
  • Asyv Ch’kaalnar
  • Ryss Ch’shialret
  • Ashrinen Ch’aviarhin

Eryr Th’achirhel

Eryr is the self-proclaimed greatest of the Andorian silk merchants. It is through his efforts that Andorian silks maintain their position as one of the most sought after luxury textiles in the galaxy. And he’ll do anything to keep it that way.

  • Ethilaath Ch’thiahlol
  • Kehraahr Ch’raathan
  • Aranev Th’qohlorh
  • Kelaoss Ch’vhilnik
  • Ashrys Th’eriaqer
  • Shroth Ch’zialriq
  • Akoth Ch’aqaonek
  • Rassaahl Ch’akaarran
  • Oshenob Th’acherrit
  • Shilov Th’qelith

Ibisar Th’oshrilon

Though he wished to join the Imperial Guard, Ibisar only managed to gain a position as a weapons tech. His personal battle skills were lacking. It makes him resentful of his position, and a ripe target for any rebels who wish to get their hands on weapons they shouldn’t.

  • Ebovaahl Ch’shenir
  • Shryv Th’kaavath
  • Ron Ch’thialross
  • Ther Ch’echiahrass
  • Shrib Ch’vhalnerh

What appeals to you about Andorians? Do you have any strategies for coming up with Andorian names? Do you incorporate clan history into your character history? Let us know in the comments below!

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