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The thief turned the corner and ran down the alley, jumping over the wall at the end before coming to a stop and leaning against it in the shadows. Safe now, he thought to himself.

Suddenly, the brickwork began to hiss and bubble before falling away. The thief startled, but it was too late, the acid from Queen Cobra had dissolved it to nothing as her hand reached through and grabbed him.

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Wise Monster

Undefeated Falcon

The Poltergeist

The Careless Bear

The Bitter Genius

The Greasy Falcon

Hissing Hornet

The Galactic Nighthawk


The Mighty Oxman

Confident Clown

Second Siren

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Anti-Heroes are some of the coolest characters in popular media, but a name can really make or break a character’s memorability. If you’re looking to insert an anti-hero into your story, then you’d do well to take a look at our suggestions.

Good Anti-Hero Names

Good Anti-Hero names should focus on that internal dispute between good and evil by highlighting both aspects of the character’s personality.

  • The Third Fiend
  • The Red Bandit
  • The Mute Daggers
  • The Mammoth Gargoyle
  • Confident Clown
  • Master Rapid Robot
  • Broad Swordsman
  • Wrong Wolfman
  • Rattlesnake


Peculiar is known for being just that – odd. A man with a mysterious past and dangerous methods. He’s left to his own devices for now, however, as he has only targeted criminals.

  • The Bronze Commando
  • The Excited Criminal
  • The Mean Mage
  • The Galactic Nighthawk
  • Professor Crimson Warrior
  • Frozen Oxman
  • Captain Puzzling Vulture
  • Eager Swine
  • Titanio
  • Phorus

The Outrageous Killer

Not the most subtle Anti-Hero name going, but in fairness to the woman behind it, she didn’t choose it. Her path of vengeance against criminals sees her get very messy in her work, and the press gave her this name as a response.

  • The Voiceless Horror
  • The False Cheat
  • The Special Nighthawk
  • Master Hypnotic Robin

Cool Anti-Hero Names

Anti-Heroes are already a cool concept, but a good name can really set your character up for success, so focus on the dark side when it comes to nailing coolness.

  • Rapid Specter
  • Gray Knuckles
  • Upset Fox
  • The Reaper
  • Warped Warrior
  • The Light Ibis
  • The Poor Axeman
  • The Messy Thief
  • The Undefeated Daemon
  • Professor Threatening Wizard
  • Flashy Raven

Second Siren

Second Siren is the daughter of murdered hero The Siren. Instead of walking the completely righteous path, she stalks the shadows, hunting those responsible for her mother’s death.

  • Outrageous Arsonist
  • Count Von Drake
  • Brain Freeze
  • The Young Enchanter
  • The Obnoxious Mage
  • The Repulsive Jester
  • The Fire Phoenix

Violet Robin

The Violet Robin glides from the rooftops of his sprawling city in his dark violet wingsuit. His shadow overhead is enough to make his targets flee in terror before he even lands.

  • Master Second Jackal
  • Armed Jester
  • Violet Robber
  • Plague
  • Minimizer

Comic Anti-Hero Names

For all, you true believers out there looking to make some Anti-Heroes for Comic stories, remember to focus on the bombastic, flashy, and larger-than-life naming conventions.

  • The Molten Hornet
  • The Jealous Mage
  • The Jolly Creature
  • The Ghost Slayer
  • Captain Mean Hornet
  • Agent Excited Hawk
  • Nifty Spirit
  • Master Hypnotic Spectacle
  • Necrosis
  • The Poltergeist
  • The Wise Whiz
  • The Thin Hawk

The Whispering Master

The Whispering Master has the ability to perfectly captivate audiences against their will by using the power of his hypnotic whispering. This form of mind control is considered incredibly dangerous and illegal by the powers that be.

  • The Filthy Bear
  • Violent Devil
  • Crimson Leopard
  • Huge Angel
  • Doctor Nifty Crane
  • Queen Cobra
  • Necro
  • The Special Conjurer
  • The Wretched Spirit

The Laughing Thief

The Laughing Thief leaves his calling card – a metallic relief of a face in ecstatic laughter – at all the premises he visits. His targets are corrupt banks and financial institutions, from whom is steals as much as possible.

  • The Lucky Sparrow
  • Sad Jester

That makes up our list of Anti-Hero names, we hope you like them! If you found some inspiration from this article then please do share it with a friend or two, and don’t forget to mention your favorite name in the comments below!

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