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“I am Arvanden, Captain of the Celurion. My crew and I are searching for a city rumored to be be hidden on an asteroid somewhere in this system. I don’t suppose you’ve heard of anything like that?”

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Myaapeandradesh Rhociar



Vernostemar Primash

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There are a plethora of sentient races that inhabit the galaxy, many of whom are capable of interstellar travel and who have members that travel the stars seeking riches, adventure, and glory.

When coming up with a Starfinder name, be sure to research your character’s chosen culture, consider their personality and past, and look to the lore of the games as well as real world history and myth for inspiration!

Good Starfinder Names

A good Starfinder name comes with a sense of adventure!

  • Baccus
  • Bahab
  • Danit
  • Farie
  • Gild
  • Grank
  • Guler
  • Harina
  • Kawa


Laker took his name from his home, the only part of it he ever liked. He was glad to leave it behind for a life of adventure, but every so often he comes across a nice, quiet lake, and he sits for awhile, remembering.

  • Makra
  • March
  • Merin
  • Mnah
  • Moori
  • Nora
  • Rock
  • Shad
  • Sinima


Books! Give her books! Taklit is greedy for knowledge. Many of her kin are simply greedy for food, or wealth, but Taklit craves more. She wants to know the hows and whys of the universe, and that is why she left for a life of adventure!

  • Tfula
  • Thadda
  • Tomy
  • Vick
  • Wolf
  • Aathan
  • Chaesh
  • Dimar
  • Imaya
  • Kaesan
  • Kragness
  • Kumarshan
  • Langayan
  • Maeha


The first time she encountered an offworlder, Mahsimark was hooked on a life of adventure. The things she saw in that mind! How could she stay on her homeworld after sensing that? There is so much to explore!

  • Matha
  • Naesh
  • Nevaeter
  • Nima
  • Prathwaran
  • Raeha
  • Saemat
  • Saenithan
  • Thini


Thoosha may be big and he may be slow, but he isn’t stupid. Well, not as stupid as people assume he is. Which makes it a lot easier to take their money at the gaming tables. Not that that always ends well either…

  • Vaenan
  • Vaite
  • Vima
  • Vimas
  • Zaeel
  • Denesel
  • Dhahir
  • Dolal
  • Doroteo
  • Ersen
  • Esanika
  • Esari
  • Esitha
  • Fahir


Houra loves the desert. He spends most of his time out there, alone. There are many things to be found amongst the sand and the scrub on a world as old as Akiton, though interested parties may have a tough time dragging the details out of quiet Houra.

  • Jensen
  • Koladze
  • Lenesel
  • Lura
  • Madura
  • Maltinus
  • Milweska
  • Nielsen
  • Nikolak


When the time came for Nora’s Tempering she embraced it. She loved the journey, the weighing and measuring of new ideas and traditions to incorporate into her own. She loved it so much she never stopped, though she makes sure to pass along things she finds worthy to other Kasatha she meets.

  • Safoura
  • Sahir
  • Sola
  • Venesel
  • Zahira
  • Zitas

When was the first time you played Starfinder? What do you love most about the system? What process do you follow to create names for your characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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