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Romulan Name Generator & Backstories

“Captain Nameen of the Romulan mining vessel Undare’s Kiss. Requesting permission to depart. I’ve cleared the last of our ore and my crew and I are eager to get back out there. For the glory of Romulus!”

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Romulans are a species closely related to Vulcans that call the planet Romulus in the Beta Quadrant home. The culture is militaristic and passion and emotion are highly valued, though often controlled via duplicity and other means,

Romulan names share many similarities with Vulcan names, though the cultures have diverged and Romulan names tend to prefer slightly different letters than do their Vulcan counterparts. The paranoia induced by aspects of Romulan culture also results in Romulans have a public name for use with strangers, a name they use with family and close friends, and a true name.

Good Romulan Names

Good Romulan names are comprised of 1-3 strong syllables which convey passion and strength.

  • Itius
  • Tototh
  • Incleet
  • Torath
  • Undare
  • Xejene
  • Kunclair
  • Deriutho
  • Tunsiun


Coloke hates nothing more than the airs put on by the Romulan military. But she’s too smart to say anything about it. Instead she contents herself with knowing that without the stealth tech she maintains they’d all be dead. Now if she could just quiet the little voice telling her to sabotage her own work and make them all pay.

  • Vriror
  • Lomal
  • Jaleel
  • Bules
  • Peldeehk
  • Balmik
  • Jelmek
  • Limiux
  • Vututa


Xoval relishes his position as a spy in Vulcan High Command. The problem is he relishes things about Vulcan culture too. Perhaps a little too much. He finds logic creeping into his thoughts. It’s comforting. But what does that say about him?

  • Dumem
  • Encleer
  • Acee
  • Rirriro
  • Chituhka

Female Romulan Names

Female Romulan names have a slight tendency, to begin with, R or L.

  • Rithel
  • Lotrik
  • Duthila
  • Lutuna
  • Piheena
  • Sathus
  • Lutola
  • Hihaka
  • Lamak


Romulan politics are dangerous, deceitful things. Thakuma has no love of the need for such things, but she plays the game with a ruthless abandon nonetheless. After all, when on Romulus…

  • Ramesa
  • Vitema
  • Releth
  • Leleema
  • Mevees
  • Loraun
  • Kivosa
  • Mulaus
  • Sethona


Delum worked hard to gain her position as a pilot. She’s just doing local supply runs, but she doesn’t need adventure or combat. She just likes to fly. Hopefully there isn’t any need to conscript civilian pilots any time soon.

  • Taveetha
  • Nohom
  • Themaula
  • Lirrika
  • Pillema

Male Romulan Names

Male Romulan names have a slight tendency, to begin with, V or X.

  • Ovuth
  • Nebale
  • Dujair
  • Arrisa
  • Jamem
  • Eraib
  • Caten
  • Siren
  • Hi heel


Science is Xulmin’s passion and he pursues it with a gusto that unnerves even his Romulan peers. And yet it is that passion that has led to his successful working relationship with Vulcan Science Officer T’rock. They each drive the other to distraction, but it works. Will something more come of it though?

  • Thuvux
  • Dundim
  • Eku
  • Jaruth
  • Indar
  • Voraibe
  • Pilmexa
  • Surrib
  • Bimiutho


Romulan security officers walk among the people, pretending to be civilians. It makes for a paranoid society. Vrobee jumps at everything and is generally nervous because of it. At least that is what his neighbors believe. And Vrobee is happy with that. Makes his job as a security officer much easier.

  • Luter
  • Vuliu
  • Cendoba
  • Xolmama
  • Vrulmus

Which do you prefer, Romulans or Vulcans? Do you think there are any particular differences in how names are created for the two? What tricks do you use or tips do you have? Let us know in the comments!

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