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Pirate Captain Name Generator & Backstories

The gangplank impacted the deck of the ship with a thud, followed by the telltale sound of a pegleg on wood. As the nervous captain looked across at who was approaching from the other ship, her heart sank. It was Otillia ‘Mad’ Tidus, one of the most bloodthirsty pirates known to man.

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Edmar ‘Whale’ Allen

Wilford ‘Calmness’ Cholmondeley

Lea ‘Foxy’ Xensor

Adella ‘Crocked’ Dryden

Claxton ‘Evil Grin’ Oldham

Reid ‘Fierce’ Charlton

Benton ‘Crippled’ Bristol

Coster ‘Gray Beard’ Wright

Rockwell ‘Dishonest’ Spalding

Minster ‘Smelly’ Smithy

Patsy ‘Lazy Eye’ Dhampir

Ned ‘Crow’s Nest’ Draegan

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Stories about pirates are usually memorable for a couple of different reasons, but one of them is certainly the presence of wonderful pirate captains. Whether a comedic anti-hero or villainous scourge, a good captain can really bring a story to life.

Good Pirate Captain Names

Good Pirate Captain names take their inspiration from the names popular during the golden age of piracy in the 17th and 18th Centuries. Add in a cool nickname and your captains are ready to go.

  • Cresswell ‘Crew Member’ Read
  • Acton ‘Fishy’ Outerbridge
  • Rockwell ‘Dishonest’ Spalding
  • Felton ‘Grommet’ Dante
  • Haywood ‘The Kraken’ Hackney
  • Edwin ‘Nightmare’ Barclay
  • Fallows ‘Plank Walker’ Acheron
  • Edmar ‘Whale’ Allen
  • Fuller ‘Devil’s Smile’ Gabranth
  • Dunstan ‘Tormented’ Zul
  • Theodosia ‘White Hair’ Vexx
  • Katie ‘Savage Soul’ Smoky

Edythe ‘Temptress’ Landon

Edythe the Temptress was a dashingly beautiful captain who played innocent to gain the trust of her prospective victims, before striking with full force once they had let their guards down.

  • Lea ‘Foxy’ Xensor
  • Sula ‘Coward’ Quint
  • Ellen ‘Devious’ Norton
  • Shelley ‘The Mermaid’ Eldon
  • Beck ‘Enchantress’ Nutlea
  • Greta ‘The Idiot’ Kirby
  • Ainsley ‘Deserter’ Milton
  • Ottilia ‘Mad’ Tidus
  • Adelaide ‘Immortal’ Cooper
  • Macie ‘Butcher’ Mabbott
  • Ansley ‘Deceiver’ Whulsup

Sibyl ‘Tormenting’ Sutton

A notorious captain and wanted by many different nations, Tormenting Sutton was known and feared for her penchant for torture, which she undertook for her own sadistic pleasure.

  • Lucia ‘Furious’ Kelsey
  • Ines ‘Shark Bait’ Graham
  • Jessica ‘Handsome’ Roscoe
  • Dana ‘Golden Hair’ Petrik
  • Margie ‘Bashed’ Richmond
  • Ridge ‘The Cook’ Aranas
  • Geoffrey ‘Plank Walker’ Atterton
  • Fridolf ‘Bribing’ Shelby
  • Benton ‘Crippled’ Bristol
  • Halbert ‘Four Fingers’ Leighton
  • Halliwell ‘The Journey’ Arc

Factor ‘The Cook’ Springfield

Factor Springfield got his nickname from the fact that he was the ship’s cook on a vessel that was attacked by other pirates. He was the sole surviving member and managed to defeat his attackers to claim the ship as his own.

  • Wilkinson ‘Speechless’ Lancaster
  • Reid ‘The Handsome’ Altham
  • Erland ‘Vicious’ Stampes
  • Willard ‘Golden Tooth’ Rakshasas
  • Channing ‘Slayer’ Nutlea
  • Coster ‘Gray Beard’ Wright
  • Norman ‘Hunter’ Payton
  • Wesley ‘The Confident’ Huckabee
  • Crofton ‘Toothless’ Burlingame
  • Free ‘Toothless’ Sutton
  • Shelley ‘Fishy’ Incubus

Bristol ‘The Slug’ Seifer

Bristol ‘The Slug’ Seifer was given the nickname due to his portly size and subsequent lack of chin. However, nobody who wanted to keep their tongue attached to their body would dare call him that name to his face.

  • Redley ‘Toothless’ Adam
  • Culver ‘Deceiver’ Kimberley
  • Tranter ‘Softy’ Lynk
  • Rochester ‘Three-Teeth’ Lynk
  • Butcher ‘White Beard’ Fawcett
  • Wilson ‘Cold Hearted’ Smithe
  • Ridge ‘Grimace’ Melton
  • Addison ‘The Wall’ Ward
  • Parry ‘Grim Reaper’ Penny
  • Ware ‘The Hawk’ Damon
  • Egbert ‘Dubloon’ Devdan
  • Knoll ‘No Smile’ Jeronimo

Cuthbert ‘The Wrath’ Royston

Wrath Royston swore to a life of piracy after he was accused of a crime he did not commit and stripped of his land and titles. He now roams the seas, taking vengeance on all officers of the law who cross his path.

  • Burford ‘Smooth’ Charlton
  • Corin ‘Rambling’ Stryker
  • Wilford ‘Calmness’ Cholmondeley
  • Naylor ‘Dawg’ Bradly
  • Freeborn ‘Grim’ Duke
  • Charlton ‘Snake’ Adlam
  • Reid ‘Fierce’ Charlton
  • Minster ‘Smelly’ Smithy

Carolina ‘Fierce’ Vayne

Caroline Vayne earned her nickname by never backing down from a fight, even when the odds are against her. Many say she is simply foolish, but so far she has always come out on top.

  • Cordia ‘White Hair’ Pinkerton
  • Zetta ‘Tricky’ Reid
  • Malvina ‘Merciless’ Draven
  • Elda ‘Enchantress’ Penny

That’s it for our list of Pirate Captain names, we hope there was something in this list you can use for your own stories and games. If so, please do share the article with a friend, and remember to comment your favorite name below!

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