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Fursona Name Generator & Backstories

Oceanbat Bigbane squealed in delight as the rainbow unicorns burst forth from the moon kingdom to signal the start of the spring equinox – finally the festivities can begin!

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Velvetfur Twinbones


Moonunicorn Quietsmile



Bonekitty Fluffywings






Forge Your Own Name: Discover Our Name Suggestions & Backstories

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Fursonas represent the opportunity for some wholesome fun as your own anthropomorphic animal representative, tied to your personality. But picking a name is equally important! Why not try out some of these:

Good Fursona Names

Good fursona names take as their inspiration two primary sources: the animal kingdom and the boundless possibilities of magic.

  • Sakro
  • Cilcoc
  • Kliezni
  • Qeitnup
  • Yualwuk
  • Oceanbat Bigbane
  • Mudtail Rarebones
  • Skycat Silverface
  • Lightningtail Gracepack

Blazehoof Finenails

Blazehoof was the fastest horse in the west, and earned their name from the speeds they could reach – so rapid that their hooves set the ground alight in their wake.

  • Drifoll
  • Klobri
  • Onnuick
  • Stostui
  • Chulcuz
  • Riverpelt Secretgrowl
  • Amberbat Primetooth
  • Feralleopard Lazycoat
  • Nightrabbit Coldpelt
  • Barnesh

Frenzyheart Finebane

Frenzyheart was a rather tempestuous wolf who wanted nothing more than for her pack to be the largest and most ferocious that had ever been assembled.

  • Abi
  • Vadlid
  • Hehok

Female Fursona Names

Female fursona names tend to add a touch of femininity and represent the more calming, cuddly, or loving animals.

  • Anhuy
  • Ubu
  • Wuzne
  • Lehai
  • Pema
  • Griba
  • Frenzyfang Rapidblade
  • Nightkitty Smartclaws
  • Windwolf Brisktooth

Atomsnout Greatplume

Greatplume got her name for the enormous, impressive plumage of red fur that sprung from her head and cascaded down to her shoulders.

  • Keenhusky Agileheart
  • Zafe
  • Droli
  • Bioffua
  • Epho
  • Gweli
  • Dawnlion Poshwings
  • Shadowcrest Hollowbone
  • Redsnout Faintnose
  • Spiritliger Badhowl

Nighttiger Silverclaw

The beautiful and mysterious Nighttiger is an extremely rare white tiger whose claws glisten in the moonlight like the purest of silver.

  • Ebonstud Flashypack
  • Winterleopard Greedytooth
  • Noblecrest Agileclaw
  • Solarkitty Cruelbane
  • Ferallion Truefeathe

Male Fursona Names

Male fursona names tend to be more action-oriented, gravitating towards cool or perhaps even edgy personalities.

  • Clala
  • Huzers
  • Sogez
  • Kumnup
  • Stregoc
  • Magickitty Sillyfang
  • Sparkfox Ancientfangs
  • Earthwolf Newhide
  • Smallwolf Blisshoof
  • Brighthoof Subtlepaw


Naatnibs was a hot-headed renegade panther who was determined to strike out on his own, against the wishes of his family pack.

  • Huarurd
  • Griensoq
  • Kaseoln
  • Leenneo
  • Abie
  • Zranod
  • Greedee
  • Keimult
  • Iareck
  • Youngface Meanfeathers
  • Rainface Goodpack

Forestpony Falsetooth

Falsetooth became a shunned outcast when he accidentally killed his brother in what was supposed to be a non-lethal duel. He now stalks the great wilderness, plotting his revenge.

  • Steelcat Couragewings
  • Flamehound Fineplumes

That sums up our list of Fursona name suggestions, hopefully you found something here you can take forward into your own stories! Make sure to comment your favorite name to see if it matches up with others, and share the list with your fellow creators if you found it helpful!

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