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Class Name Generator & Guide

“What do we do? Well, I’ll tell you but it won’t matter. You might call him a priest, and her an inventor.” – the man pointed at his friends in the back. “So I guess you could think of me as a soldier but as I’ve said it doesn’t matter. We were invited, after all.”

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Agumur Glurosk


Camile Bari Hilltalon



Nisleen Blessedbuster


Dhazdoro Goblinskin



Elilienne Roadgold

Zrughor Plasma

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We traveled all kinds of lands to gather the best class names and share them with you here.

How to Find a Good Name for Your Character Class?

A character’s class is one of the biggest parts of their identity, something that came along during their life and stuck with them from then on, whether the person is a soldier in an army, a druid protecting the forest, or a cleric serving the commoners.

It defines what the character does, how they act in certain situations and provides insight into the knowledge and the abilities they possess. Some classes are more likely to come from certain lifestyles, and this too can help with the naming process.

Combining a class with a race in a way one would not expect can immediately ask us to provide the reasons behind it. These questions and answers then allow us to create a background story on the fly, which in turn allows us to create a better name.

Good Character Class Names

The planned class of the character can also serve as a guide for the naming ideas. Their abilities, what they can do, and the very nature of such a person can all be used to come up with an appropriate name for the role you plan them to have.


  • Tynid Price
  • Susanah Boxspark
  • Reozin Heosanthu
  • Yonnetana
  • Dion Norouk
  • Oshiepyx
  • Heran Truthvigor
  • Quyreek

Clara Tinker

Having been raised with three brothers she often spent her time alone, thinking, inventing, and proving to be the most creative one in the family. While her siblings played together, she preferred to be left alone as her inventions needed more time and more focus as the years went on.

  • Eliakim Greensmith
  • Chouzozi
  • Philbert Sterling
  • Svetel


  • Korgath Ironhand
  • Bill Steelshred
  • Vlodim
  • Keqi
  • Antonio Heartwoods
  • Voisse
  • Biaa Vrinurgh
  • Cildis Ahnesnath

Mjorn Knightslayer

Fighting the strongest is what every warrior should aim for, and this is his motto. Charging down the battlefield he looks for the hardest target, preferably a knight, where he springs into action as if he was a tiger. Hacking and cleaving, leaving nothing but rage in his mind, he continues to prove his name over and over again.

  • Fargal Frostedge
  • The Grim
  • Zagar Bonebreaker
  • Plystisz


  • Malruthiia Milten
  • Elyse Stringsong
  • Thaz’ri
  • Zorron Dedric
  • Adrel
  • Sabisstra Lhalabar
  • Eelizhaldan
  • Wildre Kikmur

Alluin Wordsmith

There is no word he cannot write, no sentence he cannot remember. An anecdote, a story, or a song of the old, he knows them all and so much more. He loves meeting travelers and adventurers who share the love for storytelling, looking to add yet another tale to his arsenal at the very least.

  • Wan Mannband
  • Ikhytash
  • Arya Accusto
  • Dolievomora


  • Andara Ironwill
  • Steven Softouch
  • Ivronall
  • Zyn Eilsana
  • Kanov
  • Pantha Zhakan
  • Ircirda Nie
  • Ziqef

Dessa Hopebringer

Dessa found her calling while still a child, ever since she helped save a victim of a bear attack, and everything she did afterward was intended to help her become a doctor. Such a life led her to join the Sacred Order and become a cleric in one of the largest cities while saving hundreds of people in the process.

  • Janet Soulwell
  • Vreeld
  • Daniel Dayhope
  • Ovoh Birgesa


  • Themaris Deercove
  • Ian Rainstar
  • Qilonne
  • Hemia Xunos
  • Yoratish Wintermere
  • Elanorin
  • Meagha
  • Wolvo Hipu

Emma Silversage

This half-elf has been enjoying her life in an ancient elven forest, enjoying her time while learning about life and everything it offers. As a single child, she has the utmost attention and care from her mother and has also inherited the gift, thus allowing her to follow her mother’s druidic footsteps.

  • Phina Oceanvale
  • Sodjuroz
  • Briin Pineash
  • Othorion Putnam


  • Gramora Rumblestrike
  • Leoceran
  • Norkian
  • Kamuri Coldbane
  • Pimvias Bullroarer
  • Saets
  • Renna Thera
  • Odiyra Whitsoar

Hodar Ironskin

Despite being in more than three dozen battles, he was never injured and has no scars whatsoever. While most call him Ironskin, clearly respecting his martial prowess, some are beginning to question the validity of his claims and wonder if there’s some other truth behind it all.

  • Gotug Rainmaker
  • Ellarian Sydell
  • Mogral Sunaxe
  • Leosandoral


  • Vantez Peacemind
  • Sustu Sharpspin
  • Imener
  • Nyatoth
  • Bonealad
  • Jassin Dakian
  • Erlareo Farzeiros
  • Xanvira Shadowbranch

Rimbi Bonebender

This nimble human isn’t very tall but his athletic and acrobatic abilities compensate for it, and more. Being able to jump twice his height, climb a house as fast as one can run, and be an expert in martial arts, he can perform extraordinary feats of strength and dexterity where some of the moves he does make it seem as if his bones were bending.

  • Muno Lightstep
  • Mayori
  • Mel Deathleap
  • Jhasupyx


  • Julia Goldblade
  • Leon Savesoul
  • Muirkuhm Stormsword
  • Ohnyn Ehralvath
  • Dardysus
  • Kacarrk
  • Neililum
  • Iniwala Kaplan

Darius Noblehart

This man is a shining example of justice and honor. Practicing the old ways, protecting the weak, never lying, never faltering in the face of danger, and always ready to help those in need, he roams the land on his faithful steed, looking what life has to offer as settling in one place is never the answer for the questions he has.

  • Gordic Shieldsfate
  • Erzhira
  • Romar Blightsbane
  • Sabrae Vragh


  • Aidan Trueshot
  • Mereliis Steelmantle
  • Wrotzit
  • Erjeon
  • Aekass
  • Mayuit Hyluan
  • Iraeryne Rhomduil
  • Arilin Rapleth

Ashiaon Lonewalker

Roaming a certain region for close to ten years now, far away from his homeland, this elf and his trusted blink dog companion are traveling back to the largest city in the land. They are bringing news about a new threat that will rise up to wipe them all if it continues to be ignored for much longer, and the time is of the essence.

  • Nora Orbwood
  • Vanrix Moonbow
  • Eerriec
  • Shamnera


  • Josk
  • Calvin Cleancut
  • Leola Grayscar
  • Eakanki
  • Zhariowo
  • Manvas Bugarsath
  • Dhoslehen Bovenzath
  • Shazak

Reen Nightwind

As silent and deadly as a cold winter night, this little halfling can walk without being heard, pass without being seen, and strike without anyone knowing she was there. As one of the top mercenaries in the capital her abilities made her famous and she’s been living a life of a noble with all the money she made so far. The danger is never far away, however, as a certain guard will soon discover her location.

  • Quorok Swifthide
  • Iosx
  • Tryfz
  • Caitris Gemflow


  • Cat Spirithand
  • Sery Lifestone
  • Acak
  • Zraniar
  • Orisatra
  • Durus Gavosnath
  • K’yorius Hun’tlar
  • Roast

Izowel Goldthorn

This young woman wasn’t always in control of her powers, especially in her teen days. Random lights and sounds, torches getting lit without any fire around, windows opening and closing with no wind and no one close by, all that and more her family had to go through before a certain traveler stopped for the night, explaining what was really happening.

  • Nialla Windcall
  • Adresin Heigolor
  • Elric Sunshield
  • Holone Venxalim


  • Lillah Barlow
  • Emmit Shade
  • Hargh Zulge
  • G’eldriia Myzynge
  • Qa
  • Phivruth
  • Ologri Den
  • Mireya Chubokirka

Ecthrois Scarletwound

Alchemist and a shop owner by day, a necromancer in practice by night. Unbeknownst to the whole town, no matter how small it may be, he’s been practicing the forbidden arts of necromancy, learning everything he can from a book he got in a very profitable deal. His reasons aren’t evil per se, as in his eyes he’s simply trying to find a way to bring back the deceased dog he loved so very much.

  • Araes Moonfall
  • Hilgosh
  • Crowley Wryn
  • Umlamyn Vahrersath


  • Yarog
  • Vennard
  • Savin Lotusleaf
  • Guccihk
  • Uriniewo
  • Troy Pearlsong
  • Phiniana Erslice
  • Keansea

Nya Owlrider

Living in an enchanted forest, all members of her small community form a special bond with large owls who have been their loyal friends for centuries. Each elf knows the owl they should bond with as soon as they see each other, for no other of their kind will start skipping around them as if they were dancing.

  • Kaspar Soulstone
  • Torrelgath Maeval
  • Ecthrois Ravensteed
  • Goramar Fecosta

Class is one of the main things that define a character, and as such tells us what they know, what they have done, and what they might do while providing welcome insight into who they are. The right name will set the tone you want to present and may immediately hint at what kind of a personality they might have. Think about the class the character is, how you can incorporate it into the name, what makes the most sense considering the purpose of the character, and think of a name worthy of the unknown but surely exciting future they will set out to meet.

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