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“I, Grizhosk, welcome you to the Holy City of Nchak. Hylax be praised for your safe arrival. Should you require anything for your stay, the grace of Hylax is sure to provide.”

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The Trox are a large species descended from arthropods. Those that dwell on the Livaran moon of Nchak serve the mortal incarnation of the goddess Hylax. They despise slavery and seek to guide and protect those that they can.

Though somewhat humanoid in appearance, Trox are descended from arthropods, magically transformed by Hylax herself (some say). Be sure to take this into account when creating Trox names!

Good Trox Names

A good Trox name takes into account the differences in physiology, especially in regards to mouth parts.

  • Grargilp
  • Rheedelk
  • Drerzagne
  • Zix
  • Kon
  • Vhog
  • Groko
  • Aki
  • Jooki


Irkus is a guard. He guards one of the many gates of Nchak. It is a holy duty. It is an honorable duty. It is also a very boring duty. So he drinks perhaps a bit more than he should. He does not perhaps ask as many questions as he should. Someday, someone dangerous might slip past him.

  • Crulrighirk
  • Amkirald
  • Onrokkee
  • Qrig
  • Crod
  • Qrork
  • Aknu
  • Craapmel
  • Gerrea


Vellog was born without position or much hope for advancement. Nonetheless, she dreams one day of becoming a priestess of Hylax. She just knows in her core that she could do the position honor, and bring glory to the name of the goddess! But how will she get her chance?

  • Rognokrild
  • Veaprignaax
  • Imenu
  • Med
  • Ghol

Female Trox Names

Female Trox names do not differ much from those of their male counterparts.

  • Urlis
  • Gotri
  • Luthre
  • Feru
  • Lilsi
  • Sitrea
  • Igru
  • Zasi
  • Hothalra


Notro is captain of the Kinseeker, one of the ships the Trox have searching the remains of Gorlarion and nearby systems for any of their kin who might have survived. It is a thankless job with little hope of success, but Notro manages a bit of piracy on the side to keep things interesting and keep her ship in shape.

  • Izru
  • Osgro
  • Tari
  • Serko
  • Porlal
  • Fehro
  • Teekro
  • Surlarse
  • Gassa


Even living in the presence of a goddess incarnate there are those who do not believe or are dissatisfied with the way things are. Mosri is one of them, and she’s not quiet about it. It makes life difficult for her, but she’s too stubborn to change. One day, she’s going to get in serious trouble.

  • Ratra
  • Vudri
  • Rukon
  • Mithim
  • Fethro

Male Trox Names

Male Trox names do not differ much from those of their female counterparts.

  • Vin
  • Brik
  • Kal
  • Zarmu
  • Nokne
  • Dhutul
  • Nalda
  • Croknadded
  • Garkizhulk


Eldakmuk doesn’t really care who is in charge on his ship, though it seems to change often. As long as he’s kept in supplies and is left alone to cook, he’s happy. Though at mess last night someone had the incredibly stupid idea that he should be the next captain. What nonsense! Who would cook?

  • Dhunk
  • Rhos
  • Crigmalp
  • Kemkug
  • Cradrex
  • Idhe
  • Rekekned
  • Cralzordalk
  • Grusk


There are those who fight and those who worship and there are those who simply think. Vros fancies himself a philosopher, though many around him scoff at the idea. Still, he takes a staid attitude to their doubts. After carefully weighing and discarding them, of course. Not all thoughts are worth thinking.

  • Rin
  • Modeel
  • Vurmad
  • Dakro
  • Vonreap

What appeals to you most about playing a Trox? How often do you include them in your games? Do you have any fun stories involving them? What are your strategies for coming up with Trox names?

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