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Hobbit Name Generator & Backstories

Oh, cmon, no one is going to know. How would they know? We go in quietly, we do the job quietly, and we leave quietly. Easy peasy, lemon squeazy! Oh, cmon, you know I’m right. Corbus, you know I’m right, don’t you? Don’t you?

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Kayla Proudmead

Hiltrude Bilberry

Beretrude Goodwort

Wisigard Pott

Notker Sackville

Fatima Tunnelly

Roslyn Goodsong

Tobias Rumble

Dora Bunce

Bruno Gaukrogers

Razo Zaragamba

Emmeran Townsend

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Despite their natural smaller stature, Hobbits are extremely resilient humanoids who are often mistaken for human children. Over thousands of years, in the past,  they made several journeys westward until they reached the ever-popular Shire.

While they served other kings in the ages of the past, they are now ruled by their own kin, although the exact nature of how this is done is debatable depending on who you ask, though the important thing is that they can all live in peace as they like.

Hobbits are prone to mischief, often from an early age, and while most know where the line is some still cross it, and that often leads to doing things that make their names widely known, such as Dagobert Whitfoot, Tavia Tunnelly, and Obo Hogpen.

Good Hobbit Names

A good Hobbit name often feels flamboyant, gives a sense of indication of the owner’s personality, and can even hint where they are from.

  • Tescelin Fairbairn
  • Reginar Bracegirdle
  • Ceufroy Proudbody
  • Allowin Lothran
  • Imnachar Sackville-Baggins
  • Merovech Sandyman
  • Bodo Lightfoot
  • Berenger Goodchild

Corbinian Longbottom

The Longbottoms come from a long line of great merchants but also lazy thinkers, at best, and they say when one is born, the gods toss a coin where one side means a profitable future, and the other side promises a future.

  • Liudhard Fallohide
  • Dudo Goodsong
  • Miranda Proudbottom
  • Wisigard Butcher
  • Lavinia Oakbottom

Meginhard Fleetfoot

Her family was first elated with the fact she was a very active child, proving the family name does in fact have a meaning but has later come to regret it as she was constantly running, wherever and whenever she was going somewhere. While the running itself isn’t a problem per se, certain situations demand more civilized behavior.

  • Vanessa Elvellon
  • Madelgarda Gaukrogers
  • Chlothsinda Fairfoot
  • Camelia Hornblower

Celendine Fairbairn

As the only female child, with four brothers, life hasn’t been easy on her but when she was reaching adulthood she was grateful to have someone who will protect her from all the interest that the other boys were showing lately.

  • Bailey Brandybuck
  • Beretrude Goodwort
  • Magnatrude Puddifoot
  • Lily Gamwich
  • Kunegund Button

Female Hobbit Names

Playful from an early age, most female hobbits learn how to separate duties and free time, and this often makes them more efficient with their time, although there are those who prefer a bit more uncertainty in their lives.

  • Natalie Gardner
  • Waldrada Proudbottom
  • Marigold Cutton
  • Kunegund Longhole
  • Rothaide Clayhanger
  • Jacqueline Longhole
  • Diamond Maggot
  • Gisela Brandybuck

Chica Featherbottom

She loves the peace and quiet of her farm, especially very early in the morning, before even the rooster wakes up. The harvest was plentiful, the animals have been all well, and she is ready to welcome another winter into her life, hoping for even more snow this year.

  • Amethyst Noakes
  • Jasmine Underfoot
  • Wisigard Pott
  • Ellie Longfoot
  • Sierra Brown

Rigunth Gardner

She speaks her mind, as loudly and often as possible, never holds back, and tells you how it is but will never have any intention to hurt you. Running a tavern also makes her one of the better-known people in the community, and there have been several nicknames for her already.

  • Bailey Puddifoot
  • Marigold Hornblower
  • Theutberga Greenhill
  • Gomatrudis Diggle

Luitgarde Brockhouse

While it’s her husband who seems to run the family business, she’s the real power behind the throne, one who plans and runs all the moves, and she likes it that way.
Lately, however, she suspects a certain spy is in their amidst, and she’s working hard on discovering who it is.

  • Hodierna Cotton
  • Elanor Sackville-Baggins
  • Vuldretrada North-took
  • Mentha Smallburrow
  • Eglantine Goldworthy

Male Hobbit Names

If they invested half of the time they spent on pranks and other similar mischiefs they would excel in almost anything they set their minds on, although the day that happens seems distant at best.

  • Ceredic Tunnelly
  • Jo Mugwort
  • Otho Boulderhill
  • Omer Longhole
  • Engelbert Boffin
  • Guntram Longhole
  • Meriadoc Took
  • Hagen Smallburrow

Bercilac Harfoot

Always good with a bow, this cunning hobbit is a true hunter. He and his faithful dog roam the countryside, searching for that one big kill they can take back and earn some long-deserved respect. After finally getting a huge hog down, he’s now scratching his head as he’s not sure how to bring it back now that it’s dead.

  • Gundabald Greenhill
  • Blanco Longriver
  • Butilin Galbassi
  • Arbogast Longriver
  • Cedivar Tinyfoot

Piligrim Hairyfoot

Always independent, or trying his socks off that he is, he’s been driving a wagon between two towns, taking the passengers to only certain inns where he gets a cut, and earning money by getting them to their destination.

  • Jocelin Mugwort
  • Caradas Bilberry
  • Thankmar Featherbottom
  • Engelbert Button

Bilcuzal Sackville

After many uneventful years, one rainy night changed it all. Knocking on her door was a man who claimed to have a message from her uncle, the very same that was thought missing for decades. The unbroken seal that was clearly his kept staring at her, making her unable to speak or think for a long while.

  • Philibert Bolger
  • Hildeprand Zaragamba
  • Cosimo Butcher
  • Berengar Took
  • Cosimo Brownlock

Hobbits are inquisitive creatures who are prone to mischief despite their mostly golden hearts, although they remain as corruptible as anyone else. They live peaceful lives for the most part, though spend most of their youth testing the limits of both themselves and those around them. Think about where did the character grow up, what kind of a childhood did they have, what were they best known for, what might be their immediate and long-term goals, and create a name worthy of the playful nature that always makes sure their lives gets spiced up, one way or another.

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