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Vesk Name Generator & Backstories

“Imperator Dwohozob comes! Hurry you fools! Clean that floor! Polish those sconces! Everything must be perfect. The status of this house is on the line! Imagine what might happen us if Her Eminence is displeased!”

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The Vesk resembled humanoid lizards and control a wide interplanetary empire called the Veskarium. The culture is strongly hierarchical and social status is considered to be incredibly important. Many young Vesk with no prospects choose to throw themselves into the Empire’s ever-hungry war machine in the hopes of advancement.

Though they resemble lizards, Vesk names do not make as strong use of classical sibilant letters such as S as so many other lizard-like species, though long sounds like Z and N, and M are prominent in the naming conventions.

Good Vesk Names

Good Vesk names have an Imperial air to them, a sense of grandeur, even if one is a simple soldier or farmer.

  • Dmubdon
  • Zugve
  • Drybat
  • Gomon
  • Voros
  • Kruvdiz
  • Brysomet
  • Josona


Even blind, Meveg can still see. Some call it witchcraft, others the blessings of Damoritosh. Yet even those who are skeptical will, at some point in their lives, feel tempted to ask Meveg what she can see. Few are brave enough, however, for Meveg never lies about what she can see.

  • Vreliz
  • Dmysik
  • Gnetrid
  • Oslek
  • Vonve
  • Berogas


Krytrongan longs to leave the empire behind. Longs to abandon the stultifying hierarchy and the exhausting jostling for position. But he can’t. Not without enough resources. And the only way to get them is to throw himself whole-heartedly into the very posturing and clawing for status he hates.

  • Gytraz
  • Broznok
  • Nuri
  • Stanamog
  • Tragnid
  • Gnadet
  • Knete
  • Jozni
  • Sugemat
  • Zulo
  • Urad

Female Vesk Names

Female Vesk names make a slightly higher use of terminal vowels than their male counterparts.

  • Kogi
  • Ared
  • Dmerit
  • Sobdive
  • Tvubroz
  • Odrad
  • Jengane


Too big. Her frame is too big. Her jaw spikes are too big. It is a glory to her ancestors, but Tvobimos wants to pilot fighter craft, and she would need a custom ship. She cannot easily fit inside most fighter craft as she is. It is irksome in the extreme.

  • Edegot
  • Zrabi
  • Gnylot
  • Vuda
  • Novavda
  • Satesh
  • Zasond


The Empress is old and Gobrid is ambitious. A few dozen Vesk stand between her and the Imperial Throne, but is she going to let a little thing like that curtail her ambitions? No. No she certainly is not. And those who help her will be justly rewarded.

  • Bomen
  • Drumi
  • Svasi
  • Keleyeg

Male Vesk Names

Male Vesk names have a slightly higher occurrence of nasal initial sounds, including KN.

  • Jamelosh
  • Storo
  • Vedva
  • Gnubazek
  • Kyme
  • Dmaligad
  • Knasnak


Sazi likes the little delivery route he has, running small items and ambassadorial parcels between the far-flung outposts of the Empire. It’s calm, except for the pirates, and he doesn’t have to play politics much, except for getting the docking berths he wants. As long as the war stays on the other side of the Empire, he’s quite happy.

  • Kurodrin
  • Utek
  • Rezoret
  • Ariloz
  • Srabod
  • Krotok
  • Sroton


The Empire values military might but Knoso seeks something greater. His spirit hungers for knowledge, for connection with the divine. There used to be many more gods revered amongst the Vesk. Can he find one? Someday. Someday please.

  • Zodve
  • Jebet
  • Negno
  • Vryrto

What is the most exciting part of playing a Vesk for you? What about them do you find unique? Do you have any tips, tricks, or strategies for coming up with good Vesk names? Let us know in the comments below!

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