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“Look here, mister, we ain’t got time to fool around. I came here…well, we came here for the job you’re offering. Think of us what you will, and call us what you want, but we were told anyone can apply and that’s what we’re going to do. So start writing those names we gave you and let us do what we do best.”

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Fentina Wast


Per Mournclaw





Durhrys Ilaleztice



Ugeinil Bipra


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We traveled all kinds of lands to gather the best name codices and share them with you here.

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How to Find a Good Name for Your Pathfinder Character?

Ah, yes, a new character, a new beginning. For me personally, this is one of the most interesting parts of the game, where everything is unknown and full of potential, where the future starts, and an appropriate name certainly helps that cause.

With the purpose of the character in mind, we can think about who they are, what they like to do, and how do they go about daily life. This, in turn, helps us get a better picture of the character and narrow the types of names we might want to choose.

The personality of the character can also help choose a good name, where certain names can fit the character better, and while it depends on the type of the game, the name you choose will set the tone for what others can potentially expect from you.

Good Pathfinder Names

You can create a good name by taking the character’s personality and profession into account, where both can serve to guide you in the direction of a more fitting name.

  • Rose Vuatv Duhunon
  • Rerakir Blackstrand
  • Thelthran Ceihled
  • Pof Slatedew
  • Ordie Dukmon
  • Farryn Ilizumin
  • Gylparys Sinaran
  • Kharmek Ashbuckle

Dhomdogit Battlebane

This dwarf is a veteran of a hundred battles and then some, where his old age doesn’t stop him from wreaking havoc on the battlefield. Loved by his friends and allies, and hated by the enemies, his reputation precedes him so much so that the rumors say a mighty orc leader has set his sights on claiming both his land and his life.

  • Gilgriserd Mudhelm
  • Nowhere Samm
  • Annekathrin Lara Radz
  • Akvir Ratley
  • Ydrah Willowrun
  • Sarglia Grumblehelm
  • Ionra Azudol
  • Atraafire Elsinious
  • Du-Na Burningbranch
  • Camile Bari Hilltalon

Promise Cresthill

This Tiefling grew up as an orphan, never knowing her parents, though she did manage to hear a couple of rumors here and there. With time, all the information she gathered wasn’t enough and she needed to know it all, so joined a caravan towards the nearest big city where she now hopes to start her search.

  • Weranan Icebranch
  • Mithpione Ereghast
  • Tiara Biltram
  • Belstram Pinevale
  • Zivril Sovinvyn
  • Phommom Wigri
  • Amdur Steelgranite

Carole Wie Human

As a daughter to a well-known merchant and a successful businessman, she inherited the store at a very young age, after her father was involved in an accident. As the years went by, she realized stationary life wasn’t what she wanted, and after finally convincing her younger brother he was ready to take over for a while, she left the town in pursuit of true happiness.

  • Ecaeris Nightthorn
  • Navine Faringray
  • Vearniner Hevyl
  • Wavani Narvun
  • Ozrakas Steveren
  • Thulkahm Metalspine

Brialva Dresar

The Brotherhood of Storm always needed a brave warrior such as him, and this paladin always felt as if he found a place he truly belonged, a place among his brothers in arms, a place to call home. All this bliss is far away, however, as he’s currently standing across the leader of the barbarian invasion, about to go head to head against one of the mightiest fighters on the battlefield.

  • Yahala Caskajaro
  • Dylon Nuan
  • Drivezem Ollam
  • Regim Engalgem
  • Jennthiel Rabrozen
  • Sysva Greenblossom
  • Kramgrom Hahkohr
  • Zarnan Elmwood


While it’s true this kobold has similar aspirations to those of her kin, most are aware she’s different due to her ability to wield magic, and while some attribute this to a certain deity’s blessing, others say it’s all about the dragon bloodline running through her veins. Whatever the truth might be, she is now the right hand of their rightful ruler.

  • Perlent Pakmom
  • Rilitar Xilcaryn
  • Sarri Duskriver
  • Rurlant Berulge
  • Nas
  • Aid Kirca
  • Akba
  • Dharrut Nerle
  • Arwun Romloprel
  • Friborys Kaya

Zaos Barkblossom

As an heir to an elven king, his duties often forbid him from doing what he wants the most, exploration. The capital and the great forest around it provided much enjoyment during early years but after almost a century later he needs to experience something more exciting, and wanderlust seems to have struck hard without any sign of letting go any time soon.

  • Mithseis Pyncion
  • Sepperl Forestmight
  • Dandod Medeid
  • Zux
  • Chlarimonde Nise Jizafk
  • Eha Camomire
  • Gehro
  • Panykos Eveningfall
  • Bastle Treeforest
  • Muirrus Forestblower

There are many races to choose from, many personalities and professions that provide a completely new set of possibilities, and each of them is as equally mysterious and interesting as the one next to it. Whether the character plans to fight monsters, help those in need, win the hearts of the ladies in a King’s court, run a business in a prospering town, or simply travel the roads and see where they take them, a name you choose will be more memorable if it’s appropriate for the level of seriousness of the game, which may prove to be an extra source of fun for others as well. Whether it’s fame and glory, or fear and notoriety the character will go for, try to choose a name worth remembering, just like the heroic deeds they are about to do.


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