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Female Fantasy Name Generator & Backstories

“Hold on a moment…are you telling me you don’t know who we’re dealing with? At all? Well, that would certainly explain the aura of positivity following you around, that’s for sure. Look, she’s not just some bandit lord or anything like that, she’s a true monster, a monster whose name no one can ever forget. Apagada.”

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Eve Dürr

Petronilla Crickett

Ingrith Merden



Wigfled Willis

Cunigund Robertson

Asprenas Swordstrike

Steinhilder von Schmid


Regnild Carlyle


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There are many ways to portray a character, and a fantasy setting offers a wide variety of additional options that can be used in the process, where gender is mostly considered just one of the many defining attributes of any and all characters.

There are many races with a matriarchal society, while others simply disregard gender as anything meaningful, instead focusing on more important things like personal merit, skill, knowledge, and contribution to the community they live in.

In fact, some females performed such heroic but also despicable deeds, and the fame and notoriety that follows each of them has spread, making their names known, names such as Biphia Kerynkiir, Fui Vrumzura, Urnor Skyer, and Asa Laughingsteel.

Good Female Fantasy Names

The race the character belongs to, along with the place of birth and the customs of the community they grew up in, will greatly contribute to what would be considered a fitting name for the character.

  • Shaniele Ruama
  • Bheneni Ceemras
  • Pedissien
  • Saerun
  • Vania Treeforest
  • Elfwyn
  • Banmini
  • Cencia Burntsoul

Jill Lannan

As the only daughter to the famous late Duke of Inora, it was no surprise she didn’t have her father’s approval in taking up the sword when all he wanted was a typical daughter. Still, in his last days, he confessed to her that all he wanted for her was to be happy, and she keeps those words close to her heart, for all times.

  • Golddis
  • Beiveliss Raerssussun
  • Sarrynna Rure
  • Thorey the Storm
  • Waerhild
  • Kenai
  • Carressa Estorus
  • Esgalbes
  • Brokzos Bhurzebir
  • Hanne Longblade

Biphia Ilphelhond

She studied magic not for power or prestige but for the pure understanding of how it all worked. In the beginning, fuelled by her tenacity but also stubbornness, this led to many mistakes, though as a perfectionist she persevered, and ultimately became one of the greatest mages the academy has ever known.

  • Leshanna Callormaenen
  • Galril
  • Omakno Kruren
  • Ashildr Strongbringer
  • Margareta Boulderflayer
  • Shurlie Danadz
  • Marta Ormardottir
  • Waklolu Slapblade
  • Herrior the Thunder
  • Anania Sianaegis
  • Eódoina

Itus Khurostrac

This highly trained assassin is well on his latest mission, and the target is but a day ahead. He views these kinds of jobs purely from a financial point, ignoring any fact that he very well might be killing an innocent person, and he somehow seems to keep his conscience clean.

  • Ebolena
  • Zanimone
  • Estriel
  • Anaia Liaraer
  • Pethil
  • Grakle Nadai
  • Servilia Rapidguard
  • Shalee Nodelfete
  • Honrit
  • Shanathe Nyrhlasama

Kyleigh Sethildrud

This brave warrior has seen too many battles to count, big and small, and he has long been considered a veteran of his craft. Today, as a Captain, he leads a hundred men under his command, all of who respect and appreciate him as their leader.

  • Calphiel
  • Rillette Cakum
  • Éorwen
  • Asprenas Swordstrike
  • Asny Battleflayer
  • Deredis
  • Gostril
  • Antiia Vinn’ll
  • Lestien
  • Nigidia Deepeye

Ranva Pebblearm

They say the dwarves are made of stone, and if that is true he is certainly the prime candidate for proving that theory. His natural sturdiness has been enhanced by years of working in a smithy, and there are stories about him strangling half a dozen goblins with his bare hands, all on his own.

  • Bojana Men
  • Keylynn Nodelfete
  • Éordoina
  • Wourrago Burnclaw
  • Arves Zibozoth
  • Anastrianna Ebrathdon
  • Vinka Khussom
  • Gheguirn Phroseerthi
  • Rolipe Chomilvor
  • Eokulla Keenbreaker

Alhertine Ironstone

Learning from a master armorsmith in his youth, he had to cut his training short as his beloved teacher and friend died one winter. Despite being an already accomplished blacksmith, he wanted to continue learning, and tomorrow morning he starts a journey toward a new life in a place he hopes to consider as his new life-long home.

  • Modrene Kavri
  • Hildigunnr the Horrid
  • Léolith
  • Rhurirth Vazrun
  • Frumwine
  • Bellator Coinslayer
  • Berenike Grandorb
  • Calassel
  • Aphrothy
  • Sovearai Rure

Female characters have long been a major part of numerous stories where their actions have spoken louder than words, and they continue to write history wherever they may go next. Gender is no obstacle to any kind of character’s progress, by any means, so focus on the innate abilities and talent that will be the very foundation of their development. Think about the race they belong to, the place where they were born, the society they lived in, what did they learn as they were growing up, and what skills might have they acquired along the way, and think of a name worthy of the adventures they will have no matter where they go.

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