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“I’m not the best person to ask, believe me, but I know a guy who can help. Well, he should be able to, for all I know. See that red car on the far side of the road? And the brown big door, the black building over there? That’s where you’ll find Dixie Normous who will satisfy all your desires, I’m sure of it. And tell him I sent you!”

Generate Names

Vye Brator

Dolly Teats

Holden Mikehawk

Wayne Kerr

Harry Sachs

Wilma Dickfit

Buster Cherry

Cina Himen

Herman Moans

Jen Nottle

Nadia Seymour

Willa Benedict

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While it is recommended for us to choose a somewhat appropriate name for the character at hand, there are certain situations where an otherwise tasteless name is welcomed by everyone involved, to the point it is actually necessary to have one.

When this happens, we’re offered a wide variety of nasty names that would be viewed as unclean at the very least, and this in turn allows us to take our creativity along a new path, a path that we couldn’t take in a more ordinary situation.

With a good dirty name, the character can be then further portrayed by having them do things that are (in)directly enhanced by the style of the created name, a name such as Pounding Pumpkin, Harry Johnson, Rusty Kuntz, and Tess Tickles.

Good Dirty Names

A good dirty name will often seem like a usual normal name, more or less, until one says it out loud, whereupon we realize it’s a somewhat witty play on words.

  • Anita Hardcok
  • Barry McKockiner
  • Ben Dover
  • E. Norma Stits
  • Frank Lee Gaye
  • Laffmy Titsoff
  • Dixon Nas
  • Stella Virgin

Limp Noodle

While he certainly has the will to live and go on, nothing seems to interest him, and even when something piques his interest it’s still as if he simply can’t do it, can’t perform the task no matter how much he tries, and he’s beginning to believe he’s cursed for all eternity.

  • Naughty Hammerhead
  • Poppa Woody
  • High Always
  • Low Mylips
  • Bo Nehr
  • Amanda Mount
  • Ben Derhover
  • Esteedee Free
  • Lee Keyrear
  • Puma Dickens

Dick Ramdass

If a certain popular shoe company was a person, he would be it. He comes up with a plan, though more often than not he doesn’t, and just does it. The less thinking involved, the better, and not many people can tell him what he can or can’t do, and he just piles on the pressure as he does it.

  • Sheeza Freak
  • Dixie Normous
  • Neil Downs
  • Crystal Methven
  • Clint Torres
  • Kenya Swallow
  • Saxophone
  • Richard Shaver
  • Mel Keetehts
  • Mike Yushie
  • Blowmee Fish

Phil Accio

Phil loves to talk, sing, and do more or less anything involving his mouth, and he’d tell you that if he woke up every morning with a sore tongue, it would mean he was living a great life. While he’s nothing special when it comes to general looks and attractiveness, he seems to be very popular among some women who seem to know something others don’t.

  • Wayne Kerr
  • Wilma Fingerdoo
  • Madka Owdiseez
  • Nippy
  • Richard Head
  • Stiff Member
  • Gabe Itch
  • Stan Keepus
  • Betty Drilzzer
  • Lipin Jection

Annie Position

As a very positive and outgoing person, she’s ready for anything, anywhere. It doesn’t even have to sound like a particularly good idea but if there’s action involved, she’s all up for it, and it was no surprise she quickly became popular with the local college population.

  • Anita Hoare
  • Dixie Normous
  • Bartolos Colonoscopy
  • Betty Humper
  • Harry Cox
  • Eileen Ulick
  • Michael Toris
  • Amanda Hump
  • Phillis Wood
  • Fluffy Cookie

Andy Feltherbush

If a gentleman never tells, Andy always boasts, and this notoriety has caught up to him for quite some time now. This all led to him having to make up stories of his new conquests, where he would add more and more detail to the point that he started to forget half of the things he mentioned, which might ultimately lead him to get caught in his own web of pathological lies.

  • Ron Chee
  • Engorged One
  • Richard Trickle
  • Ash Hull
  • Harry Sachs
  • Buck Nekkid
  • Mary Juana
  • Pat Myaz
  • Maya Buttreeks
  • Max E. Pad

Kitty Muncher

She won’t lie, she loves a good kitty. She always wants to play with one, touch, caress, and even kiss, enjoying every second of it, and if she could have a choice she would also have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any potential meal in between, for the rest of her life.

  • Ollie Tabooger
  • Soh Suckit
  • Curley Pubes
  • Nadia Seymour
  • Dick Myaz
  • Amanda Poker
  • Mike Rotchburns
  • Phil McGroin
  • Seymour Buttz
  • Mona Lott

If the situation at hand allows it, or better yet demands it, a good dirty name adds more amusement to the table and makes for a nice, witty, and ultimately enjoyable experience. One of the most popular ways of coming up with such a name would be to think of dirty and inappropriate words and play with them (no pun intended) and see what you can create using them. Think of what you’re trying to achieve with the character, what is their purpose, how they approach life in general, does their name reflect their personality, and think of a name worthy of the chuckles they will surely receive once they are revealed.

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