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Millicent Town trundled across the boardwalk with her suitcase under her arm, pushing through the throngs of people crowding to get a better look at the ship. Soon she stood before it; HMS Audacity, the promise of adventure awaited her…

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Merewin Bradstane

Leonard Saunterton

Bertram Acworth

Janet Standon

Fortune Salle

Alviva Clerk

Thomazin Wylde

Sigor Aynesworth

Leomer Parret

Clemence Draper

Truda Peltie

Lina Hache

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Old English names can span a huge timeframe, all the way through the medieval times into the English renaissance, here are some suggestions to help you narrow down that perfect fit:

Good Old English Names

Good Old English names reflect the tumultuous nature of the history of England and the various factions that fought for dominance during those times.

  • Clementia Haddon
  • Lovechild Funteyn
  • Millicent Cardiff
  • Odelina Verney
  • Beatrix Champneys
  • Mathilda Clopton
  • Joycelin Godfrey
  • Olivia Bradstane
  • Ellen Wylmot
  • Tiecia Cole

Charles Boston

Charles Boston was an infamous serial killer of Harbor City, who was rumored to have accrued over 50 victims before disappearing.

  • Gawaine Lyfelde
  • Avery Thornburgh
  • Ralph Lytton
  • Ulf Lodyngton
  • Ulfketel Donnet
  • Waldo Berney
  • Aelric Burlton
  • Leofric Delabere
  • Odo Branche

Female Old English Names

Some of the best old english names for women reflect the character of the fearless adventurers counted among their ranks.

  • Mary Delabere
  • Sedehana Dauntesay
  • Wilmot Langham
  • Gunnora Obson
  • Elisabeth Walsch
  • Florence Thornton
  • Ailith Lichefield
  • Joyce Glover
  • Clemence Draper
  • Mawa Harte

Thomazin Wylde

Thomazin Wylde was a philosopher of some renown, who was forced into hiding for daring to challenge the legitimacy of the church.

  • Fleur Millys
  • Christina Peletoot
  • Agatha Harbotle
  • Janet Standon
  • Amice Cobham
  • Marjorie Lamber
  • Mary Scot
  • Millicent Town
  • Sabine Savill

Male Old English Names

Male Old English names strike a balance between the Anglo-Saxon conquerors and Celtic tribe traditions.

  • Nathaniel Wythinghall
  • Denis la Barre
  • Matthew Dericote
  • Leofric Maudit
  • Stannard Fayneman
  • Jasper Chernocke
  • Leonard Saunterton
  • Anthony Staverton
  • Ulfi Chancey
  • Norman Alleine
  • Diggory Scollfyld
  • Aelfward Fortescue

Valentine Good

Dr. Valentine was the famed court physician of King Edlenbert, who also doubled as the monarch’s secret bodyguard.

  • Ralph Trevet
  • Thori Bohan
  • Reynold Gaynesford
  • Leomer Parret
  • Ambrose Chase
  • Gawain Saltonstall
  • Sigor Aynesworth

Old English Last Names

Deriving ultimately from a multitude of differing sources, Old English last names are often an eclectic mix of ancetries.

  • Clarkew
  • Seyntaubyn
  • Mylner
  • Browet
  • Cely
  • Damsell
  • Nysell
  • Boville
  • Draper
  • Sharman


The Barrentyne family established one of the most successful trading empires the globe had ever seen, making them the envy of the world.

  • Rowe
  • Blakwall
  • Bradstane
  • Ayshecombe
  • Wylcotes
  • Golde
  • Hyde
  • Gaynesford
  • Frogenhall

That’s the full list of our Old English name suggestions, we hope you enjoyed what we have to offer. Why not share this article with a friend if you found it helpful? Don’t forget to also leave a comment with your favorite name below!

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