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Familiar Name Generator & Backstories

Falcona drew the blade down the palm of her hand with a grimace and held it out, allowing the drops of blood to fall into the magic circle she had drawn. The runes glowed and she smiled to herself as the spell completed – soon the Enchanted Yak would be hers.

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Shadow Hummingbird

Fey Fox

Mechanical Lemur

Ethereal Goat

Corporeal Kingfisher

Clockwork Manticore

Physical Bobcat

Ethereal Parrot

Corporeal Quail

Corporeal Owl

Physical Pigeon

Celestial Tarsier

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Whether constrained against their will, or sworn into a pact of friendship, magical familiars are a great way to add another dimension to your character. With so many potential options, narrowing down a good name can be hard, so here’s a few of ours:

Good Familiar Names

Good familiars come in all shapes and sizes, really any animal is a good candidate. The key is to give them attributes that will make them stand out, like the ones below:

  • Spectral Kangaroo
  • Celestial Falcon
  • Corporeal Quail
  • Elemental Pig
  • Physical Bobcat
  • Shadow Spider
  • Enchanted Yak
  • Corporeal Owl
  • Corporeal Chicken
  • Elemental Newt
  • Enchanted Tortoise

Celestial Llama

The celestial llama was bestowed onto the warlock Drak’Shae as a reward for years of service to the feathered serpent god. The llama’s healing powers proved invaluable in the subsequent trials Drak’Shae undertook.

  • Mechanical Heron
  • Spectral Panther
  • Corporeal Gorilla
  • Mechanical Yak
  • Clockwork Coyote
  • Elemental Golem
  • Elemental Red Panda
  • Spectral Lion
  • Mechanical Yak
  • Clockwork Squirrel
  • Physical Pigeon
  • Ethereal Parrot
  • Artificial Deer

Witch Familiar Names

Sure there’s the classic black cat, but witch familiars can be so much more than that. These suggestions have a more exotic twist:

  • Fey Drake
  • Demonic Heron
  • Magical Red Panda
  • Arcane Wolverine
  • Astral Eagle
  • Shadow Jackalope
  • Mechanical Bat
  • Corporeal Falcon
  • Arcane Quail
  • Undead Thunderbird
  • Shadow Hare
  • Physical Bird of Paradise
  • Mechanical Hyena

Undead Pheasant

For witches who like to dabble in necromancy, raising your own familiar from beyond the grave can be a great way to ensure you always have help on hand. The undead pheasant also boasts a cursed beak attack to sap the life from enemies.

  • Astral Hound
  • Shadow Wolf
  • Celestial Hare
  • Physical Ferret
  • Mechanical Jackalope
  • Celestial Tarsier
  • Physical Spider
  • Physical Kingfisher
  • Clockwork Manticore
  • Shadow Panther
  • Clockwork Raccoon

D&D Familiar Names

Familiars are a great way to give your D&D party a scouting option without having the players come to direct harm. Listed below are a few of our favorite ideas for creative familiars.

  • Mechanical Lion
  • Shadow Bear
  • Ethereal Phoenix
  • Artificial Hamster
  • Enchanted Wolpertinger
  • Animated Gull
  • Demonic Turtle
  • Physical Dodo
  • Demonic Newt
  • Ethereal Goat
  • Ethereal Kingfisher

Clockwork Nightingale

The clockwork nightingale was the famous mechanical familiar crafted by gnomish archmage Cerebius from his lookout at Mage’s Bluff Tower.

  • Elemental Boar
  • Skeletal Hamster
  • Animated Jackalope
  • Corporeal Wolpertinger
  • Enchanted Sloth
  • Elemental Dodo
  • Corporeal Quail
  • Astral Pheasant
  • Fey Weasel
  • Shadow Fox
  • Corporeal Ibex
  • Skeletal Squirrel
  • Astral Ocelot

That’s it for our suggestions for familiar names, we hope there’s inspiration here for deciding on your own trusty, loyal pet for your characters. If you found this article helpful then please do share it with a friend and leave your favorite name in the comments below!

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