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“Oh, yes, of course, I’m not opposed to it. I mean, I used to drink ale, and I still do, but I used to too, so it’s alright with me, yes. Oh, you asked me what I do, so let me tell you. I can do anything and everything, I’ll fight a bear or catch a fish with my hands, though only if you first have some wine for good ol’ Fartbuns Pimplefadden.”

Generate Names

Shulu Boomborn

Fuzzpants Roachton

Slugbag Spottygold

Poorman Hobofish

Goopants Spottywhistle

Bugspitz Doozykins

Buzzaloo Droopyrider

Bittybo Tootseed

Snoobs Snotworth

Fluffbs Tootface

Fartbuns Beeman

Fartbo Oinkrider

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Stories, games, and movies usually have a wide variety of different characters and personalities, and those who brought enjoyment by being funny, in whatever way, were often the most memorable characters that wouldn’t be forgotten so easily.

Having a funny name is one way of enhancing those kinds of characters, especially when we adjust by thinking of a name that would be appropriate, and would make sense depending on the character’s purpose which we’re trying to achieve here.

A funny name accompanied by a well-thought-out personality can go a long way in etching itself into one’s memory, and this in turn allows us to easily remember them for a long time to come, names like Stinkki Spottyworth and Gumroid Boogershine.

Good Funny Names

A good funny name will often be a play on words, one way or another, where we can use phrases that would be found within the environment the character exists.

  • Wormki HippyFadden
  • Snabdori Oinkhall
  • Slugbuns Beanieworthy
  • Bumeenie PimpleFadden
  • Gumwax Moanibottom
  • Slugbo Doodooman
  • Bushcan Messyseed
  • Binster Snotshine

Fuzzspitz Hippyhair

For some reason, he refuses to cut his hair any shorter, and it wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for the fact it repeatedly gets caught in his mouth as he speaks, forcing him to spit it out, and this all makes it really hard to understand what he’s really trying to say.

  • Fartbuns Beeman
  • Snorbuns Boomwhistle
  • Bittyaboo Swampball
  • Bittybo Gloomball
  • Shoobee Boborider
  • Buzzmoo Spottyseed
  • Bushbo Nosebrain
  • Peafy Woolseed
  • Jamdori Moaniyeti
  • Figberry Chewhill

Buzzzy Moonrider

Ever since he found certain mushrooms in the forest, he’s been enjoying running wild in the night, with the Moon and the stars shining down upon him, and during that time he truly believes the Moon is what will give him special powers as long as he’s patient.

  • Chewtu Sockfish
  • Beaniebug Bobokins
  • Barfki Hippyworthy
  • Fluffzy Pimpleface
  • Pooreenie Roachball
  • Snordori Beeworth
  • Cooki Woolbean
  • Flapby BoboFadden
  • Hickbug MadFadden
  • Stinkbug Boborider
  • Bushtu Chewson

Madmoo Boogerhair

There are a lot of people who consider her somewhat crazy, or weird at the very least, and the main reason for this is her long tangled hair that is riddled with various bits and pieces of wood and other materials, and its state only serves to add to her already desperate look.

  • Rateenie Hippyborn
  • Weedori Oinkwhistle
  • Bittyspitz Boogerkins
  • Jamroid Snotball
  • Borebo Droopybean
  • Stink-a-boo Bobohair
  • Slugitt PottySmittens
  • Stinkbug Oinkgold
  • Su-a-boo Pukebean
  • Suwax Pieborn

Lickaloo Fudgewhistle

She always seems to be eating something, licking her fingers in the process, and whenever she makes a point, which seems to occur more often than not for some reason, she finishes it with a quick whistle, though the result remains to be desired.

  • Barfdori Beebottom
  • Wheealoo Woofsniff
  • Tumwax Hippybean
  • Zooberry Sockhair
  • Eggwee Tootbottom
  • Hickbug chewieball
  • Hickdori chewiefish
  • Flapitt Hippybottom
  • Jamcan Pimpleworthy
  • Dingaboo Antbean

Boberry Fudgeham

As one of the best cooks in the county, his establishment seems to always be full, and he’s currently planning to expand and build another inn on the other side of the town. The problem is, while he’s an excellent cook, he’s quite clumsy and not very smart, and the whole process is making him nervous, anxious, and too big of an obstacle for him alone.

  • Figmoo Madworthy
  • Gooki Pottyborn
  • Gummoo Nosehall
  • Beaniespitz Spottyseed
  • Weetu Pimpleson
  • Binwee Sockhill
  • Zoobag Hoboworthy
  • Boaboo Pottybag
  • Bowax Oinkham
  • Bintu Pottyworth

Fuzzbo Madman

When he’s sober he’s irritating, and when he’s drunk he’s simply impossible to deal with. He mumbles to himself, has random thoughts and statements all the time, and it’s impossible to talk about only two topics at once, let alone one, and people have started avoiding him in any way possible.

  • Peaeenie Pukekins
  • Bugbug Chewbag
  • Dingster Woolhair
  • Gumfy Snotball
  • Shoozy Pimplebean
  • Zoowee Pimpleworthy
  • Shumoo Goatyeti
  • Peabuns Pukeham
  • Shuwee Moonson
  • Tumki Beebag

Sometimes we’re in a need of a funny character, for whatever reason, and having a funny name is the first step towards bringing more enjoyment to the table. There are many ways of doing that, and one is knowing your target audience and the setting the character will be used in. Think of what you’re trying to achieve with the character, what could they be in life that would be entertainable, what are they good or bad at, what might be their goals and plans for the future, and think of a name worthy of being remembered with a smile and gladness in one’s eyes.

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