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Hill Giant Name Generator & Guide

“Have you tried eating it?” – the hill giant slowly asked another, a puzzled look on his face. “Bah! You can’t solve everything by eating it, Webok!” – his frustrated friend said, holding an unknown stone-like object in his hands. “Why not?” – asked Webok, “Whenever I eat, all my problems are gone.”

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Hill Giants are giants who lack the intelligence for pretty much anything complex. They are stocky and short, at least when compared to the other giant folk. Their extraordinary strength allows them to throw large boulders through the air with ease.

One thing that also describes a Hill Giant is their appetite. They can eat anything, anytime, and the thing they care about the most after food is their community. They live in large groups, families, and to betray a tribe was seen as something vile.

There are multiple types of giants, and each has its own lore. Just as the types vary, so do their names. Your best bet is to see some of our suggested names, then adjust from there. Names like Usar, Vrikbor, and Digir are some of the examples.

Hill Giant Female Names

Females Hill Giants seem rare, some would say they are like unicorns. Well, an ugly, oversized, stinky one, to say the least. So it’s no wonder why few Hill Giant names sound feminine. With a bit of adjusting, though, you can play around with vowels and quickly get a more feminine name.

  • Tesri
  • Nesag
  • Xumgi
  • Srixsag
  • Crima
  • Agvir


Rarely seen outside of the caves, deep inside the Greyhawk Hills, she likes her life. As the main cook, a job she had to fight for more than once, she knows how to prepare the same type of meat in more than a dozen ways.

  • Vogi
  • Bissal
  • Alinus
  • Mirrym
  • Blonsag
  • Vrovaga
  • Fragur
  • Xusag


If you think only the males of the tribe can throw huge rocks, guess again. She’s also known as Throwlong, a name to give tribute to her strength and throwing skill.

  • Dizzis
  • Trerlog
  • Huwzar
  • Trilith
  • Nifbeg
  • Sekosla


Perhaps the only female leader of a Hill Giant tribe in the whole region, and probably the continent. She is vicious, prone to anger, and tends to rage when really hungry.

  • Xogkaros
  • Hadhor
  • Clanrym
  • Crakaros
  • Usag
  • Tibfur


Having had a love affair with a stone giant, her children have grown grotesque, but still highly functional. No one is aware of it yet, but they will soon be known as the Shadow Children who will have their say in who gets to live in the region.

  • Briris
  • Xolith
  • Vredthir
  • Zucis
  • Xerkaos

Hill Giant Male Names

No matter who they might be, a Hill Giant is similar nature to his kin. Bribe him with food, don’t get him angry, and try to either avoid or outsmart him. You can run, too, but watch out for boulders.

  • Srandhor
  • Clemohr
  • Duzar
  • Okder


He likes to eat horses. So much so, in fact, he’ll go out of his way to find them. He almost died at least three times now just because he took a dozen knighted warriors by himself at one time, and that was far from the worst situation he got in. “Food always gets in the way.” – he often says.

  • Xatius
  • Dlubgan
  • Vuas
  • Trerus
  • Vogthor
  • Aoxtor


Taller than your average Hill Giant, he’s the leader of his community. Needless to say, every smart step he takes he owes it to the injured Drow resting in his home. One day, these two will wreck havoc upon the land.

  • Rawlas
  • Femir
  • Sizvar
  • Kukgrog
  • Kobar


Also known as Two Dozen Arrows, he got his nickname by surviving an unexpected number of arrows finding their mark on his oversized belly.

  • Devog
  • Kemag
  • Defum
  • Numkaos
  • Futtag


Having found his way to become an accidental member of the Black Fist Gang, a group of robbers operating near the main road, he managed to get the life he wanted. Throwing huge rocks at the enemy, and getting all the food he wants, seems like a better calling than the most.

  • Kobdor
  • Cobar
  • Elog
  • Aexlas
  • Visbarg


The tribe of goblins that one day appeared in his immediate area started to get on his nerves, but he then accepted their offer to join them, becoming their guardian in exchange for food. Humans are good, but horses are better, he always says.

  • Zlocgir
  • Cloxmohr
  • Kreos
  • Oas
  • Wrezar

Slow witted and rather dumb, they can be outsmarted which also is probably the safest way to deal with a Hill Giant. They are prone to getting angry but giving them food will always pacify them, for a time at least. Sometimes they aren’t just cannon fodder and as such deserve a name. Create one and bring your Hill Giant to life.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Hill Giant name.

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