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“Thank you for this opportunity. My name is Zhu Zemin and I am pleased to have the opportunity to walk you through our proposal. We believe that it will offer a great deal of opportunity to both of our firms.”

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Liu Yin

Chen Zhihao

Ye Lim

Ding Zheng

Xian Zedong

Cui Ning

Yin Xiang

Jin Feng

Xia Heng

Peng He

Xiang Wuhan

Geng Gang

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China as a nation is comprised of nearly 18% of all the people currently living in the world. There are many different variations of the Chinese language spoken throughout the country, which can have an impact on the sound and form of names.

There are a few naming conventions to keep in mind when coming up with good Chinese names. Remember that in Chinese names the first name you read is the family name or the surname, and the name following it is the given name.

Good Chinese Names

A good Chinese name is respectful of the culture from which it is drawn.

  • Liu Yin
  • Yao Guanting
  • Tang Hu
  • Kong Heng
  • Yin Chao
  • Zhou Tai
  • Qiu Hai
  • Wan Zan
  • Kong Yu

Zhong Zexi

Zexi farms rice. She has a few chickens, a cat, and a simple life. She’s happy with it. It’s comfortable. Her daughter, though, wants more. She’s constantly looking for a way out. Zexi is not sure there is one for her, though, and it troubles her otherwise idyllic life.

  • Ye Lim
  • Zhan Jin
  • Ding Lan
  • Liao Xinya
  • Hao Chen
  • Xue Hai
  • He Jiang
  • Wen Jian
  • Long Ling

Zeng Gengxin

Gengxin is a soldier. It’s not the life he wanted, but of the options he had, it was the best. He keeps his head down, follows orders, and makes sure never to excel at anything. Promotion would be the worst thing. But he keeps getting noticed.

  • Cui Ning
  • Qian Zan
  • Xian Shuren
  • Kong Lan
  • Cai Hanying

Female Chinese Names

Female Chinese names can be drawn from many sources of inspiration, like the natural world or virtues.

  • Zhong Guanyu
  • Ding Wen
  • Qin Zhi
  • Ye Yi
  • Guo Dai
  • Luo Jiang
  • Zhao Shui
  • Kang Lan
  • Zhu Huan

Cai Xun

Xun doesn’t look her age. And a geisha, that is a great boon. Being part of a tradition makes her feel honoured, and useful. The younger generations, though, do they respect the art as much as they should? It troubles her, these questions.

  • Teng Feng
  • Zhou Hong
  • Han Bo
  • Quan Yijun
  • Zheng Yaling
  • Chen Zhihao
  • Hou Zhen
  • Peng He
  • Xue Bai

Zhan Shi

Shi fully intends to be the head of her own business empire one day. For now she works as an executive for another company, and she makes a nice amount of money. But it’s not what she truly wants. She needs to find a way to strike out on her own. And soon. There is only so much time.

  • Xia Heng
  • Yang Yong
  • Zhao Ju
  • Lai Na
  • Chen Yun

Male Chinese Names

Male Chinese names can be inspired by various virtues or things of the natural world that express those virtues.

  • Wang Hu
  • Xie Qigang
  • Zhou Jia
  • Qiu Wuying
  • Du Chao
  • Fan Zemin
  • Huo Jie
  • Song Su
  • Liu Guanyu

Feng Zhihao

Zhihao is expected to live up to the Feng family standards. Zhihao really could not care less, however. As long as they keep his allowance up, he’ll do the bare minimum. He’s just in it for the fast cars and the booze. At least, that’s what he tells himself.

  • Jin Feng
  • Pan Xiang
  • Ding Zheng
  • Huang Yi
  • Su Lim
  • Xian Li
  • Luo Xue
  • Cui Lin
  • Shi Shun

Huang Ning

Ning’s parents were farmers. He joined the party to escape the muck. He doesn’t believe in it, but he’s very good at making it look like he does. His promotion, and his personal wealth and standing, depend on it. Of course, every so often he still slips up…

  • Qin Feng
  • Zhen Tu
  • He Guo
  • Lian Fen
  • Hu Xia

What are your favorite Chinese names? How often do you draw on Chinese culture for inspiration in your games? What are your favorite strategies for coming up with good Chinese names? Let us know in the comments below!

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