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The voice of the announcer rang out across the packed amphitheater:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for….. Spark!”

An uproarious cheer filled the room, behind the curtain, the artist known as Spark smiled to himself; it was showtime.

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Artists come in all shapes, sizes, and trades. Plying the various crafts that they hone in search of fame, fortune, and the cementing of a legacy. Here are some great stage name suggestions for artist characters:

Good Artist Names

A good artist name should be catchy and easily stand out. You want to pick something that will get a potential audience’s attention immediately.

  • Cannon
  • Blush
  • Tiger
  • Escape
  • Luck
  • Cash
  • Randy Mars
  • Glen Silver
  • Sean Duncan
  • Cooper Roth


It may be a little on the nose, but when it came to picking a name for his psychic act, Mind went with the boldest and most obvious choice. It paid off.

  • Axis
  • Tank
  • Rose
  • Blue
  • Might
  • Kim Bennett
  • Brooke Blake
  • Amee Robinson
  • Lela Craig
  • Cloud
  • Case
  • Spark
  • Sugar
  • Sprite

Female Artist Names

Female artist names can follow the usual formula, but if you want to add a little personal flair, then making part of a regular woman’s name can also have a great effect.

  • Kimberly Storm
  • Evelyn Bear
  • Mariah Roth
  • Lynn Fame
  • Flux
  • Throne
  • Doc
  • Rise
  • Lucy Brooke
  • Christina Logan
  • Susan Keith

Trinity Jordan

Trinity Jordan was a world famous circus performer who mastered fire juggling, the trapeze, high-wire, and lion taming in her illustrious career.

  • Cell
  • Bizarre
  • Judge
  • Smoke
  • Wing
  • Jamie Tempest
  • Cheryl Turner
  • Tina Worth
  • Stacey Bell
  • Rice
  • Ray
  • Shade
  • Rain
  • Pest

Male Artist Names

Similar to female names, male artist names should follow the same general conventions, but include some masculine edge to them.

  • Floyd Dane
  • Chad Colt
  • Marvin Carroll
  • Dale Shannon
  • Bear
  • One
  • Stitch
  • Green
  • Web
  • Hugh Jordan
  • Albert Kane
  • Freddie Young

Teddie Strange

Theodore “Teddy” Strange was a surrealist painter, whose humongous triptychs caused waves in the art world from the moment they debuted.

  • Phase
  • Silver
  • Shift
  • Buddy
  • Jerry Brooks
  • Scott Robinson
  • Freddie Mitchell
  • Ben Moon
  • Whistle
  • Love
  • Aspect

That’s all for our list of artist name suggestions for now. Please feel free to share this article with your artist friends who might be looking for their own moniker in the future, and if you had a favorite name on this list then let us know down in the comments below!

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