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Lord of the Rings Name Generator & Backstories

“The land is vast and rich, and many good people built their homes here. Sure, many different races live in the region, and some don’t get along well with others, but when an enemy like this emerges, one who is a threat to everyone, there is no doubt in my mind we will all unite under one banner, regardless of our names and who we are, and fight for the higher cause.”

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Gisela Baggins

Sigismond Townsend



Chazyt Lady Of The Blue


Sophia Acustes


Raciade Ilghos


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We traveled to the darkest places of Middle Earth to find the best LOTR names.

Several of our scribes were eaten by ogres and spiders in this adventure. May their soul rest in peace!

How to Find a Good Name for a Lord of the Rings Character?

Middle-earth is probably one of the most lore-rich worlds we know of, and it provides ample opportunities to learn more about the potential race and origin of your character, something that will immensely help with choosing the right name.

Character’s race, upbringing, what kind of people their parents are, and the society they grew up in can all affect what kind of a name is appropriate for the character to get in the first place. For example, a dwarf is unlikely to be given an elven name.

The reason why the character exists can also guide you in the name creation as it can tell you whether they are the main character in the story or just someone who will pass by, barely speaking, and whose name perhaps isn’t really that important.

Good LOTR Names

A good name will usually have the character’s race, origin, society, and culture in mind. While there are certainly exceptions to this, such as a member of a different race being adopted by someone in the community, when the name fits most of the surrounding things, it’s often considered a good one.

  • Bribök
  • Îdhben
  • Forin
  • Lúthrien
  • Layla
  • Dúnhere
  • Allie
  • Eileen


As an experienced soldier, albeit not exactly a veteran, he knows what it means to be in combat, surrounded and outnumbered, and it’s precisely that experience that is currently keeping his life intact as he and his company have just fell victim to an orc ambush along the main road they patrol on a daily basis.

  • Dedgorth
  • Yalag
  • Weller
  • Esmerelda Gamgee
  • Lind


This elven hunter is as silent as an owl, dexterous as a cat, and her eyesight can rival an eagle. These skills and much more, all help her roam the forests and hills all but undetected, where her bow and arrows make sure she’s safe at all times.

  • Ingvild
  • Magnus
  • Smeagol Bracegirdle
  • Magune

Otton Hornblower

To most eyes, this hobbit doesn’t excel in anything and he is simply one of many of his kind, quick and agile but nothing out of ordinary by any means. Unbeknownst to most, however, he’s an expert fisherman who can catch more fish than three bears at the same time.

  • Eadryth
  • Éadgel
  • Josef
  • Dóldör
  • Mhomlik

LOTR Female Character Names

Different races have different customs, and while some live in a matriarchal society, others cling to the patriarchal way where males rule over all. Regardless of the status within the society itself, many have the potential to become far greater than some people might believe.

  • Veronica Diggle
  • Cristina
  • Tizege
  • Aedwen
  • Lydia
  • Lestien
  • Malena
  • Freya


She’s been one of the community’s best healers for the last couple of decades where she worked diligently, so it was surprising to hear she just packed one morning and left for the unknown. No one knows where or why, though one person suspects there might be more to this situation with potential foul play at work.

  • Maetwyn
  • Edi
  • Pethil
  • Kristin
  • Igkal


After a certain mysterious traveler sold her a book, she realized that a map from one of the pages, along with the description in that very same chapter, said the hidden treasure was not far away from her home, perhaps a two-day journey to the west. Packing up necessary things only, she left one bright morning only to never be seen since, and it’s been almost two weeks since she went on her way.

  • Ingileif
  • Godlith
  • Eówell
  • Belba Pott

Hildibrand Brown

As an owner of a certain small tavern on a hill, she’s enjoying life as much as one can, and as the establishment is located in a rather strategic location, a place where two main roads cross, this ensures the alehouse is full on a daily basis.

  • Calassel
  • Waerryth
  • Estriel
  • Hildeburh
  • Ellen

LOTR Male Character Names

Although there are exceptions, males of most races are usually the ones who hunt and fight wars, and as such, they have to stay strong, protect the weak, and take care of their family and friends.

  • Fulrad Goldworthy
  • Collin
  • Godgö
  • Taylor
  • Bruiben
  • Mudor
  • Frank
  • Jorund

Grimoald Proudfoot

His farm is his life, and none may enter his premises without his approval. Recently, however, a couple of young rascals have been trespassing the property, stealing corn and other products in the process, and tonight he’s going to wait for them to teach them a lesson or two.

  • Arnkell
  • Yaddur
  • Eówell
  • Ceollida
  • Jett


It’s been almost a week and the search still continues. He and three other hunters have been trying to track the beast that’s been terrorizing the local villages but with no luck so far. This is strange as all of them are expert trackers and hunters but this beast, whatever it is, always seems to be one step ahead.

  • Hissaelben
  • Bingo Hlothran
  • Dammor
  • Selwong


Serving as a scout and a messenger, this brave soldier has traveled too many miles to remember. For decades he’s been serving his king faithfully, and the current message he carries with him might very well be the single most important thing in the whole kingdom, at least at this moment in time.

  • Biorn
  • Berty
  • Calemir
  • Julian
  • Jordon

A vast, rich, and yet still not fully explored world such as Middle-earth simply can’t fail to provide a plethora of inspiration, for both the lore and the naming ideas for the character you have in mind. Starting with a race, and then thinking about the place they grew up, along with what kind of a culture and community they live in, is certainly one way to begin the naming process. Think about the character’s race, how were they raised and what lessons have they been taught, what they like and dislike, do they have any goals or plans for the future, and think of a name worthy of the exciting life that awaits anyone who has enough courage to take the first step towards the unknown.

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  1. I came up with the name Rodhruin many years ago but I don’t know to which people it fits best. Any ideas where that name would fit?

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