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Warlock Name Generator & Guide

A strange hushed voice echoed through the half-orc’s mind as soon as he touched the strange artifact. “I welcome you to my services, Grekran, from now on known as Grekix.” – the tone was all but commanding as Grekran’s eyes glowed in acceptance.

Generate Names

Ventra Maxifluxer


Xyromyra Whistlegrinder

Vlidyn Rabodath

Tanathil Lialee

Shanyrria Gresalor

Numrini’th Argoryn




Shimyra Despate

Quinras Goodbarrel

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Warlocks don’t gain powers by studying magic or getting blessed by a deity, but by willingly serving a patron. The Patron can be a powerful demon, a devil, some strange alien-like entity, or anything of the sort, which can grants them their power.

Once the connection has been made, they become ever-thirsty for knowledge and power, serving the patron when the need arises. Warlocks obey their occasional wishes by going on personal quests, often essentially becoming an adventurer.

They are very driven in their goals and often on the move, so the adventurer’s life comes all but natural to them. Some of them keep the names to themselves, while others openly share, names such as Imraan Wixyarn, Penly Gibbs, and Ahsliir Xou.

Good Warlock Names

Some memorable Warlocks use fake names, some just a nickname, or at the very least change their last name in order to stay as anonymous as possible.

  • Eqion Angelsin
  • Osaar Youngblood
  • Arlihg Vandran
  • Panryx Kobey
  • Velyar Hartsoul
  • Nasneas Frostmind
  • Pagael Whiteface
  • Gronnin Breedlove

Azixeus Lobo

He has been working tirelessly for the last two months, all so that he may please his patron, his new master. Now, being ever so close to the goal, he’s feeling excited as the completion would also mean he gets to travel again, something he misses a lot.

  • Iqihr Moreside
  • Vestrea Lacrox
  • Mibarisa Blackman
  • Isix Trevill
  • Otek Diolba

Embiny Onyrr

Struggling with deciding whether to listen to her patron or cut the ties to it completely, lately, she’s been leaning towards the latter. The patron’s wish is to kill someone she knows, but the consequences for severing the link to her master could be dire.

  • Irah Clowen
  • Ahwyn Wraeth
  • Covia Tronx
  • Phephryn Diamond

Omran Darkmore

He’s been the real power behind the throne for a dozen years now, working tirelessly to bring his patron’s plans to fruition. The king is all but under his complete control now, and when he manages to get rid of his son, there will be no more obstacles left.

  • Osakre Letorn
  • Illobariis Depraysie
  • Horix Morgan
  • Ozax Sharpe
  • Ollidar Dupree

Female Warlock Names

There are stories about certain females who eventually managed to resist their patron, shunning them aside. Such individuals either manage to achieve extreme success or perish rather horribly cause of their oversights and made mistakes.

  • Sunorae Cleran
  • Eddelle Flintmail
  • Misnan Onyxheart
  • Lessthel Darkbuster
  • Edthiel Shadowgut
  • Alagossa Shazorwyn
  • Annallee Inajeon
  • Conall Presstina

Caerthynna Oloneiros

This warlock managed to do something that was considered inconceivable. Not only did she cut the link between her and her patron, thriving in the process, but she also managed to get accepted by another one and is already plotting to leave yet again.

  • Tyrael Iarxina
  • Shanyrria Gresalor
  • Nithenoel Quiyarus
  • Syvis Mortoris
  • Elaith Fensatra

Tanathil Lialee

Her patron’s wishes align with her own malignant ones, and she uses that as an excuse to fulfill them. Sometimes, though, she’s not sure which side has priority and whether it’s she who actually wants that, leading her towards uncertainty and doubt.

  • Rieke Virgolor
  • Marina Heleralei
  • Arianne Zumwynn
  • Gaelira Ernst
  • Carissa Hexditch

Male Warlock Names

Due to the connection to a patron, usually a creature of great power, Warlocks can be looked upon with fear and distrust, leading them to often hide their true identity and obscure their work as much as they can.

  • Xarkul Geldenar
  • Vrakrax Kluk
  • Zorghull Malthan
  • Haldur Mudguard
  • Krumrus Nightbrand
  • Skak Platethane
  • Melmir Chaoshand
  • Gormar Bryberos

Tyrael Neriren

Having been tricked by an avatar of Asmodeus himself, he thinks his work has noble goals in mind and is willingly and happily doing all he can to achieve them. Soon he will find out the ugly truth, though, and his world is about to crash down on him.

  • Jhaartael Keaxisys
  • Avourel Criaor
  • Theodore Ararak
  • Alos Brylen
  • Elas Qinleth

Elluin Ravaqir

Making his way west, he’s been traveling the roads for quite some time. Sure, he found a couple of decent places he could settle in, but his patron bids him ever further, to the great mountain ranges of the western kingdom of the empire.

  • Hycis Elkran
  • Aien Kelzorwyn
  • Taeral Mortoris
  • Nesterin Yelban
  • Tilmar Orikan

Badass Warlock Names

Some Warlocks manage to reach amazing power potential, wielding potent spells and changing the very reality around them, sometimes for longer than expected.

  • Eleanore Delarossa
  • Laguna Manleon
  • Zadda Zorrander
  • Viessa Crimson
  • Lyra Bloodworth
  • Ash Chalices
  • Viktoria Trevills
  • Axel Bigjolt

Inago Cromwell

This half-orc must be special if he won the attention and help of his patron, one who is tied to the existence of this world since the very start. He’s been chosen to fulfill the prophecy that was foretold, and he’ll start by leading the orc Horde to victory.

  • Serllah Barlow
  • Emmit Shade
  • Ecthrois Scarletwound
  • Araes Moonfall
  • Crowley Wryn

Max Thornton

You would never guess this leatherworker had any special talents, other than the ones that allow him to masterfully create leather attire. The truth is, not only is he a warlock but also a jackalwere in disguise, working diligently for both of his masters.

  • Alder Dredd
  • Salem Naxxremis
  • Everit Leblank
  • Zayne Nattas

Blyde Woods

Having bought the establishment six months ago, the job as a bartender and the owner of the tavern has been going well. His real goal, however, is to keep digging under the house itself, until he finds the lost tomb his patron told him about.

  • Nictis Kane
  • Rhazien Magnim
  • Luke Morgan
  • Jinx Tempest
  • Layre Payn

Funny Warlock Names

Even dark powers can have a sense of humor, and such an unexpected approach might yield great results. A nice balance of the two can provide unforgettable names.

  • Pacwit Eylien
  • Daemon Sehdoosme
  • Justa Pakt
  • Ayneva Leesan
  • Goodin Tenshan
  • Olway Stravelfah
  • Noume Morries
  • Lovz Paytron

Olka Reezma

She’s all that, and more. She can dazzle you with her looks, charm you with her wits, and persuade you to do anything while making you believe it was your idea in the first place.

  • Char Maperson
  • Meenath Awhizard
  • Aykenfyt Ezvell
  • Paktof Blaides
  • Natasir Hexalot

Eldrich Blass

He makes peculiar statements and rather brave threats he probably can’t back up. He also likes to yell his full name in combat, for some reason, right before he shoots a blast of magic energy at the enemy.

  • Ritu Alspell
  • Ayusweh Panstu
  • Tirtsfor Pauhr
  • Noth Abarrd
  • Natmage Ayder

Thanks to their unworldly connection to their patron, Warlocks sometimes draw and unlock unbelievable power. Being able to read all languages, see through the darkness, and become invisible, are all but a fraction of their possibilities. Such power doesn’t come without a price, however, and they sometimes and go on missions for their patron. Warlock lust for power drives them forward and they are mentally prepared for adventuring ways. Think of the patron your character serves, your current goal, a name worthy of the knowledge you’ll discover, and satisfy your mental hunger in the world that awaits you.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods to come up with a Warlock name.

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