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Harris Topwells thought hard, digging into the deep recesses of his memory; he knew the answer was in there. It took several moments, but finally it came:

“Newton’s Third Law!”


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Ashley Kensington

Nicolas Evans

Leighton Rowe

Phillip Riverty

Sanders Benson

Meredith Gedge

Helena Valentina-Smith

Priscilla Darcey

Maximillian Mediean

Anneliese St.Clair

Adeline Brighton

Leander Musgrave

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Badass jocks and creepy goths aren’t the only ones who get to have fun, sometimes, the nerds are the heroes too. If you’re looking for some inspiration for a nerd character in your games, then we have you covered.

Good Nerd Names

Nerds are usually more posh and well-to-do than other members of society, and as such their names tend to reflect that. Think aristocracy and you’ll be on the right lines:

  • Freya Peirce
  • Stella Harridan
  • Araminta La-Minnings
  • Prudence Danvers
  • Haraya Pierson
  • Evelynne Montgomery
  • Theodora Peirce
  • Chanel Farewell
  • Phoebe Fairisles
  • Kate Brimsey
  • Piers Kendall

Matthias Garrington

Matthias Garrington, the second, to be exact, came top of his university in their annual, college-wide trivia competition three times in a row. This cemented his name for years to come as the school’s top nerd.

  • Phillip Riverty
  • Sanders Benson
  • David Sherington
  • Adam Sambridge
  • Shamus Farrington
  • Alastair Avington
  • Harrison Hamilton
  • Elijah Valentina-Smith
  • Zara Campbell
  • Eleanor Lovell
  • Georgette Winchester
  • Adeline Brighton
  • Rowena Mast

Female Nerd Names

Nerds come in all genders, so when populating your worlds with nerd characters, don’t forget to add some women in there too. The best names are multi-syllable and traditional sounding.

  • Freya Hanover
  • Miriam Coleman
  • Muriel Mercer
  • Meredith Gedge
  • Bernice Blackwood
  • Muriel Forbes
  • Helene Frasier
  • Lydia Merriweather
  • Haraya Stoneshire
  • Beatrice Harrington
  • Elaine Addison

Georgina Delafontaine

Georgina Delafontaine achieved valedictorian at her college and was accepted into the top graduate program in the country for biomedical sciences, now if she could just get a boyfriend…

  • Francis Sinnett
  • Diane Wells
  • Lauren Sinnett
  • Loretta Finn
  • Martha Omond
  • Lillian Marfont
  • Helene Breckenridge
  • Tiffany Farrell
  • Jacqueline Asquith
  • Eglantine Benson
  • Marianne Archer
  • Georgina Keswick
  • Serena Belmont

Male Nerd Names

Much like the girls, male nerd names should carry a hint of the aristocratic and traditional in them, reflecting the upbringing that allowed them to achieve the academic merits that they did.

  • Robert La-Minnings
  • Nicolas Evans
  • Jasper Lovett
  • Harris Topwells
  • Chester Carlton
  • Clarence Edison
  • Kent Anworth
  • Ted Fitzcharles
  • Quincy Selfridges
  • Tobias Brentwood
  • Elijah Findlay
  • Levi Hanover
  • Ashley Kensington
  • Ashby Bradford

Kenneth Lincoln

Dr. Lincoln fared remarkably well in life for someone who had the misfortune of being named Kenneth. His collection of Star Wars lego was all he really needed to be happy.

  • Cosmo Brewer
  • Bartolmew Stone
  • Franklin Rothschild
  • Sterling Wellington
  • Antony Spencer
  • Christopher Asquith
  • Maximillian Mediean
  • Nicholas Langston
  • Charlie Keswick
  • Bruno Windsor

That sums up our list of fabulously geeky nerds. If you’ve spotted a name here that you’re going to take into your own games, then let us know in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share the article with a friend or fellow player so that you can fight over your favorite nerds!

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D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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