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“May I introduce Lady Antonia Spencer, mum? Her Ladyship represents several charitable trusts and was hoping to prevail upon your largesse in helping and supporting the less fortunate.”

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Britain is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, which hosts three nations unified under a single ruler: Wales, Scotland, and England. The governing body is called the United Kingdom (and also includes the country of Northern Ireland).

British names, therefore, can be Welsh or Scottish in nature as well as English, however when people think of Britain they often default to the idea of England and English names. Look to history for some really fun name ideas!

Good British Names

A good British name has a strong sense of history and place to it. The time period is also an important factor to consider if your game is set in other than the modern day.

  • Abel Russell
  • Vinnie Powell
  • Riley Campbell
  • Alfie McDonald
  • Jordan Burke
  • Montgomery Reed
  • Archie Fox
  • Sam Grant

Ronan Jones

Ronan likes his work as a journalist, though Britain’s rags are, more or less, all propaganda mouthpieces without a speck of backbones to them. Every so often he gets to publish something good. Something real. Too bad he can’t start his own paper.

  • Jordan Davidson
  • Samuel Duncan
  • Micah Brown
  • Fletcher Harvey
  • Caelan Nicholson
  • Regan Holland
  • Conor Edwards
  • Kit Murray
  • Ivan Walker

Freddie Cook

Fredericka “Freddie” Cook was always a tomboy. She grew up in Surrey but left for London as soon as she could. SoHo was too expensive, so she and her girlfriend got a flat in Bromley. It’s a nightmare commuting to her roller derby league, but it beats the countryside any day!

  • Morgan Day
  • Robert Cox
  • William Clark
  • Lochlan Fox
  • Eli Henderson

Female British Names

Female British names often, but not always, end in vowel sounds.

  • Harper Russell
  • Emily Grant
  • Amber Hunt
  • Lila Reynolds
  • Remi Robertson
  • Eva Gibson
  • Aminah Saunders
  • Eleanor Marsh
  • Luna Jackson

Natalie Murphy

Natalie isn’t a waitress, thank you very much. She is an actress. Waiting tables is just a convenient job to pay the bills between roles. As soon as she gets her big break, it will be goodbye to slinging pints. Though she did think it would have happened already.

  • Penny Cooke
  • Demi Russell
  • Helena Riley
  • Claudia Reid
  • Eliza Chapman
  • Kate Hussain
  • Ellen Clarke
  • Margaret Thomas
  • Eliana Riley

Nova Mills

If her parents called her Nova in the hopes that she would be an astronomer, they were sorely disappointed. Nova works as a geologist at the natural History Museum, caring for the vast collection of specimens there. It’s a far cry from finding her own specimens, but maybe someday…

  • Lia Baker
  • Hallie Lowe
  • Skyla Burns
  • Josephine Baxter
  • Scarlet Edwards

Male British Names

Male British names often come from traditional sources and place a great deal of emphasis on the surname.

  • Jonathan Woods
  • Mark Fox
  • Robin Evans
  • Keegan Wilson
  • Reggie Evans
  • Victor McCarthy
  • Archie McDonald
  • Jonah Bell
  • Archibald Wells

Asher Cole

Asher went to Eton, of course, as the family expected, and now works in his father’s firm in the city. It’s a wretched bore, of course, but if he wants his allowance to continue, he has to at least pretend to be serious about things. Other than coke, that is.

  • Milo Wood
  • Jaden Jordan
  • Marley Fletcher
  • Reuben Webb
  • Frankie Lowe
  • Nico Roberts
  • Ray Burton
  • Michael Stone
  • Jimmy King

Frankie Dixon

There is nothing as brilliant as being a photographer. Especially one who works with the nude form. And there’s no better place to do it than London. Now if he could just get a show, he’d have everything he ever wanted.

  • Jude Taylor
  • Kingsley Davis
  • Tobias Harvey
  • Lennon Morris
  • Jordan Fox

How often do you set your games in some version of Britain or the British Isles? Do you have any tricks or tips for coming up with good British names? Let us know in the comments below!

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