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Ferengi Name Generator & Backstories

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Ferengi is native to the planet Ferenginar in the Alpha Quadrant. Profit and free enterprise were the primary drivers of Ferengi civilization, both socially and culturally as well as economically.

Ferengi physiology has a notable impact on the way they pronounce certain syllables and this influences the sounds popular in their names. Gutterals are prominent, as are the letters R and K.

Good Ferengi Names

A good Ferengi name communicates its value proposition clearly! The name is a Ferengi brand! It must be memorable.

  • Dano
  • Fnarpax
  • Uraxa
  • Tozap
  • Hrala
  • Kolaba
  • Broizar
  • Kaybac
  • Agadac


Gnasax is down to his last credit. Once, he ruled a vast financial empire, but a string of bad luck soured all his ventures. But he is Ferengi! He still has one credit. He just needs to find something to buy with it that can turn a profit…even if it fell off the back of a supply ship.

  • Nomag
  • Igezig
  • Hopum
  • Gnaxor
  • Yarin
  • Berikor
  • Stopum
  • Grila
  • Malal


Tozavag knew from a young age that she would not be content unless she was earning her own profit. So she made sure nothing stood in her way. She changed her name, her appearance, her papers, everything. Now, she had earned vast profits, but stands to lose everything if her past is revealed.

  • Gibac
  • Zego
  • Malarad
  • Orant
  • Kaynt

Female Ferengi Names

Female Ferengi names tend to make slightly more use of vowel sounds than their male counterparts.

  • Rikadis
  • Nemamiya
  • Belare
  • Fine
  • Dinane
  • Yrad
  • Tekis
  • Uyedis
  • Bian


Polikia welcomes the changes to Ferengi culture that mean females are allowed to earn their own profit. She’s begun a movement to capitalize on the USP of carrying children to term. If she has her way, Ferengi females will also be entitled to a percentage of all profit made by their offspring.

  • Leyaga
  • Ovira
  • Pania
  • Gagis
  • Irakia
  • Hyrazenna
  • Fhirra
  • Uzamis
  • Kiakis


There is great profit in enriching one’s own knowledge and skills. At least Diakis believes so. Dividends are often found in unexpected places, after all. Now if only the library she has founded were also bringing in a bit more in the way of immediate funds.

  • Fenadel
  • Gasen
  • Siran
  • Ziadis
  • Isaris

Male Ferengi Names

Male Ferengi names use strong syllables and have a slightly higher tendency to use harsh ending sounds like K and X.

  • Adres
  • Grava
  • Tral
  • Geron
  • Patek
  • Rhapum
  • Nalarrot
  • Froorot
  • Mazarpax


The Urack Trading Fleet is known throughout the sector! Of course, it’s just one rickety ship for now, but that’s all going to change, Urack is sure of it. He’s so close to the next big score he can taste it! So long as he can keep his crew convinced…

  • Irarad
  • Ledac
  • Kraxon
  • Nodok
  • Zirabar
  • Rhador
  • Fareba
  • Tyel
  • Ordapum


Money is power, as all good businessmen know. Kirr has spent a great deal of his life converting the former into the latter, then using the latter to create more of the former for himself. Soon, if all goes well, he’ll have a shot at becoming Grand Nagus! Well, if Hrala doesn’t get in his way…

  • Morap
  • Famag
  • Drot
  • Niboka
  • Bruxon

Do you have a favorite Ferengi? What do you think of how they are portrayed in various seasons of Star Trek? What is your go-to strategy for coming up with Ferengi names? Let us know in the comments!

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