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Fantasy Team Name Generator

“Welcome to the new season, we hope you’ll have a great time. Once you take a better look around, you’ll see there are some great teams out there, and this won’t be a picnic by any means. So sit down, take a deep breath, and let’s start with the first important step. What is your team called?”

Generate Names

Bleacher Blums

Milf N Cookies

Doan Syndrome

Wada You Want?

The Buenos


Gloves Comin’ Off

Dirty Sanchez

America’s Team


Here We Go Again

Dude Burfict

Forge Your Own Name: Discover Our Name Suggestions & Backstories

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There are many different Fantasy Sports games such as football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and other sports that fans around the world watch and follow, and all of them are played by thousands and even millions of people across the globe,

They are a perfect way to incorporate real-life results, statistics, and other data, and use it all to compete against other players across the world, and these kinds of games add a new layer to the overall enjoyment of the sport loved by so many.

One of the very first steps is having a name for your team, and this is where the fun starts. After deciding which fantasy sport we will play, you can use the real team names for inspiration, or simply use them as guidelines for your own creativity.

Good Fantasy Team Names

A good name takes the type of sport into account, the type of players you’re going to play against, and is often influenced by the names of existing real teams playing that sport. Depending on the situation, however, one can create a completely custom name where the creator’s humor and creativity can be seen right away.

  • Fielder in the Outfield
  • Grand Theft Votto
  • Murderer’s Row
  • Lutz Play Ball
  • The Bryce is Right
  • Candy Crush Davis
  • Juan of a Kind
  • Guns N’ Rosario
  • The Baby Bombers
  • Ogando in 60 Seconds
  • All Time Lowe
  • The Life of Bryant
  • The Trevorending Story
  • Ball Busters
  • Springfield Isotopes
  • Outta Left Field
  • ThUnderDawgs
  • Sporting Wood
  • Get Your Money’s Werth
  • Acuña Matata
  • Advanced Gleybermetrics
  • And the Teoscar Goes to…
  • Angels in the Troutfield
  • Babe Ruthless
  • Blurred Foul Lines
  • Twisted Wristers
  • Lucky Puckers
  • Hits Different
  • The Thicc Blue Line
  • Checkers and Chips
  • Tin KnightsLater, Skater
  • Thin Ice
  • Icing the Win
  • RedLine Energy
  • Bring Your Eh Game
  • Nothing but Net
  • Blades of Glory
  • Epic Enforcers
  • Moves Like Jagr
  • Cease and Assist
  • Slick Sticks
  • Mid Ice Crisis
  • Rusty Blades
  • Cashed Checkers
  • Foul Mouths
  • Puck Daddies
  • Skateful Dead
  • Goal Diggers
  • Cheapskates
  • Plow Kings
  • Bad JuJu Voodoo
  • First Down On Bended Knee
  • Attack on Tightend
  • Champagne Super Novak
  • My Barkley is Louder Than My Bite
  • The Adam’s Family
  • It’s Always Darkest Before Deshaun
  • Victory Come Helaire or High Water
  • Gronkey Tonk Women
  • Smells Like Tebow Spirit
  • The Autopick Dynasty
  • Hopes, Dreams, and Inches
  • Knockin’ on Dorsey Levens Door
  • The Dark Side of Warren Moon
  • The (Tom) Brady Bunch
  • Cagney and (Jacob) Lacey
  • Meet the Flukers
  • The Great Dansby
  • Can’t Believe It’s Not Cutler
  • Barkely-ing Up the Wrong Tree
  • The Dak Knight
  • The Natural Selection
  • The Foul Tips
  • Death in the Afternoon
  • The Redstarts

Fantasy Sports games are a great way to experience the game from a different point of view, one that puts you in the command seat, and where your knowledge and tactical mastery can be the deciding factor in which team will win the next season and lift the trophy up. Millions of fans around the world are participating in this type of entertainment, and whether it’s some serious league where points matter almost as much as in the real games or a light-hearted season with friends only, it will always be another way to share the love we all have for that particular sport.

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