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“Ambassador V’Lov to see you, Captain.” “Can’t you tell him I’m busy? I need at least an hour and two more cups of coffee before I can face that level of affectless devotion to logic. V’Lov is the most Vulcan Vulcan I’ve ever met.”

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Vulcans are a species renowned for their logic and stoicism, hailing from the planet Vulcan, which was one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. Deep, powerful emotions run beneath their calm exteriors, however.

Vulcan names are usually a combination of two or three syllables, sometimes with apostrophes joining single letters to the rest of the construction. Think of clear sounds that sound calm and logical.

Good Vulcan Names

Good Vulcan names are simple, two or three-syllable compositions that communicate a sense of smoothness and control.

  • Skedov
  • Naluk
  • Spilkat
  • Vyroc
  • Stryfu
  • Kytt
  • Sposs
  • Hinn
  • Strok


The Vulcan Science Academy is the logical place for Jau and she is making her way there slowly and methodically, as befits a citizen of Vulcan. Logically, there are only a set number of places available, which means Jau must also consider taking extraordinary means to secure one. Even sabotage.

  • Spalvian
  • Nac
  • Jistran
  • Pelk
  • Jiajyl
  • Stren
  • Pann
  • Spor
  • V’Luss


Logic was the basis of Laasak’s life and, excelling at it, she naturally followed the logical progression of events and now teaches the art to young Vulcans from across the planet. It is in and of itself a further exercise in logic, for she enjoys the practice, to an almost indecent level.

  • Strel
  • V’Lin
  • T’Kirark
  • Sotum
  • Vakku

Female Vulcan Names

Female Vulcan names have a slight tendency to incorporate more resonant sounds like N, M, and NG.

  • Lun
  • T’lir
  • V’lairen
  • Mairan
  • Lirraik
  • V’latil
  • Fe
  • T’pong
  • V’ler


There are times that all Vulcans face an impossible choice, where the logic of each option is so perfectly balanced as to have no clear superior option. T’rasuth faces one such crux in deciding between Starfleet and the Vulcan Science Academy. How will she decide? Will emotion break the tie?

  • Leke
  • Essus
  • T’ling
  • Vu
  • Mung
  • T’purak
  • Sosok
  • Lannuth
  • Fessuth


Captain of a Vulcan research vessel, Issul is well-known for her adaptability and ability to secure results. That her methods are occasionally less reliant on logic than might be proper is something not a single member of her crew would dare breathe aloud.

  • V’lak
  • T’su
  • T’pith
  • Vo
  • Asung

Male Vulcan Names

Male Vulcan names have a slight tendency to incorporate more plosive sounds like P and K.

  • Stro
  • Khitt
  • Faallac
  • V’Lopel
  • Jaliv
  • Chylk
  • Vik
  • Tostrir
  • Sidiss


Not all Vulcans adhere to a strict devotion to logic. There are those that embrace, even welcome, the wild and raging emotions that Vulcans are heir to. Fetynn has so far maintained his logical facade, but he lives in constant fear of it slipping. But even the fear he embraces, for it makes him feel alive.

  • Strotir
  • Leton
  • Pav
  • Stit
  • Den
  • V’Luro
  • Strur
  • Ferk
  • Pul


As a quintessential Vulcan engineer, there is nothing Chev despises more than the idea of percussive maintenance. Well, with the sole exception of those instances in which percussive maintenance seems to, inexplicably, be an effective means of problem solving.

  • Pac
  • Teselk
  • Chelkaul
  • Tirrolk
  • Stujulk

Who is your favorite Vulcan character? And, at this point, we could also ask who is your favorite version of Spock? What appeals to you most about playing a Vulcan character? Do you have any strategies for coming up with cool Vulcan names? Let us know!

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