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Superpower Name Generator & Backstories

Volanolox burst through the door as his body super heated it to the point of melting in almost an instant.

“The bad guys won’t get away this time,” he thought, “all thanks to my Molten Metal Skin.”

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Superpowers are all the rage right now thanks to the prevalence of superhero stories in our culture. If you’re looking to tell a great superhero story, then having it packed full of cool powers is a great place to start.

Good Superpower Names

Good Superpower Names can be almost anything, but some good starting points are animal traits, control of the elements, or feats of athleticism. Here’s our list:

  • Extra Eye With Psychic Powers
  • Illusion Magic
  • Pressure Manipulation
  • Martial Arts Mastery
  • Color Manipulation
  • Electromagnetic Pulses
  • Vertigo Manipulation
  • Quantum Trapping
  • Enhanced Lung Capacity
  • Machine Communication
  • Wish Granting


Never fear about a life threatening injury with the power of Self-Spawning; the ability to instantly regrow destroyed body parts at will.

  • Mind Control
  • Acidic Breathe
  • Death Vision
  • Teleportation
  • Possession
  • Super Climbing
  • Electric Invulnerability
  • Self Resurrection
  • Living Anomaly

Disintegrate Objects

The power to disintegrate objects means being able to reduce them to atoms with a single touch. Very powerful for neutralizing evil threats, but perhaps even more useful for bank robbing..

  • Machine Communication
  • Restoration Magic
  • Oxygen Generation
  • Alter Size
  • Astral Projection
  • Psychic Blasts
  • Elephant Skin
  • Heat Vision
  • Electric Body
  • Voice Manipulation

Retractable Claws

Who needs guns when you have the power to extend vicious claws from your fingers at will like a cat? Slice your enemies apart with this superpower.

  • Super Climbing
  • Scramble Radio Frequencies
  • Vortex Breath
  • Frost Invulnerability
  • Retractable Nails
  • Reptilian Skin
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Molten Metal Skin
  • Evocation
  • Pathifery

Interdimensional Travel

Being confined to one dimension is so pedestrian. This superpower allows the user to slip into the multiverse and explore an infinite number of possible worlds.

  • Dehydration
  • Freeze Touch
  • Venom Spit
  • Laser Vision
  • Feral Mind
  • Absorb/Copy Memories
  • Elephant Skin
  • Control Rodents/Small Animals
  • Terrain Manipulation
  • Wing Manifestation
  • Absorb Matter
  • Adhere To Walls And Ceilings
  • Interdimensional Blast

Web Secretion

Sometimes you just need a way to get the bad guys to hold still, web secretion does just that. They can also be used to swing from skyscrapers across New York City, too.

  • Technopathy
  • Accelerated Regeneration
  • Accelerated Regeneration
  • Temporal Duplication
  • Terrain Manipulation
  • Energy Constructs
  • Absorb Matter
  • Nail Manipulation
  • Astral Imprisonment
  • Electromagnetic Pulses
  • Magnetic Body

Poison Invulnerability

Evil-doers are always using underhanded tactics to eliminate heroes and poison is a classic example of that. Thankfully, this superpower guarantees that poison will never be a problem.

  • Super Intelligence
  • Mind Exchange
  • Power Disabling
  • Smoke Secretion
  • Phasing
  • Absorb Electricity
  • Dermal Armor
  • Control Fungi
  • Create Illusions

That’s the lot! We hope that this list will provide you with adequate inspiration for your own superhero stories in the future. Why not share it with a friend if you did enjoy it, and remember to comment your favorite power down below!

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