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“Long have the people awaited a true hero, long have they waited for what they all deserve. Justice. Justice and vengeance, true retribution for what was done to them, and you are one who will do it all. You will fight in their name, you will avenge their families, and slay their enemies. You, my lord Godefrid, are ready to become a true legend.”

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When it comes to Elden Ring character names from the story itself, there are a few rules they go by, where certain names start with the word God, while other two types of names start with either the letter “R” or with the letter “M”, depending on who it is.

We can name our characters in many different ways, and one of them would certainly be to add a title before the name itself, or an epithet after it, one that can further provide some insight into their nature and their personality as a whole.

The many actions and deeds of such characters seem to echo with more significance, adding value to their names which are in turn more noticeable and far more easily remembered, names like Elyon The Fake King, and Erina The Old.

Good Elden Ring Names

The type of character we want to create, along with what they are all about, can help us in coming up with the most suitable name, and having the audience who will react to the name in mind, we should always try to mix things up to see what we get.

  • Teowulf The Butcher
  • Nephinae The Enchanting
  • Aelfric The Sarcastic
  • Eanulf The Secret
  • Arnulf The Hollow
  • Odalric The Fickle
  • Erina The Old
  • Syvis The Frozen

Thessalia The Risen

Having almost lost his life twice by now, losing his memory the second time it happened, he now roams the land in search of anyone or anything that can help him remember who he really is and what his purpose might have been, and he won’t stop until he finds out or dies trying.

  • Chalia The Confused
  • Fordwin The Chubby
  • Baldhere The Animal
  • Minuvae The Stark
  • Gudram The Dimwitted

Sylvis The Shady

He earned his title many times over, though somehow he still manages to find people to do business with, and since he’s been running out of options lately, he’s planning on moving his operation to a new town, or even a city, where he can expand and earn some proper coin.

  • Amedee The Fish
  • Delimira The Dark One
  • Ulesse The Crazy
  • Wulf The Worm
  • Phinara The Worthless

Female Elden Ring Names

Female heroes are the main reason why many songs have been sung, and why so many stories have been written, detailing numerous exploits of famous but also notorious deeds that have captured the hearts and minds of thousands of people.

  • Esiyae The Nimble Mind
  • Alasse The Short
  • Philaurel The Masculine
  • Fyra The Unlucky
  • Nimue The Pale
  • Loreleia The Turbulent
  • Rosanya The Dangerous
  • Elphine The Harsh

Ecaris The Hunter

Hunting was always a thrill for her, though learning about the importance of mercy in the process, and she’s grown comfortable with being merciless when the need arises, as many dangers lurk in the woods where one must always be prepared to defend themselves.

  • Esta The Infantile
  • Saphielle The Lost One
  • Allania The Dark
  • Vionala The Marked
  • Analise The Equal

Zestra The Unfit

After the rejection of her ninth application to join the elite army unit, the other warriors started to tease her, and thus her nickname was born. This doesn’t sit well with her, and it is only a matter of time before the anger gets the better of her whereupon she could snap, attack, and perhaps even kill one of the agitators.

  • Elicia The Awful
  • Kilyn The Actor
  • Iltyrra The Servant
  • Imra The Infamous
  • Valindra The Silent

Male Elden Ring Names

The most notable males are the ones who take the matters into their own hands, defying fate as they go on their way, and have the courage to face the many dangers life offers, and who let their actions speak for them.

  • Seth The Blissful
  • Thor The Educated
  • Ragnor The Reckless
  • Heinrik The Master
  • Blade The Rat
  • Ailwin The Merry
  • Grendel The Enlightened
  • Aetemis The Elegant

Axel The Bewitched

One faithful night, without knowing whether it was a dream or not, he had a vision where his whole life path was laid in front of him, as clear as the sunny sky, and ever since that day he’s been traveling north, searching for the blue-eyed man who holds the keys to the next door, the next chapter of his life.

  • Romulus The Common
  • Zelgius The Mad
  • Seifer The Bland
  • Reyson The Lost Mind
  • Verdan The Pygmy

Wilden The Nervous

Capable as he may be, failures of his youth still haunt him, to the point the nickname he earned back then managed to stick with him all these years. As a final half-desperate move, he’s currently traveling with a caravan to the capital where he hopes to start life anew, and where no one knows him or his history.

  • Toross The Shy
  • Ailen The Meager
  • Klark The Phony
  • Aywin The Weak
  • Ivasaar The Halfman

Funny Elden Ring Names

Sometimes the situation calls for a more witty name, perhaps something more aimed toward fun, and a funny Elden Ring name can bring much enjoyment and is a nice little introduction of what one could expect from the character.

  • LejonBrames
  • Elden John
  • Mageagainst the Machine
  • Herpacles da STI
  • Dickus Maximus
  • Sirius The Funny
  • Dilldoey The Relentless
  • Bruised Lee

Naittof The Table

Although coming from humble beginnings, this warrior has a heart and soul of a true knight. He’s honorable, and just, speaks the truth, and protects the innocent, and he’s one of the beacons of light in this dark world where danger lurks in every corner of the world, waiting for someone unfortunate enough to meet its gaze.

  • Fupa The Large
  • Sir Smellalot
  • Ohmah Gawd
  • Silverdaddy The Arknight
  • Merlin The Dick Wizard

Starrz Tellusol

The sky holds all the answers, and all one needs to do is look. If one doesn’t know where or what they are looking for, however, they often come to him for answers and guidance. Though his thoughts often raise even more questions, his calm tone, and willingness to help cast optimism and positivity on those seeking advice.

  • Sorcerro Tortellini
  • Grandadee Junior
  • Vegi Porker
  • Dreemin Aweyk
  • Mucho Honero

While the story characters have their names created in a certain way, following a certain set of rules, we have the luxury to choose our own path. Our suggestion of using titles and epithets is not the only way but it should help you in coming up with a name worthy of your character’s ambitions. Think of where were they born, what kind of a person have they become, what have they learned, and what are they best known for, and think of a name worthy of all the adventures the character will have.

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