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A hail of crossbow bolts thudded into the ground around Cariel’s feet and she jumped back with a startle. Moments later, the culprits popped up from behind the balustrades, revealing themselves as the nefarious Crescent Headhunters.

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Every good story that involves groups of interested parties could always benefit from having its members united under a common moniker. Here are a list of different name suggestions to make your clans as memorable as possible.

Good Clan Names

Good clan names should be punchy and stand out, also they also benefit from being descriptive about the people that the clan contains.

  • Lost Supremacy
  • Crescent Headhunters
  • Crumbled Rebels
  • Templars of the Jungle
  • Riders of the Light
  • Enigmas of the Eager
  • Messengers of Vigor
  • Redthorn
  • Killing Oath
  • Lightningtops

Ordained Liquidators

A notorious sect of worshippers of an eldritch, elder entity, who would reduce their human sacrifices to liquid in the service of their god.

  • Itchy Pergatory
  • Common Titans
  • Division of the Tame
  • Safety of Fury
  • Gang of the Vulture
  • Angels of the Rich
  • Solarmantles
  • Tremblesins
  • Madstars

Blades Tyranny

Blades Tyranny were one of the most successful mercenary companies on the Sword Coast, before their ambition became too great and they were all put to the sword.

  • Reckless Apocalypse
  • Deluded Tyranny
  • Serenity of Courage
  • Minds of the Revenant

Funny Clan Names

Funny clan names should simply take a little of the seriousness out of their composition and allow for some levity in what they suggest.

  • Shadows of the Spear
  • Companions of Loyalty
  • Lightningstand
  • Bellowbrows
  • Tremblemanes
  • Angelic Demons
  • Pure Knights
  • Scourge Rebels
  • Howl of the Righteous
  • Demons of the Stout

Agony of the Ape

No-one’s quite sure how this group of adventurers got their strange and funny name, and at this point people are afraid to ask.

  • Wealth of the Honored
  • Steelblades
  • Water Rats
  • Metalgarde
  • Valiant Devils
  • Noble Brothers
  • Ugly Headhunters
  • Honor of the Vicious

Tradition of the Stag

What do you call a group of traveling folk bards who only perform at parties for grooms-to-be? The Tradition of the Stag of course.

  • Warlords of Decay
  • Protectors of the Hopeful
  • Brightbrawlers
  • Shatterskulls
  • Hallowswords

Fortnite Clan Names

When coming up with Fortnite Clan names, try to pick something that references elements of the game itself, or that alludes to its wacky nature.

  • Black Illusions
  • Reckless Demons
  • Amused Headhunters
  • Seekers of the Strong
  • Mages of the Crow
  • Roar of the Diseased
  • Masters of the Night
  • Fallenforge
  • Darkarrows


The Splitstriders were a gang famous for their ability to separate on the battlefield in order to surround their opponents from all sides.

  • Shameless Thunder
  • Crumbled Hooligans
  • Revenant Honour
  • Tempest of the Extinct
  • Guardians of Anger
  • Destiny of Fortune
  • Screech of the Classified
  • Forsakenfield


The fearsome Blackfists sported exactly that, a pitch-black fist that they all referred to as the “hand of death” during battle.

  • Chaosscars
  • Common Vigor
  • Bite-sized Assault
  • Noble Chaos
  • Voice of the Forbidden
  • Promise of Shame

That about does it for our list of Clan names! If you saw something here that you like then please leave a comment down below with your favorite and be sure to share this list with a friend or two.

Cassidy Ferrari
Cassidy Ferrari
D&D is a creative practice for me, in which I can explore everything from the surreal to the divine. I like to use names as a storytelling device, so every interaction helps players to build a stronger mental image of the world. I hope that my articles for Codex Nomina help you have more fun with fantasy names!

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