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Giant Name Generator & Guide

“What do we have here…” – the deep voice echoed throughout the cave, making the three adventurers turn around. Gripping their weapons, they tried to show no fear as they stared at the giant in front of them. “Dammit, we’ll have to fight through. Any chance we know how strong it is?” – one of them whispered, after which the wizard cleared his throat and said – “Greetings… we come in peace, Sir…” – he paused, expecting an answer which arrived a few moments later – “Fluvir. Any last words?”

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Giants are humanoid creatures of considerable size. Going by the strict hierarchy called ordning, the rankings of the most common giants, from lowest to highest, are Hill Giants, Stone Giants, Frost Giants, Fire Giants, Cloud Giants, and finally Storm Giants.

Except for Hill Giants, all of them are at least as smart as average humans, while some can rival the smartest wizards. Strong, powerful, and sometimes able to wield magic, they are very powerful creatures who are often depicted as enemies of the dragons.

Each type has its own history and lore. When choosing a name for a Giant, take their heritage and origin into account, but some of the more common names are Orgir, Ciblas, and Alugmalog.

Female Giant Names

Females have a 9 to 15 month-long pregnancy, depending on the subclass of the Giant, and the child usually reaches maturity at 50 years old.

  • Clebirg
  • Zexlir
  • Guami
  • Aliti
  • Warles


A Hill Giant who spent her whole life in the same cave, doing the same things over and over. When she had enough of it, she joined her male counterpart and went on a rampage throughout the region.

  • Surder
  • Milir
  • Tredzier
  • Cuxzir
  • Kinlith
  • Fluvir
  • Hetzier


The Frost Giant tribe she lives in is one of the more successful clans out there. Wife to one of the most powerful warriors, she earns a lot of respect as well, mostly because she participated in two raids with no signs of stopping.

  • Fevir
  • Koter
  • Sraleg
  • Fonis


Constantly working on crafting armor and runes, thus creating beautiful and powerful protective gear, something her whole family is very proud of. Even the King himself asked to have a suit of armor made for him.

  • Kratser
  • Roglis
  • Sofzir
  • Kobzes
  • Vlanwir


Facing a common threat, she managed to gather several families together. Little does she know, she started a chain of actions that will change the fate of her people more then anyone could even dream of.

  • Othis
  • Zubreg
  • Zlolir
  • Klabdies


Not much older than a child, she’s smart, just, and likes to play with all sorts of creatures that swim deep in the ocean, close to her coral home.

  • Gictheis
  • Digir
  • Isies
  • Negi
  • Trermaleg

Male Giant Names

Any type of a Giant is strong, and so every male can fight, regardless of his skills. From trees as oversized clubs to high-quality weapons, they are known to use them all and more.

  • Tarym
  • Klewlith
  • Diwom
  • Crubmalog
  • Jeffius


A benevolent Hill Giant, he roams the edge of the forest under a mountain, always trying to see what’s out there. Sadly, he seems to have a very bad memory and never remembers anything prior to the current day.

  • Sikrus
  • Wemgi
  • Clafum
  • Slozas
  • Dezkos


As the last survivor of his former Frost Giant clan, he now commands a group of four Hill Giants with whom he plans to attack the close-by town. First things first, he has to lure most of the Town’s guards out of the settlement and ambush them.

  • Dogtius
  • Bluwsag
  • Athor
  • Slurus


A weaponsmith of the highest skill, this Fire Giant can craft such exquisite weapons that multiple clans are asking him to work and craft for them.

  • Krabos
  • Samgan
  • Zekmir
  • Ticdus
  • Hebbrog


Searching for a certain forgotten tome, he’s different than most Cloud Giants as he’s making his way across the land. For now, he sticks to the isolated mountain peaks and caverns, hoping the clues he has will prove to be correct and lead him to his goal.

  • Mabto
  • Arosag
  • Jisog
  • Grattius
  • Abarg


Living high in the sky, well above the highest mountain peaks in the vast human kingdom below, he enjoys the cover of the clouds, which makes sure he remains well hidden.

  • Vetheus
  • Blefom
  • Sizbos
  • Dlewvir
  • Genrog
  • Solor

Mostly smart, coupled with extraordinary strength, a Giant is a dangerous creature to encounter. Unless they are good-natured, you have to be smart and skilled enough to live and tell the tale. In stories and games, they can be very interesting, and it’s usually a good idea to incorporate at least some of them. They have the power to make a difference, are smart enough to provide roleplaying opportunities, and overall make for a very engaging character to play.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Giant name.

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