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Storm Giant Name Generator & Guide

“The great evil has awoken yet again.” – the King solemnly acknowledged, as much to himself as to the rest of the council. He then lifted his head and looked at his General. “Summon Aukkmirn, tell him his king calls for aid” – he said with determination in his voice while some of the members mumbled in fear at the mention of the giant.

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Storm Giants are more than 25 feet tall and can weigh thousands of pounds. They live either at very high altitudes and usually on floating islands, or deep in the oceans, hidden away from most of the other living creatures who roamed the world.

Each of them can hurl magic lightning bolts, capable of laying waste to anything that moves. However, Storm Giants are good-natured, leaving others in peace unless provoked. One thing that defines them all is the appreciation for an act of kindness.

They live mostly in isolation and rarely communicate with others, let alone other races. Not many people saw a Storm Giant, and it would be quite unlikely to know their name. Farnudr, Sygopr, and Agnaurtr are some good examples.

Storm Giant Female Names

As parents, Storm Giants stay together to bring their child to maturity, after which they usually return to their confined lives.

  • Dreing
  • Gjaurbö
  • Drerru
  • Raup


As a single parent who lost her partner, Skau is doing her best to raise her son alone as well as she can. If she knew what the future held for him, however, she wouldn’t as worry as much.

  • Dostylp
  • Hyrnsu
  • Hrep
  • De


Her dragon friend made her aware of some politics the lesser races are involved in and none of the new knowledge bodes well for the future ahead. She fears she’ll need to intervene at some point, something she prefer not to do.

  • Kylp
  • Hygott
  • Angluveynn
  • Bylendr
  • Ninsu
  • Otlylp


Living deep down at the bottom of an ocean, she collects large sea plants as means of nourishment. Her house is well hidden behind rocks, corals, and seaweed, making it almost impossible for others to notice.

  • Mey
  • Depr
  • Eyfrofn
  • Draufn
  • Renn
  • Kolfudr


Made her home on a great floating island, high above the highest mountain peaks, on the very place of an Ancient Dragon’s resting place. She spends most of her time reading runes and texts found in the deceased creature’s hoard.

  • Geymd
  • Jonn
  • Eirnsu
  • Halau
  • Naulfakakn


Using the lesser giants as puppets on a string, she wages wars with whoever lives near them.

  • Gjapr
  • Gup
  • Dandr
  • Jirbeyndr
  • Eygjegleimd

Storm Giant Male Names

They like to prophesize and read omens, trying to predict the future by tieing unsuspected events.

  • Beng
  • Vástr
  • Mykmo
  • Sauller
  • Voratei


Studying ancient tomes filled with forgotten and even forbidden knowledge for almost two centuries, his experiments with magic have become more and more dangerous to him and the entire region around him.

  • Meted
  • Marrygr
  • Hot
  • Adr
  • Ningnír


While others live in isolation, he tends to roam the world as he makes short term stops along the way. Lulleirn will try to avoid interactions with others, but he won’t completely shy away if approached.

  • Buzí
  • Hrírn
  • Byr
  • Baud
  • Vangr
  • Fytir


Known as Dragontame, it’s been said that he has found a way to control a blue dragon who he now rides into battle. The only one capable of stopping them is an ancient golden dragon that’s been asleep for the last few centuries.

  • Hryng
  • Lukmi
  • Olvomr
  • Yngyd
  • Fæmr


Currently helping Tritons push back the monstrous creatures that are trying to break into their realms using dark portals coming from a different plane of existence.

  • Hrern
  • Gekmy
  • Liglot
  • Astr


It’s been three decades since he’s gone mad, and his obsession with lightning bolts and storms is starting to take effect on the surrounding land.

  • Nuta
  • Vengr
  • Hralveng
  • Hartr
  • Sogthir

Rare and powerful, the world is lucky they aren’t prone to evil ways. Along with that, they stay in hidden places, which is more than enough for the most to never see or meet them. Still, due to their unique nature, they can be very fun to play, and having a name ready can truly bring the character to life.

Did you enjoy this guide? Please, tell us some of your favorite names in the comments and share your own methods of coming up with a Storm Giant name.

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