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Tellarite Name Generator & Backstories

“You! Dirg bim Chushlush! Your tusks are dull as pondscum. I can barely see them beneath that drooping maggots tent you call a snout. You insult all of Tellarite Prime by allowing that face to be seen in public!”

Generate Names

Zhashnoth glasch Posh

Zhohkao Crufraohk

Prarsh bav Khublin

Buhlinn chim Crunn

Dvuvrallv jav Haoch

Gonsho glasch Katich

Thind bim Vulench

Tirgi Farthal

Faohrull Corsh

Chorg bim Bunnell

Glortoch glasch Ziv

Blihk glov Pirggerg

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The Tellarites hail from Tellarite Prime in the Alpha Quadrant and were among the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. Culturally, Tellarites tend towards impatience and strong emotion. Arguments are even considered a sport in some regions on Tellarite Prime.

Tellarite physiology includes a pair of small tusks on the lower jaw and good Tellarite names take the impact of these appendages into account. Both forenames and surnames are common, sometimes with a surname prefix.

Good Tellarite Names

Good Tellarite names rumble and have resonant sounds with abrupt stopping points throughout

  • Skor lorin Vovraarr
  • Prarsh bav Khublin
  • Bregm bav Khaattegm
  • Maorv glasch Kaoffind
  • Dankem lorin Raorg
  • Naoblis chim Claarn
  • Megunch jav Horv
  • Dvavraom bav Bus
  • Prasollv glasch Lench

Boch Tlussall

If ever there was a wit born on Tellarite Prime it was Boch Tlussall. Or at least that is what he paid people to say. He’s sharp enough, but every edge helps when it comes to competitive arguing. Fear in one’s opponent can be so useful. And so sweet. Dangerous way to go about it though.

  • Worsh Tergguch
  • Khirg Shossursh
  • Thind bim Vulench
  • Dvennir bim Ghind
  • Zhashnoth glasch Posh
  • Frollesh Vaass
  • Zhertend Dvonsh
  • Dvallunch bav Troch
  • Juch Mogollv

Lund Rasirsh

Lund Rasirsh is out to make a name for herself. Pirate, smuggler, mercenary, she doesn’t particularly care what she is known as, so long as she is known. Weak looking ships in the sector beware!

  • Cham Claolollv
  • Nond lorin Khufuch
  • Grorv blasch Haottif
  • Crugriv Jurs
  • Nigech glov Khip

Female Tellarite Names

Female Tellarite names are not dissimilar to those of their male counterparts.

  • Mannosh glov Rull
  • Deshnaosh bav Hash
  • Skushlaon jav Rath
  • Fosso bim Zund
  • Lurg Clillann
  • Gonsho glasch Katich
  • Migo Trihrarsh
  • Gal bim Cleshlehg
  • Thorno Khuttersh

Teraall Tehk

Teraall had command of a freighter, but the pay was terrible and the responsibilities crushing. So she faked her death, promoted her First Officer, and—after stealing all the petty cash—set out to remake herself into a bounty hunter. So far, so good. So long as no one comes looking for the old her.

  • Faograa lorin Frir
  • Nogond glov Blunn
  • Faohrull Corsh
  • Wagu Trew
  • Cluf Craagrollv
  • Tirgi Farthal
  • Zhacho glov Thirggom
  • Thino bav Zellorn

Frashlorn bav Crall

Mama Frash, as everyone calls her, has more children than anyone else on Tellarite Prime. Not just her own, mind. She also collects strays. Of course they are expected to pay their way. Picking up small “deliveries” and the like. Not that the local authorities realize. Yet.

  • Loggosh lorin Lirn
  • Haothihg Glinn
  • Northaof Zhaarg
  • Buhlinn chim Crunn
  • Tlave jav Nugrer

Male Tellarite Names

Male Tellarite names are not dissimilar to those of their female counterparts.

  • Chond bav Khaolerg
  • Lursh bav Claofriw
  • Shon Zisorg
  • Churg glov Prurggog
  • Frev Lothorc
  • Nublurg Prell
  • Rafronn Wonsh
  • Mavraollv jav Chav
  • Brinkath blasch Shaarg

Wules Trath

There’s a special sort of sound that a field generator purring along at the perfect frequency makes. Not all Tellarites can hear it, but Wules certainly can, It makes him valuable. It also makes him lazy. One of these days his “good enough” won’t be and there will be blood on his hands.

  • Cruth Tlusagm
  • Prorc chim Dvufresh
  • Kass lorin Treggoth
  • Trish Muras
  • Chirsh bav Barunsh
  • Frugullv Glaom
  • Jovruch Ruw
  • Gaobloch bav Hich
  • Xinkas bav Tlar

Thufrich lorin Xuth

General Thufrich Ivorian Xuth has never lost a battle! He has never fought a battle, mind, as he spends most of his time teaching martial theory to raw cadets. But it’s a record he is inordinately proud of. Just don’t try to challenge him on it. Your grades will never recover.

  • Zok glasch Clufullv
  • Tis Skovech
  • Glag Grurthaof
  • Bellv bim Khessehg
  • Chorg bim Bunnell

What is it about the Tellarite that you find the most compelling? Do you remember the first time you encountered a Tellarite? Do you have any tips or tricks for coming up with Tellarite names? Let us know in the comments!

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