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Yes, that’s it! We’ll get everything we need, we’ll think about it a bit more to make sure we didn’t forget anything, and then we’ll make our way. Oh, it’s going to be glorious, just wait. I’m telling you, Esgal, this is going to be the best expedition that has ever been assembled. Anywhere. Ever.

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The Sindar who speak the Sindarin language nowadays, and are also called Grey Elves, come from the ancient Telerin people, and they were the group who chose to do the opposite and not complete the Great Journey, rather staying behind instead.

During the end of the first age, as well as the second, many Sindar migrated over the Great Sea, and it wasn’t long before they all fell in love with the new location and the sea coast, and they continued to settle there for many more generations to come.

Their adventurous spirit allows them to adjust to a situation on the fly, and the actions they take across the world resonate, allowing their names to weave their way into the common knowledge, names like Osgarien, Lúthril, Mistriel, and Theriedir.

Good Sindarin Names

The first name is given at birth, father to son, mother to daughter, and the suffix of the parent’s names is often changed to “ion”, meaning “son of”, and “iel” or “ien”, meaning “daughter of”.

  • Maewil
  • Cangwen
  • Fuingwen
  • Lodrien
  • Echadissiel
  • Cînis
  • Gûlnith
  • Bregedil


As the son of Hethur, the famous adventurer, he has big shoes to fill. Luckily for him, his father never put any pressure on him on what to be when he grows up, and this has allowed him to have a nice childhood that is leading him towards growing up into a brave and honest person, something the world needs these days as his father would say.

  • Iallrien
  • Ringnis
  • Aduialeth
  • Úllothes
  • Rostriel


She always loved music and the sound most instruments make, and she’s been lucky enough to have the opportunity to play several of them and soon realized a mandolin, accompanied by her singing, was the best way to express herself.

  • Hallothes
  • Dûrdes
  • Môreth
  • Linnadis
  • Acharil

Female Sindarin Names

Mothers will sometimes give their children a second name, either guided by a vision at birth, albeit this is a rare occasion or based on the child’s personality.

  • Raedadis
  • Nagnissien
  • Pannil
  • Cothel
  • Ulunneth
  • Gweririel
  • Aderthriel
  • Cellimes


As a mother of two, the children have been her only focus, apart from other usual life chores that need to be done. However, now that they have grown up a bit, she’s starting to feel nostalgic as the memories of past deeds have already begun to haunt her dreams.

  • Harassel
  • Orthelliel
  • Egnassien
  • Rimiel
  • Penthel


One of the best shots with the bow, she made her name by participating in the numerous archery contests, winning most while rarely finishing worse than second. She’s not completely satisfied with her skills, however, and she finally found the man who was supposed to teach her more but there might be a problem as the man seems to be blind.

  • Egleriril
  • Dûrdis
  • Golwemes
  • Caranoril
  • Lúthrien

Male Sindarin Names

Most have fair and melodic voices, making them musically gifted, in all ways, something many prefer to do in their spare time, and sometimes even as their job.

  • Tond
  • Naruben
  • Mistor
  • Aphador
  • Nemirphen
  • Noror
  • Bôr
  • Themben


With nothing but his small harp, a rapier, and his faithful wolf pet, he’s been traveling the roads, visiting villages, towns, even inns on the road itself, and offering his services and sometimes even playing for free just so that others can hear him play.

  • Thilior
  • Tos
  • Lithuiben
  • Achar
  • Iallor


As the captain of the king’s guard, he’s responsible for the protection of the whole royal family. This work has not been easy, despite what anyone might say, and the worse thing is that he’s suspecting a spy in their midst while they are on the verge of one of the biggest ceremonies in the last hundred years.

  • Gel
  • Cothben
  • Nibe
  • Eglerior
  • Prestor

Sindarin Elf Names

Sindarin elves are one of many types of elves, with rich history and ancient roots, who lived all across the lands but ultimately fell in love with the sea coast that became their favorite landscape to live in.

  • Gwedhben
  • Tathar
  • Solch
  • Nauthor
  • Eithor
  • Solchor
  • Rîl
  • Puig


A coin can make a man work, do things they otherwise wouldn’t, and can even make someone commit murder. In short, money is power, and ever since realizing he’s been working hard on his haggling skills, as well as social etiquette. Lately, he’s been spending time observing people in his shop and trying to gauge what kind of a person they are and how best to approach them.

  • Puigor
  • Heleg
  • Maelben
  • Sílor
  • Lachor


Books and scrolls, from the latest publications to the ancient texts of long-forgotten times, have been his occupation and obsession for the last three decades, and there is nothing better than sitting down beside a freshly lit candle with paper containing unknown information.

  • Îdhben
  • Calithilben
  • Nagor
  • Pador
  • Estolad

This brave race of elves traveled further than most races throughout the ages, often migrating west, further and further, as time went by. After many years of such brave and dangerous undertakings, they finally reached the western shores and fell in love with the land. While settling down in this new territory, their adventurous spirit remains as passionate and strong as ever, and many continue to travel on, in all directions, as long as they are heading towards the unknown. Think about where the character was born, how was their childhood, what values were they taught, what kind of a person are they today, what might their plans be, and think of a name worthy of the countless adventures that surely await down every step they will take.

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