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Ysoki Name Generator & Backstories

“Dwohozob? Nobody calls me that anymore! I’m Bzoom-bzoom! Yeah, cause if you need it to go boom-boom, zoom-zoom, I can make that happen. Fastest fuse in the galaxy, spitfire! Now how do you want to pay?”

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Ysoki dwell mainly on the planet Akiton. These diminutive rat-like humanoids have a cultural tendency toward caution, cunning, and resourcefulness. Many renowned tinkers and inventors have come from Akiton.

In terms of names, Ysoki have both forenames and surnames but often do not use either, preferring instead either a shortened, familiar version of one of their given names or a pithy nickname that sums up their personality.

Good Ysoki Names

A good Ysoki name communicates the personality of the one who bears it.

  • Chel
  • Malim
  • Dask
  • Fuse
  • Dirtbath
  • Shooting-Star
  • Prize-Eye


When it comes to thievery for hire, you can’t go wrong including Exitplan on your team. She’ll make sure you all get out safely, even if you don’t get the score. She’ll charge you an arm and a leg, but you’ll be alive to wobble around on the prosthetics.

  • Rikt
  • Dwot
  • Canim
  • Kodalp
  • Fluke
  • Stinkbomb
  • Doc
  • Tik


Qesk had an unfortunate encounter with a sliding door as a child and it’s left him with a poorly healed jaw and a bit of trouble speaking certain words. But he loves getting things done for rewards, loves taking on a quest. Well, qesk, as he calls it.

  • Caleag
  • Kaleg
  • Cong
  • Sers
  • Antsy
  • Bel
  • Spaceracer


Tension is good at relieving so many kinds of tension, really. Tripwires, political hotheadedness, general…stress. If he can soothe and unruffled feathers with a word, he does. He likes everyone to have a good time. If they do, they’re more likely to tip well when he performs!

  • Problem
  • Nihirs
  • Twebok
  • Meletch
  • Tantrum
  • Limitless



People always assume Pitch got his name because he was good at throwing things. No. Not at all. Pitch was hopeless in the athletics department. He got called pitch because he always has a pitch for whatever scheme or angle he’s working. A spiel, so to speak. Want to hear the latest?

  • Oddball
  • Mir
  • Twalt
  • Si
  • Nidors
  • Resolve
  • Veil
  • Crackle

Female Ysoki Names

Female Ysoki names do not differ much from those of their male counterparts.

  • Celp
  • Duib
  • Tis
  • Dwit
  • Kib
  • Richrag
  • Reportcard


You’d think you could trust a guide, wouldn’t you? But those that trust Guide might jsut find themselves wandering down a primrose path to the hells. Guide offers spectacular advice—spectacularly bad advice. Though it’s always fun to watch.

  • Sparkle
  • Quitetch
  • Botch
  • Quitch
  • Riloveim
  • Mi
  • Routine


Dirtbath is filthy. She spends way too much time tinkering and not nearly enough on personal hygiene. When she does bathe, she scrubs herself with sand. There’s never enough soap or water to get all the grease out of her fur anyway. Why fight it?

  • Jumpstart
  • Boombox
  • Trailblazer
  • Mat

Male Ysoki Names

Male Ysoki names do not differ much from those of their female counterparts.

  • Bienazo
  • Dustbag
  • Kosh
  • Glab
  • Sesh
  • Kickstart
  • Bells


The thing about repairmen? They’re always called when things go wrong, and when things are going wrong, people are often distracted. Gis is a very good repairman, but he’s a better saboteur and an even better spy. Though there is one matron he would really like to stop breaking her vid unit on purpose, just so she can see him and ask him to adjust her signal.

  • Sparks
  • Dosk
  • Golp
  • Chik
  • Nokt
  • Don
  • Temper


The problem with Snack is that he knows exactly how good he looks. He carries a round a lollipop to suck on and give him cover for his handle, but really, Snack is called Snack because he looks good enough to eat.

  • Nibble
  • Report
  • Cookie
  • Dwekt

What appeals to you most about playing an Ysoki in Starfinder? Do you like inventing things? Making them explode? Do you have any strategies for coming up with fun Ysoki names? Let us know in the comments!

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