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Artificer Name Generator & Guide

The gnome fumbled with a strange metal box as the battle raged around him. “Ok, this goes here, this here…..yes, yes, I did it!” – he mumbled excitedly as he stood up. “Behold! The power of Mattersmore Oceanmotion!” – he proclaimed and lifted the box high into the air, while his friends dived for cover knowing what happened the last time he did something like that.

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Reozin Heosanthu


Dhazdoro Goblinskin




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Artificers are masters of inventions, plain and simple. They look at magic as it was a puzzle waiting to be solved, and no one can solve it better than they can. They use the appropriate tools with which they can imbue magic into an item of choice.

Using their wits and the tools needed for a specific task, such as tinker tools to craft a trinket, or alchemist supplies to brew a potion, they use their knowledge and skill to imbue such items with magic, creating potent inventions in the process.

Their inventions saved thousands of lives but also caused the death of many, as the inventions sometimes tend to backfire. The names of those inventors became known, and some of them are Wix Fizzlesprocket, Mya Sparkleflare, and Rico Shea.

Good Artificer Names

A good Artificer name makes you imagine what kind of a person the character could be, what inventions they possess, and what kind of dangers did they go through, as well as what they might be doing at this very moment.

  • Myronio Flarebottom
  • Cordelia Copperfield
  • Barnabas Bagstock
  • Sylvester Sparkspinner
  • Eliakim Greensmith
  • Claire Winch
  • Nandirio Nicklebuckle
  • Abiel Sawyer

Eleazar Forgebolt

Having his last creation blow up right in his face, he decided he had enough. It was time to travel to the capital and search for someone who could explain how it all worked, in order to become the master of the craft as he always hoped.

  • Benaya Pennington
  • Herny Cannon
  • Daisy Lovegrove
  • Josiah Winchester
  • Christopher Darknob

Scarlett Gunport

Ever since this thing called boom-powder came from the south, she’s been fascinated with its potential. Having made several firesticks, as she calls them, she is in the process of testing them, and the results are much better than expected.

  • Oswald Bronzeplug
  • Permelia Powderpinch
  • Philbert Sterling
  • Gilbert Silverram

Ella Rayburn

Compared to some of her peers, she’s been working on the same project for quite some time. The strange artifact she found a couple of months ago is proving to be much more than it seemed, even without her numerous enhancements.

  • Joseph Glasshope
  • Emilia Buckstone
  • Stephen Redsmith
  • Susanah Boxspark
  • Luther Windlass

Female Artificer Names

While some women can’t use a sword efficiently, they can use their wits to come up with a creative solution to any problem they encounter. By using the tools and their intelligence, they utilize potent magic which they can then use for good or bad.

  • Eliza Lewis
  • Viola Belcher
  • Juliet Butcher
  • Livilla Styles
  • Estella Hellyer
  • Genevieve Barclay
  • Clara Tinker
  • Beatrice Bramble

Laura Gridley

Helping assemble a mechanical creature back to its original state, at only eleven years old, she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. The very same traveling merchant turned out to be quite an inventor and hired her some years later.

  • Scarlett Salwey
  • Abigale Philpott
  • Vivian Radcliff
  • Petra Aldridge
  • Hattie Cogsmith

Cynthia Forgen

She always had good hand-eye coordination, and ever since she learned how to write she was fascinated with other people’s handwriting. Today, she’s one of the most sought document fabricator and forger in the whole kingdom.

  • Olivia Bacon
  • Vivian Fordham
  • Laura Canning
  • Viola Blenkinsopp
  • Liza Scarborough

Male Artificer Names

Men are often trying to fix something, improve something, and create something from scratch, whatever is needed at the time. As such, the role of an Artificer fits some of them just perfectly, allowing them to put their creativity to great use.

  • Jarvis Cuttle
  • Charles Price
  • Dan Emerson
  • Frederick Nunn
  • Sampson Pennington
  • Alexandar Littlefield
  • Langdon Mugridge
  • Jared Bramble

Daniel Moody

The good news is, his mentor left him everything he owned, making him the new master of the house. The bad news is, his mentor also lost his life during the last experiment, one he now needs to finish alone.

  • Harry Burdon
  • Byron Mills
  • Alan Castleton
  • Alfred Herndon
  • Jed Banks

Maurice Butler

Lucky to be born in a city, he had a father who did his best to share all the skill and knowledge with him. A prodigy, like his talented father, he created his first metal dog companion in his teen years, which he owns and cares for ever since.

  • Eliab Duncke
  • Owen Sawyer
  • Daniel Keeler
  • Bennet Train
  • Leslie Bardell

Artificer Last Names

Artificer’s last names often provide some insight into the character, spark ideas about their life, and make you imagine all the things they went through.

  • Sixsmith
  • Cogwright
  • Powers
  • Steele
  • Bridges
  • Belcher
  • Wheeler
  • Hammerman
  • Kettle
  • Catchpole
  • Brewer
  • Anvil
  • Napper
  • Bucke
  • Cleverly
  • Gates
  • Chambers
  • Goldsmith
  • Riggs
  • Featherstone

Creators, inventors, and enhancers, Artificers use their knowledge and savviness to imbue items with magic. Using the tools at their disposal, while minding which kind of an item they are trying to imbue, they perform feats of magic and science. Their inventions can certainly save the day, but can also prove to be a disaster for everyone around them. Think about your character, how they started, when and what went wrong, what invention are they working on right now, and what kind of a name could match their ambitions. Then, make your first steps into the world that awaits ahead, and let your adventures be your greatest inventions yet.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with an Artificer name.

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