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Diophantus Lepper looked up from his desk at the raven swooped down to drop a rolled up parchment in front of him; tidings at last from the east. His brow furrowed as his eyes scanned the words written there – so, it would be war after all.

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Rotbert Mares


Beuca Egger

Mendiete Mavros

Edihe Bildostegi

Moude Garibaldi

Borchert Weirather



Gerbodo Dukakis

Néapolion Van Aulen

Ragnfred Prela

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Medieval kingdoms comprise some of the most popular fantasy worlds, and you’re likely to be adventuring through one in your own games. Here’s a list of samples to try out:

Good Medieval Names

Good Mediaval Names reflect the melting-pot nature of medieval kingdoms, where cultures rise and fall in generations, taking over land and laying claim to vast treasures.

  • Maurentius Schelfhout
  • Habbie Hembrecht
  • Ypolit Deglau
  • Principius Goupil
  • Polymedes Jewell
  • Widargelt Meklau
  • Leuric Denk
  • Rahere Cottins
  • Smindyrides Koller
  • Adeimanthos Lior

Dorothea Bittenbinder

Dorothea Bittenbinder was a feared assassin who would infiltrate the court of enemy kings by masquerading as a holy-woman before slaying her target in their sleep.

  • Havisa Backstedt
  • Moude Garibaldi
  • Aalfte Biavaschi
  • Hildithe Alacoque
  • Marpessa Schoonmaker
  • Ubaga Renner
  • Bernadette Amestoy
  • Ameis Bufi
  • Dorette Nuti

Female Medieval Names

Femme fatales, scheming queens, and warrior princesses are all represented in medieval kingdoms, these names reflect the varied yet powerful nature of the females they could represent.

  • Golla Switser
  • Ainize Lizarraga
  • Etorne Heinkel
  • Mahhild Donders
  • Ideslef Maissoneuve
  • Pizkunde Meyskens
  • Igone Helgenberger
  • Protogonia Sampaio
  • Mendiete Mavros
  • Allison Buisson

Edihe Bildostegi

A feared and respected stateswoman, Edihe Bildostegi ruled the kingdom of Avanor for five decades with an iron fist.

  • Geue Pierides
  • Erisenda Fassi
  • Adela Van Eynde
  • Aluiua Klausman
  • Drusilla Molenaar
  • Elinora Van Brevoort
  • Albelenda Malet
  • Maximina Prestcote
  • Mari Gerg

Male Medieval Names

Cold dictators, legendary mercenaries, plotting noblemen, and pious preachers are all potential matches for these fierce medieval names.

  • Ansgor Krige
  • Armine Rucker
  • Néapolion Van Aulen
  • Ponce Cheda
  • Syagricus Aranburu
  • Hosebert Righini
  • Pelagius Apollonio
  • Remonnet Ungerer
  • Elured Gautier
  • Gerbodo Dukakis

Chileos Cavalcanti

Senior Cavalcanti was leader of the Golden Lions Mercenary Company, who famously won over 50 battles before Cavalcanti finally died by the sword.

  • Erauso Legorburu
  • Inautzi Wepper
  • Taiaho Bonamoni
  • Azur Van Achte
  • Diophantus Lepper
  • Vyell Birindelli
  • Swittert Van Waerwijk
  • Raollet Schuyler
  • Hermeros Van Immerseel

Medieval Last Names

Building on the theme of the medieval melting pot, these family names represent the constant shifting of boundaries that often characterizes the war-torn medieval landscape.

  • Canavaro
  • Van Kol
  • Hohenwart
  • Iturburu
  • Munteaunu
  • Dehmel
  • Annaert
  • Thiessen
  • Styger
  • Rutan


The Mathes family held a small, but well respected duchy in the northern lands of Skalgidr for two centuries, warding off potential conquerors with superior knowledge of the hostile lands.

  • Rault
  • Guentchev
  • Stapel
  • Novalskin
  • Weynacker
  • Baumgart
  • Ondruj
  • Mouligne
  • Forqueray

That marks the end of our list of Medieval names, we hope you find some inspiration for your own characters or stories! If you did, then be sure to comment your favorite name below and maybe even share this article with a friend.

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