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Royalty Name Generator & Guide

The king walked through the portrait gallery with his daughter at his side. “That one there is your grandfather… and of course that’s me…” He paused, and looked down at the princess. “And this empty spot is for you, when you become Queen Anarella.

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Arhalba Ayyub

Fine Nolani

Lona Fieldse

Lynn Homewoode

Lysander Imperiosus

Caitrin Mackays

Saga bin Hamad

Androcles Julus

Archippus Crus

Dolag Bradain

Pamela Blackburne

Thorir Varma

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Few names make history like those of kings and queens. A royal name carries strength and wisdom, even if the monarch themselves doesn’t quite live up to their name.

While most royalty will use a mix of a given name and a dynastic name, some choose a specific “regnal name” to use as they take the throne. Historically, these were often borrowed from religious figures or mythical kings.

Good Royalty Names

King and queen names are often hereditary, carrying on a tradition of naming children after an ancestor. For new royalty, some will take a name that means “royal” in their language.

  • Erland Lay
  • Archippus Crus
  • Rolanda Greenbergg
  • Thorir Varma
  • Acacius Salutio
  • Hemma Bloms
  • Pilate Sura
  • Zoroastres Vestalis

Faolagan Ennisi

King of the nomadic Guephi tribes, he spent many years fending off invasions from the neighboring empires hoping to vassalize him.

  • Haralda Elwyne
  • Elianna Caesar
  • Cuirealan Hawke
  • Niallghas Macanguss
  • Mungan Innes
  • Sighilde Ferberg
  • Hemma Vend
  • Odhran Henness
  • Hayden Reids
  • Upton Arkwrighte

Androcles Julus

Stern and unsocialiable, many tried to sway this king, but he was always able to see through those trying to undermine his power.

  • Fearchar Jewelle
  • Auden Varnhame
  • Winfred Headleye
  • Ceana Innes
  • Siofra Finni
  • Pamela Blackburne
  • Sunna Glasg

King Names

Thanks to the idealized figure of a warrior king, many names for male royalty translate to “soldier” or “protector” in their native tongue.

  • Badulf Boycee
  • Elpidius Mocilla
  • Walter Eks
  • Aldwin Geisslerg
  • Fredenand Berglunds
  • Onchu Hughes
  • Leofwine Read
  • Brinley Alvine

Alfstan Lintone

Seen on the battlefield as often as on his throne, this king always preferred settling disputes with duels or punitive wars.

  • Lysander Imperiosus
  • Germund Gerverg
  • Aldhard Boerd
  • Baldwin Elkunds
  • Grimwald Brodforde
  • Odovacar Grossg
  • Eoghanan Donohuei
  • Gilliosa Slanei
  • Ignatius Asiagenus
  • Farvald Berglunds

Leander Glaber

The weak-minded king of Bechamy, eventually descending into a decade-long fit of madness as he beheaded his courtiers.

  • Wulfstan Fairchilde
  • Herodotus Bursio
  • Ambrosius Tegula
  • Osvaldus Caecus
  • Carmine Varrucosus

Queen Names

A queen’s name is often meant to symbolize her innocence or purity. However, many less patriarchal cultures have female royalty named after “wisdom” or “strength”.

  • Ciorsdan Glenns
  • Electra Sisenna
  • Deana Alfredsone
  • Callista Ovicula
  • Dolag Bradain
  • Fine Nolani
  • Caitrin Mackays
  • Emilia Arquitius

Catriona Sheenani

An astute businesswoman who was able to drag the Kingdom of Scaliat out of bankruptcy and into a golden age.

  • Dearbhail Duffs
  • Livia Asellus
  • Diemut Fuhrmanng
  • Armine Fairburne
  • Thilde Gravese
  • Anthea Uritinus
  • Selena Allobrogicus
  • Krista Acidinus

Clymene Fulvianus

Serving as a dedicated priestess in her youth, this queen enacted strict religious laws when she ascended the throne.

  • Emmeline Fieldse
  • Iantha Barbatus
  • Ranae Cossus
  • Elwisia Crus
  • Charis Cinna
  • Lodema Fryee
  • Kestrel Aston

Royalty will be enduring figures wherever they appear, so ensure they have a good name for the historians and political rivals whispering about your king or queen. If this article was helpful for you, be sure to share it! And let us know your favorite royal name in the comments.

Liam Blackley
Liam Blackley
I'm passionate about telling stories as a DM and I get a thrill from worldbuilding. Inviting players into these made up worlds that somehow still feel vibrant and alive is incredible, and Codex Nomina is a way to extend that invitation to more people.

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