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Though his name is uncommonly shared, when Belshazzar saw a divine message of doom projected on the wall of his banquet hall, his story was secured as one that would inspire playwrights and poets for years to come.

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The sheer volume of people’s lives documented in biblical texts is mightily impressive, whether your research into biblical characters comes from faith or an interest in ancient histories. This is excellent news if you’re looking for name inspiration, as you can be sure to find an authentic moniker from the hundreds on offer.

Good Biblical Names

Some biblical names have remained popular to the present day, so much so that we may not immediately recognise their origin. These can be good to use if your story is set in contemporary society but would like a subtle nod to biblical heritage. Otherwise, there are many more to choose from that may sound unusual to a contemporary ear, but have a rich heritage to explore.

  • Miriam        
  • Ahikam        
  • Delilah        
  • Belshazzar        
  • Naomi        
  • Zephaniah        
  • Athaliah        
  • Chelub        


A name now synonymous with scheming behavior, after Jezebel courted the worship of Baal,  destroying prophets of Israel in her wake.

  • Sheresh        
  • Bathshebah        
  • Ezra        
  • Damaris        
  • Obadiah        
  • Cozbi        
  • Gideon        


The story of Lazarus being returned to life has inspired millenia of storytellers, making it a great name for a character who artfully avoids the clutches of death.

  • Drusilla        
  • Bartholomew        
  • Elisheba        
  • Lucius        
  • Martha        
  • Hothir        
  • Bernice        

Female Biblical Names

While it’s uncontroversial to note that women are often given an inferior role in biblical stories, and thus are named less frequently than men, there are still a variety of interesting options to choose from.

  • Dinah        
  • Hazelelponi        
  • Salome        
  • Apphia        
  • Leah        
  • Claudia        
  • Jael        


An ideal namesake for one destined to use her royal power for good, standing up to the agents of darkness and saving her people in the process.

  • Sapphira        
  • Eglah        
  • Vashti        
  • Zilpah        
  • Abihail        
  • Ruth        
  • Tirzah        


She may have reached her goals through the bloody means of decapitation, but Judith’s brave stand against the general Holofernes has ensured the popularity of her name for generations.

  • Bilhah        
  • Priscilla        
  • Zeruah        
  • Attarah        
  • Shelomith        
  • Mehetabel        
  • Lydia        
  • Tabitha        
  • Rhoda        

Male Biblical Names

There are many famous male names from the bible and accompanying texts that have been passed down through kings and the common folk, making them appropriate choices whenever your story is set. However, experimenting with some of the less well-known options may serve as more enticing to a reader.

  • Darius
  • Alvah        
  • Shobek        
  • Zetham        
  • Philemon        
  • Neziah        
  • Amalek        
  • Tiberius        
  • Biztha        


To be named after the archangel Gabriel would be a great honor to any character, but particularly well-suited to one who will bring a message of great hope.

  • Josiphiah        
  • Chilion        
  • Parmashta        
  • Linus        
  • Blastus        
  • Moab        
  • Thomas        


Jubal was the alleged inventor of musical instruments, making his name ideal for those inclined to dance and make merry.

  • Zelek        
  • Jaaziel        
  • Bishlam        
  • Ahijah        
  • Timon        
  • Rephaiah        
  • Igdaliah

Were you familiar with these names, or were some of them a complete surprise? Let me know in the comments, as well as any plans you have for putting these biblical names to use. Please do share this article with any others interested in the bible’s huge variety of names, too!

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