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Half-Orc Name Generator & Guide

“Hey, you are not an orc!” – the captain exclaimed, clutching his bloody chest in pain. “My name is Britur….” – the half-orc paused as the ship kept swaying left and right – “…and what I am is your sentence, your judge, and your executioner.”

Generate Names

Drod Strongwind

Beluzar Shadecrag

Kamogark Rumblestrike

Tamugh Dawnkeep

Urthan Unforgiving

Crubash Sosomul

Falog Stoutbrooke

Urthorimm Lightningshard

Olanir Serpentguard

Kutomur Starstrike

Malemash Woodenhelm

Durudark Den

Illustration courtesy of Jake Perez

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Table of Contents

Half-orcs are, on average, a bit taller and heavier than humans. Most still have prominent jaws and tusks for canine teeth, albeit smaller than the pure orcs. They are looked upon as bestial humans, while orcs call them “just another pink-skin”.

They are known to possess both orcish strength and human intelligence. However, they are also often shunned by society, human and orcish. Those who stand out, found a way to be accepted, most likely using one of the mentioned characteristics.

Many live as outcasts, learning to adapt to the world as it is. They can be a perfect match for wild unexpected life, full of adventures. Some also choose the calling of a mercenary, satisfying both wanderlust and bloodlust.

Half-Orc Last Names

Half-orcs can have human or orc surnames, but some prefer to make a name of themselves, both literally and figuratively.

  • Caltred
  • Frozenflaw
  • Unforgiving
  • Ironhelm
  • Strongwind
  • Starstrike
  • Sharkstalker
  • Wisehorn
  • Fastsail
  • Firelick
  • Sunaxe
  • Wintersting
  • Hellgrip
  • Shadowstep
  • Wolfmaw

Female Half-Orc Names

Female half-orcs go through the same hardships as males. They are on average shorter and thinner but can be just as dangerous, if not more.

  • Alizar Firekiss
  • Gajazara Bimol
  • Shogu Wintersun
  • Gryida Sosomul
  • Umozura Fallensong
  • Ekenir Rainbrew
  • Kirazi Khehlir
  • Miroz Glurosk

Gryome Wickedear

Best cook in the tribe and can hear up to a hundred feet. Or at least that’s what others swear by.

  • Karoti Fecosta
  • Kizi Mosspeak
  • Sunezura Eaglebash
  • Brazur Snaketail
  • Felemi Autumnspear
  • Zanigur Razorblade

Umagum Boarskin

Ever since she killed a boar, she wears its skin for clothes. Unbeknownst to others, the boar was already gravely injured.

  • Umozura Sosomul
  • Sinimar Feathercrusher
  • Garitar Dao
  • Sumegu Allokar

Moriti Longsun

Seems to enjoy the sunshine more than your average person. So much so that she decided to become a sailor at a young age.

  • Sitar Posul
  • Tamugh Surena
  • Ekamira Kuk
  • Fulini Zeme

Male Half-Orc Names

Bloodlust flows through them, often fueled by the endured injustice. They can be unpredictable as humans, and as merciless and savage as the orcs.

  • Durudark Gilmoga
  • Ukamarsh Havenforest
  • Zezur Glan
  • Galark Wisehorn
  • Crubash Sosomul
  • Horezall Havenrun
  • Sarorim Wintersting
  • Galamash Metsk

Urirk Ironflaw

A mercenary, general, veteran warrior, and a winner of thousand battles. It is said even his flaws are made of iron.

  • Dadall Hao
  • Ollanar Februhu
  • Betar Hestun
  • Zavutur Bekul
  • Harodur Khemmil

Zotar Goldpunch

Having trained in a monstery from a very young age, Zotar feels quite safe roaming the world, now that his grandfather passed away.

  • Lumom Havenspirit
  • Dradurk Jakhal
  • Nudak Jung
  • Gaso Metsk
  • Nasours Sathraft

Vaitha Mehidre

Saved by the local druids from the wolf’s jaw as a child, he is a longtime member of Priir, a secret Druid Order.

  • Thedes Rostam
  • Tomersir Doknoz
  • Thako Dommar
  • Tundre Hei

Badass Half-Orc Names

Some half-orcs truly make it in the world, achieving wealth, power, glory, and fame. Breaking the law and acting against the ruler, and doing so successfully, is often too much to resist

  • Berin Rapidbane
  • Eraslo Fourmark
  • Anur Shadesoar
  • Kabak Zuam
  • Kruotur Talllash
  • Brazur Bouldersorrow
  • Nanir Skycrusher
  • Huretah Dosk

Zol Goresong

Rare survivors of his attacks swear on their life they heard an eirie song before the slaughter began.

  • Dernam Sagewhisk
  • Dotard Wolfcreek
  • Deth Bonefang
  • Ces Deathbrand

Nundre Eagleshot

As one of the local rangers, he enjoys living in nature, protecting the travelers and animals in need.

  • Bathes Waverider
  • Nekhi Stormgust
  • Gillraan Steelhorn
  • Thestru Axesnarl
  • Rovi Gorebleeder
  • Acu Fullforge

Briax Dragontooth

How he came to own a real dragon tooth, no one knows, though there are those who dare say it’s fake.

  • Hukho Fisteye
  • Tosh Tuskflower
  • Aslot Oatbend
  • Obruord Firedust

The runt of the litter, an outcast, underdog, adventurer, leader, notorious, a legend. As a half-orc, you can all of those. With human curiosity and orcish bloodlust, they provide a wide range of roleplaying options, and can certainly leave their mark upon any world they live in.

Did you enjoy this guide? Tell me what are some of your own methods of coming up with a half-orc name and please check out our Half-Orc Name and Backstories page.

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